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Bullet hell; Bungee Jump;
Submitted by Gus — 8 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#8052.9202.920

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In what way does your game fit the theme?
It doesn't really. I could not get the rewinding of the Bungee Cord to work properly, but I think I makes for more interesting game play to have to bungee back up to the helicopter.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes my team and I did.

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The bouncing is a great mechanic, and the game is really nice. The difficulty is to high, in my opinion (try adding a difficulty selector, maybe). I liked the graphics and the audio a lot.

limiting the helicopter movement is really anoying in my opinion. I get frustrated trying to dodge downwards or forward and beign stopped by an invisible wall.

overall, Nice game, well done :D  


The bouncing mechanic was pretty fun to do once I got the hang of how it worked. I was a little confused why I was unable to fly forward all the way. The shooting was effective and I liked the overall concept. Good job!


The bouncing was a fun mechanic (more interesting than I think rewinding would've been), and deciding when it was safe to drop was engaging. Like others have said, I wish there were health powerups. Without them, it feels impossible to survive.


Nice! Even if the cord doesn't rewind as you maybe wished, it still fun to catch the guy bouncing. One small suggestion. Heatlh powerups would reeealy come handy. And make the player last longer.
But you made a really fun game here! I replay several times. Congratulations!

Always fun to kill pigeons too! Specially when they have the size of a chopper 😁


This game was fun! I really liked getting the guy back in the helicopter by bouncing him around. You should have gone all in and made him shoot instead of your helicopter ^^ (not sure how it would've worked out). Here is my (serious) feedback:

  • Make the difficulty a little bit more progressive. It took me around 5 times to get around the controls and finally become decent at the game, I think by the way of progression, you would make it a bit less frustrating. 
  • Give a reason to collect these keys and hit these pigeons. For example, you would need to collect X keys to get the next level (that would actually help you implement the progressive difficulty) or unlock a special weapon. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and I think, with a touch of polish you can make it very nice! 

Keep up the good work!

NB: I'm still missing a bunch of reviews so if you have time to rate my game, I'd really appreciate!


I like the bouncing mechanic.  It is really fun to attempt to bounce the guy back into the helicopter.  I think more can be done with this unique idea.  I just wish the side scrolling shooter was a bit easier as I kept dying before I could really accomplish anything.  


good audio and graphics.


Nice game, cool mechanics and fun but at the same time a bit confusing gameplay.  It's sad you couldn't implement the rewind but good luck for future jams and games!


It's a good game. It only kind of fits the theme (the main feature of the game is that you CAN'T rewind haha), but that's OK, it's a change of pace from all the time rewinding games (mine included!).

At the middle of the level or something, an end of game screen would appear, as if I had lost. But I still had 80+ health left? It was kind of weird and I don't think it was intended.

You should add a "High Score" feature! Where it saves your best score ever. That way you incentivize replaying your game, and maybe even sharing with your friends!

Actually, I never understood: were you supposed to hit the pidgeons? Or hit as few as possible? I kind of felt bad shooting them, but it seemed that I was supposed to...

Overall it's a good game. Good job!

Was it your first game jam? 


Hi JMS. So to answer your questions. 

There were many things I wanted to do that time did not allow.
Getting the bungee cord to rewind back to the helicopter was one of those things I struggled to get working and when I realized I wouldn't be able to get it working in time I came up with another solution.  While testing having the bungee jumper bouncing all over was pretty fun and making it so the bungee jumper returned to the helicopter by colliding with it was an easy solution to implement. It also made getting the bungee jumper back into the helicopter more challenging/interesting.

I wanted to get everything switched over to a health system. Before I added health though collisions just killed you. The player helicopter colliding with bullets, enemy helicopter, pigeons would all kill you. The last hour of my work before submitting added health to the player made it so bullets subtracted health. But I was not able to get to the enemy helicopter collision and pigeon collision to switch to health in time.  So player collision with enemy helicopters and pigeons still kill you. 

Pigeons were supposed to be an obstacle to get in the way of the bungee jumper. The bungee jumper colliding with a pigeon would make him drop what he was holding. Killing pigeons would have been good so you could clear the obstacle for the bungee jumper. Pigeons were also going to drop health. health would fall to the bottom of the screen and the bungee jumper would have been able to pick it up and bring it back to the helicopter.  

We also wanted to make levels that would slowly progress the spawn rates of enemies. Each level would require you to collect an amount of loot before going to the next level. Adding high score is one of those things we just didn't get to. There is more we wanted to add and fix. Our team did get to our minimum viable product state and I am glad we were able to accomplish that.

Yes it was the teams first jam! I am proud of what we were able to produce.  I think we could have gotten most of the our goals done if we had another day or two. I believe I will be making the changes to the game after the jam is complete, but I am not sure on when I will get to it. The team is working on our 2nd jam currently, so changes will have to wait for that jam to end.  

Thank you for playing Bungee Caper and for the feedback you have given as well. 


So it was going to be a completely different game! Haha, no judgement, I don't think I've ever had a jam game end up with more than 20% of the features I initially planned :).

That sounds really interesting and I'll be sure to play it if you release a post-jam version.

Good luck in the second jam!


Like many games this starts way to hard. And the music hurt my ears a bit.
Other than that you did a great job.


This feels like a real hidden gem on the classic game sites I would frequent as a kid.

Honestly, I could probably play this game for hours, especially if had a bit more polish!


Wow! That was fun and fast paced like my game! The art work was really nice! Good job to the team!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

it is so lively and dangerous, giving a good amount of difficulty to rewind time. like the art style, like a 16 bit or classic style.

Please Check out my game :)


Exiting shooter which was fun to play. The amount of enemies on screen can be overwhelming at first so it would be nice if the amount increased over time but overall, good job.


Reminds me of something I'd find on The Daily Click circa 2010. Not a bad thing though, it's certainly a style that works for this kind of thing. Plays well!


Thanks for the playing and commenting!


Fast Paced Great Fun, and quite challenging thanks for checking out my entry aswell


the game is fun to play !!


Thank you for playing!