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Really fun and nostalgic concept! I appreciate how generous the "slash"-boxes are on the cuts (since I miss often). The only change I would request is overlapping the waves so that you're not stuck waiting. That would also give it the frantic feel that the original Fruit Ninja has.

There is something really cathartic about being the system ruining people's day (instead of the usual other way around)! I like the character art style too! I think it would have been even more tense if everything on the same screen so that you were constantly trying to process how many people were in line, how close the forms were to being printed, and how much time before customers leave.

Fun concept with amazing art! I enjoyed my time with this, although I wish there were a few less crew members or something to mix things up since the gameplay got same-y for me after awhile.

There is something really satisfying about just throwing hordes of disposible goons in the way of the AI. I had a good bit of fun with this.

If you added some information on how the AI moves, I think that would take the game to the next level so players can strategize more. Eventually I developed a strategy to deal with the AI (move in front and hang back until the AI moves into the attack range), but I still don't really understand it, which makes some wins and losses feel like RNG.

Sorry about that! UX improvements ended up being cut. I'm guess that you're being blocked from entering the building by the outside doors. You'll have to open them by clicking on them before clicking the room to move inside. If the door is locked, then you will need to open up your inventory, click the lockpick, and then click the locked door. Hope this helps!

Hey, sorry about that! We're still filling in the instructions, but they should be complete enough for a playthrough now. It is a point and click adventure where you'll need to click doors to open them and rooms to enter them (once the doors are open). You can interact with objects in a room by clicking on them, and use items by opening the inventory, clicking them, and clicking what you want to use them on.

That is one solution! Another is to split the fire slime to light the final torch more quickly.

Rated! I only need two more (at the time I'm writing this, anyhow):

It took me awhile to figure out how useful switching was, but, once I did, it was great fun juggling items, rewinding, exploration, and batteries.

Playing each level is reverse is awesome, especially the boss battle. Each level is designed so it makes sense, and seeing the level played normally is a great reward all by itself!

Nope. Just stuck because a lack of thinking on my part (that last room is hard!).

Really fun with great polish. Felt like I was playing a game I'd purchased. I did find the grab frustrating at points though (mainly due to being short on time). There were a number of times where I'd try to gab something, only to grab two things or I'd just not grab it or I'd grab what I wanted, but I'd be unable to drop it in the box.

Fun game and your implementation of rewind was both unique and created some great puzzles. I'm sad I got so close to finishing, only to get stuck on the final level.

The music is soooooo good. I liked how each level not only had its own bop, but its own shooting and enemy patterns. The gameplay is solid, and I'd play more if there was more. I do wish the difficulty scaled or was higher in general. I played for a good while, but never did I accidentally die.

The bouncing was a fun mechanic (more interesting than I think rewinding would've been), and deciding when it was safe to drop was engaging. Like others have said, I wish there were health powerups. Without them, it feels impossible to survive.

I'm at 18 and trying to squeeze in 20 before the deadline:

Thank you for making this! I'll try to play the other games here.

Really felt like an old Zelda game with the dungeon layouts and the power-up gaining. The enemies having a in-game health visual (the unwound tape) was clever. The movement was a bit slow for my liking so I found myself rolling everywhere (like Zelda) and the text SFX was grating. I also wish the pencil would interrupt the game less.

Amazing job! Definitely one of my top games this jam. The puzzles got pretty hard, but it always felt doable, even if I had to jot down routes on paper to figure out the patterns. The art, while simple, perfectly fit the game. While I'd be interested to hear it with music like other suggested, only having a few beeps and buzzes really gave it the hacking atmosphere.

Just left feedback. Really impressive job for y'all's first jam. I'd appreciate any feedback you have for mine:

I can't believe this is your first jam game. This is really good! Y'all did a great job implementing the art assets so that everything looks natural and cohesive. The rewind puzzles were fun, but not brain-taxing (which I like). I actually didn't have any issue with difficulty and found it to be comfortable all the way through, although the acceleration on the character was a tad much.

The only criticism I have is:

  • A way to start the rewind early (maybe just press  R again). There were a number of times I would collect or miss a coin and be forced to wait a couple of seconds.
  • The invincible/past/rewind version of you appearing in front of you make positioning tight in a number of areas. I keep expecting it to appear in me, but I get that that is not an option because you can collide with your other self.
  • There's no real penalty for death. You do restart, but you don't lose any coins. It does prevent the game from getting frustrating, but it also removes the tension from the platforming.

Anyhow, looks great! I had fun with this, so thanks!

Nobody was online when I tried, so I queued up with myself. It worked pretty well! I don't know if you're familiar with Ibb & Obb, but the two-person co-op puzzles in this reminded me of that. The art was simple, but very good. The puzzles were pretty easy (probably because communication is the real challenge), but there was a good difficulty curve and the final challenge was a good brain-teaser, The audio assets you used were implemented perfectly so it fell like a professional game in that department. Great job! I'm super impressed you implemented multiplayer for a jam game.

I'm impressed you basically made two different games for one jam (the digging and the platformer). That being said, I had a much more fun with the platformer than the digger (is that a name for it?). Trying to manipulate the monster so that I could safely jump across gaps and using the rewind to cover my mistakes was a fun challenge and kind of puzzle-y. The digging felt like pure luck, but I at least appreciate that, with the rewind, there was not a failstate to reset my progress. I would have have preferred it if there was more platforming and boss-manipulation in place of the digging, but that could just be my tastes.

If I shoot and then jump into the bullets, I get pushed higher into the air. It was very useful for getting over obstacles.

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Having to block enemies with my shield always kept me engaged on my toes. I liked the simplistic, but stylish art style (especially how the enemies pop) and the music is a bop.

Just finished rating yours! I'd appreciate any feed back you'd have.

I would have to say Sync Robot's rewind one-action per robot puzzles and Expanding Star's rewind your life to control your size and speed. Both are common rewind themes, but they were creatively implemented for unique gameplay.

The cactus gave me a lot of trouble, so I'm glad I can use my bullets to jump higher. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but it was a fun feature. Also, the unlockable abilities motivated me to keep playing. I'm a sucker for those.

I'm trying to get those last few rating in, and I would appreciate any feedback you have:

It's a web build, so it should be good on any platform!

The art style is unique and I love it. Levels were fun puzzles thanks to the timing. I did find the ambiguity on when bombs explode, teleport-points not disappearing after you use them, and adding/removing teleport points sometimes being unresponsive frustrating. Again, love the art (and gameplay).

Even if it was only 4 levels, there were some interesting uses of the rewind mechanic. Setting platforms with two different rewinds on levels 2 and 4 was fun and a good introduction to the concept, and adjusting the water on level 3 provided an interesting platforming challenge (although maybe I was just timing my jumps all wrong). I wish there could've been more levels to see how the concepts all would've interacted.

Really fun! I'm a sucker for cheesy hacker text, so I had fun connecting the uplink to the download. I didn't really use the rewind, but I found the time stop to be very useful not only for stopping foes, but  for creating waves of bullets. Related to that, I enjoyed the sort-of bullet hell at the end.

The core concept of using your movement to affect the enemies' positions in order to clear a path forward is really, really good. Unfortunately, without a tutorial and with the default difficulty being at 3 (instead of 6), it took me a long time to figure things out. It is also not clear which enemies will be affected by your moves and how, even after playing awhile. All that being said, this concept is 100% worth polishing up. With the right difficulty curve and more clear enemy movements, this would make for a really good app. I can easily see it as one of those last-as-long-as-you-can highscore games with short play sessions. Seriously, consider continuing work on this. I had a very good time with this.

The writing is great and extreme kudos to whoever did the wych voice. The golf system along with the unlimited rewinds is brilliant. I can always brute force a solution, but the par makes me go for the more difficult, creative solutions. It's nice that I can set my own difficulty. Only frustrating part for me was getting bounced into spikes by my past selves, but I suppose that's the cost of being able to jump off their heads.

The audio really set the mood perfectly! The storytelling was at its strongest for me when I got to see what people did (the tent, for example). Rewinding destroyed houses got same-y after awhile. While being able to go in whatever order you wanted was great, I didn't end with the gate, which was somewhat anticlimactic.

Rewinding to make obstacles go away is simple, but fun with your level design. When it was over, I was hoping for me. I'm a WASD-user, so it took me a little time to adjust to arrow keys (I found it too hard to move and rewind at the same time with WASD). When using WASD, my right hand is completely free. If I have it over R, it blocks WASD and jump. Maybe The mouse button or enter or < could have been used to rewind as well?

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, it being regarding the updated version and all, but the changes to the trajectory and jumping weight made things feel a lot better. I'm not sure if you adjusted gap sizes, but things felt a lot more doable. My only complaint that still remains is the difficulty curve seems a bit off. Most of the levels are doable, but "wind flows only when time does" (hard to set up with the wind's super-fast acceleration) and "not every wall is meant to stop you" (lost of daisy-chaining rewinds). In the case of the wind level, it is extra weird because "to rise, you have to fall first", which is right after it, it much easier.

The must and background gave the game a great atmosphere! The concept and puzzles are fun, but some of the solutions felt pretty tight on timing and execution (but I could have been going about thing the wrong way). I would have appreciated it if the moon traveled faster and if the player had less gravity. A lot of my playtime was spend waiting to see if I lined up a (moon) shot right. Likewise, the gravity made some jumps harder than they needed to be. Nonetheless, puzzles were great!

Sorry about that! It's not a real solution, but you can always zoom out. When building it for web, I was debating on how large to make the iFrame and went with ~500x1000 so that the discs could be dragged with the mouse and just hoped people would have a large enough screen. I see now that was the wrong decision. I'm happy you found some enjoyment despite that issue.

Simple, but wonderfully executed idea. The size/speed tradeoff is brilliant! One of the most unique takes on rewind I've seen. The only problem I had was that the trail behind the player, while cool, sometimes made it hard to gauge my size and position. The white on white sort of blended together.

I love that you prevent yourself from dying instead of having lives. I was a big worried switching from past and back to present would be confusing, but I never had any issues. Very, very cool!