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I will play your games on the train!

A topic by Kitty Factory created Aug 08, 2019 Views: 218 Replies: 36
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Hey everyone! Arche from Kitty Factory team.

Tomorrow I will take a long ride on a train and I need some... activity? :p

It's the perfect opportunity to play and rate your downloadable games (on Windows). Feel free to post a link of your game and I will do my best to play it on the train and give you my feedback when I will reach my destination.

Of course you can also help us to fire some bad employees and tell us your story by playing to our little game Office Intruders

I'm waiting for your games! See you soon! :)



My game is called Room. 

It's a desktop puzzle game where you need to use the clues from the computer to escape the room. You got only one chance to do this. If u fail solving the puzzle the first and only time... The application won't open again.

PS-The voice acting is bad and the audio is low


I played your game!

Its brilliant mate!Became one of my favourite in this jam...This game deserves way more ratings


Alright! Here is my game, You Have One Shot, an FPS game in which you have to line up groups of enemies in order to shoot a single bullet through them, and earn a combo kill!

here's mine

Our game is named Impulse. This tricky, single-level game will put your platforming abilities to the test. 

What's waiting for you in the dark? Only One way to find out. Be Impulsive and take a leap of faith. 

Good luck, and thank you for playing. 

Only One Sprite was used to make Only One Level, and you get Only One Pulse to help you out. 



would love to have you check out my puzzle platformer Space Is Limited


Hi! My game is called Sheepherd Dog, and you play as a shepherd dog who has to herd sheep into their pen in ONLY ONE minute! Also make sure to play with sound, it's half the experience! Thanks so much in advance! :)

I would also really appreciate it if you would leave a comment and rate it for the jam :) Thanks!

I will also make sure to play your game :)


We would love feedback on our game, because it was the very first game most of our team had ever made.
Also throw your high score in the submission comments :)


I'll play your game, looks interesting already! Could you play mine - I really need reviews:


I and a friend of mine made this little puzzle game where you control the knight only! It's chess inspired, but kinda different!


Thanks for making this thread! I'll rate your game as soon as I get the chance. Would appreciate any feedback you may have on my short one-button game.


I will check yours out right now~

Submitted (1 edit)

The real game looks much worse than the cover art, but that's marketing for you.


There you go, a little nostalgia trip! :) Will definetly play yours as well!

One Last Time
Explore your home as you leave - one color at a time!


here you go. some of the levels can be a bit challenging, but I believe in you - have fun ;)


Check out and rate please. Tell me what do you think. I'm very curious. Made this in 24h first time drawing anything

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For this jam i created HARPOON!!!.  I am quite proud of it and I would love you to try it.

Don't hesitate to give me feedback :-)


Here is my arcade arena top-down spear shooter. Hope, you'll enjoy it.


I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

Ok, so our game is Rogue One:

It's a roguelike where you only have one stat, and said stat is your attack, your health, speed, etc. You get blessings and curses hat also depend on that value, and some enemies stats do the same. There are 4 enemies, 1 boss, 3 weapons, shops, an elemental damage and resistance system with three elements and variants for all enemies, and the game is procedural and infinite. Try it and tell us if you like it, we're really proud of it and hope people see it and enjoy it ^^


Hi. I am going to play/rate your game. Hopes rate for mine as well. Appreciate. (•̀•́) و ̑̑ 



Heres my one. Its a simple arcade game:


Here is my 2D shooter


A time where not having a web build is an advantage, haha!

Take Nancy on the train with you (!

Our game is Negative Nancy, where you have one dialogue option: 'No'. You have to choose WHEN to say it to navigate tricky social situations and have the perfect day!

I love office based games, I'll add yours to the list :D

Submitted (1 edit)

Hey! My team and I overscoped for the jam, but I'm super proud of it and it would mean a lot if you were able to take the time to give it a play and rate the game!

MICROVANIA - A One Screen Mini-Metroidvania with a Twist!

And a few notes to help you play it! (The Game Jam build has a few bugs and quality of life issues) 
- It works with Keyboard OR Gamepad  
- You can view the controls in the menu (Esc or Start)  
- The Player has 3x Health but will be instantly killed by Dragon Fire 
- If you die twice, you should close and reopen the game (it breaks more and more with each death)
- There are two Winning Endings (You Kill the Dragon, or You Give the Dragon What it's Looking for!)
- There are 5 secret Gems hidden throughout the game if you can't find the last one, keep looking!


I have a puzzle platformer with only one person (& the goal) per level:

It's pretty hard to control on trackpad, so you might not want to play it while riding the train.


Hey, played, liked and rated your game!

Here is our game, "The Only NeOne" a Grid based puzzle game where you clear levels by reaching the exit by only pressing and holding your input keys ONCE. Study the enemy's patterns, keep track of your paths you take and figure out how to reach the exit!

You will find the game here:

We would love to hear your feedbacks!


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Huzzah! I too am on the train. Difference is, I’m standing and unable to play any games =(

Here’s Tunnel View, a puzzle game stripped to only a single dimension. There’s some interesting challenges to overcome, all with a strong focus on atmosphere (which surprisingly can be achieved, even in a 1D game). 

Hope you enjoy:


My game is called Broken Robot, and it is a puzzle platformer where you can only press each button once per stage.

Submitted (1 edit)

Please play mine. Many thanks in advance. 

I've played yours too.


Simple, colorful platformer)  I would be very grateful if you have a few minutes to play my game)




You can play mine:

I will play yours soon.


My first ever jam entry: One Enemy. It's basically a never ending bossfight.


My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:


Destination Reached!

I've played and rated to all the games you posted here. ALL of you have made great games. You can be proud of you!

Good luck for the ratings and see you soon! :D