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Good job! The controls seems a bit weird to me, especially the jumps. I was thinking that maybe allowing the player to move while jumping would help a bit, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, it's a good game very pleasing visually! Keep up the good work!

Hey! I just rated your game. Don't be so hard on yourself, I've seen way worse game from people with more experience! I had fun playing your game!

If you could rate mine:, I'd really appreciate!

That's a good game! Maybe you could make the difficulty a little bit more gradual and prevent the player from getting off the screen but besides that it was an enjoyable game. 

I found that if you manage to get in a corner (at least the lower left one), you could basically shield yourself from any blob.  Also, once you have more than 100 it only shows the score as 1. My highscore must be in the 400s ^^.

All of this is very tiny issues, if you fix them you would have a very nice first game! Keep up the good work!

Hey! I just reviewed your game, it's a really good one! I'd be glad if you could rate mine:

Nice game! I really like the art and the rewind mechanic. I think with a little bit more content (more sprite, settings, enemies) it could be a full feature game. Keep up the good work!

NB: I'm still missing a few ratings on my game. I'd really appreciate if you had time to review it!

Hey! I just rated your game! Good job on it! Here is mine

Oh my god, this is so much fun! The game is a bit short but I guess you have all the tools to design more levels and make it even better. Very nice work! Keep it up!

Sure, I've watched some people play and noticed that some of the clue could be a little bit cryptic. I'll rework the dialogs when I update the game. Thank you for rating my game!

I'll definitely want to expand the game! A lot of the original idea has been cut off because of the lack of time. Thank you for your honest feedback! 

Thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely try to improve the level design by making it a bit more varied!

I didn't think about a WebGL version, that's a good idea! I wanted to add a MacOS version but did not have anyway to properly test it. Yes, SFX didn't make the cut unfortunately but that's on my list! Thank you for your great feedback!

Thank you for rating my game! Others also pointed out that the controls were not quite clear. I'll probably add an introductory level to get the player familiar with the controls!

Thank you for rating my game! A small introduction level would indeed be nice! I'll add it to my to-do list!

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Nice game! I like the concept of the two levels separated by 25 years! I got few collision issues while playing the game and had to restart once because of it (I got stuck in the middle of the floor while rewinding). Not a big deal but it would definitely make the game better :).

Overall I really enjoyed it this good take on the theme. Keep it up!

Edit: I'm still missing few reviews, so I'd really appreciate if you could rate my game! Thank you!

This game was fun! I really liked getting the guy back in the helicopter by bouncing him around. You should have gone all in and made him shoot instead of your helicopter ^^ (not sure how it would've worked out). Here is my (serious) feedback:

  • Make the difficulty a little bit more progressive. It took me around 5 times to get around the controls and finally become decent at the game, I think by the way of progression, you would make it a bit less frustrating. 
  • Give a reason to collect these keys and hit these pigeons. For example, you would need to collect X keys to get the next level (that would actually help you implement the progressive difficulty) or unlock a special weapon. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and I think, with a touch of polish you can make it very nice! 

Keep up the good work!

NB: I'm still missing a bunch of reviews so if you have time to rate my game, I'd really appreciate!

Hey! I just rated your game. Good work! I'd really appreciate if you could rate mine:

I enjoyed playing this platformer game. Here is my feedback about it:

  • You should rework the collisions so everything works a little bit nicer. Sometimes I got stuck on flat ground because (I suppose) some of the sprites were not perfectly aligned. And I'm pretty sure I fell through a platform but that may be due to my lack of skills!  I feel like the collision box of spike is a square, am I right? If so, you're making 50% of background killing the player for apparently no reason. Overall it's not a big deal for a jam game but if you correct that, the game will be way more enjoyable. I don't know if that's what you're using but Unity Tilemaps could be pretty useful in this case.
  • At some point it got very hard to see where I was going. I like the art of the game and I think if you dezoomed a little bit, the player would also get to enjoy the world you designed for him.
  • When the player dies, the character is immediately respawned back to the last checkpoint. If you add an animation and let the player see why they died, that would help tremendously!

All these are not big issues but I just wanted to provide a complete feedback in case you wanted to improve the game. I really enjoyed playing it anyway! Keep up the good work!

Hi! I just rated your game! My game is available at! Thank you!

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Interesting game! It would be super nice if we could restart at a given level. I got myself stupidly stuck at some point and had to restart the game all over. 

The control panel is a really good idea but where it is positioned you're losing screen space and it's not very easy to read. I would make it more concise and move it where it does not use valuable space.

I think these small additions would greatly improve the game's lifetime! Keep up the good work!

Edit: If you could rate my game, that would be super nice too!

I like the concept and your take on the theme. I did not entirely what was happening at first so maybe you can include sort of tutorial level. Other than that it worked pretty well! Baiting the enemies was quite hard ^^! Keep up the good work!

Hey! Here is my game: I'm going to rate yours now!

Wow, this is impressive! I really love the level design, the music and the video effects! Good job!

Hey! Here is my game: I'm going to rate yours!

That's a really fun game! The mechanics are simple yet this is challenging and super entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Hey! I'd really appreciate if you had time to rate mine: In the meantime, I'll rate yours!

Very nice polished game! I like the relaxing music a lot! I found the jump to be a little bit too precise but I eventually got used to it. Good job!

Hey! Here is my game: I'm gonna rate yours in the meantime!

Nice game!

Nice game! I found it pretty difficult, even with the controller. That's the only issue I saw with the game. Besides that, it was a really good rewind mechanic and I liked the art style! Really good job!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing the game and providing your feedback! This was my first jam and I was pretty bad at managing the time. Unfortunately, level design suffered a lot from it (it litteraly was the last thing I worked on before submitting...). There's a lot of stuff I need to work on to make it a better game but thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Thank you for rating my game! I'm working to add more to it in the future!

This is the most polished game I got to play for this jam. I always try to give feedback on things that could be improved but I've honestly nothing to say! Amazing work!

 Hey! Here is my game: I'm going to play yours now! :)

What a nice game! I really had fun playing it. I had to restart from scratch once because I lost the people when I fell into the map (where you have barrier of trees), but besides that it was fun. I think the game design (with loops getting bigger as you get more and more tools) is really clever.

I got a little confused that my people did not get to respawn in the truck when pressing P but I eventually got used to it. If you add the different controls (for the new tools you get) to the interface, an indicator of how much "power" you have before having to be rewound and an indicator to show how many people are sitting in your truck that would this game perfect!

Keep up the good work!

If you can rate my game that'll be nice:  I'm going to play your game now!

That's a nice game! I would love to see more of it! The story is good and I particularly liked rewinding the timeline.

The controls might need to be tweaked a little bit and the camera is sometime clipping inside walls.  Also the first door (to the room) is too small.

Overall, there are small issues that did not impede the gameplay too much. Keep up the good work!


Here is my game:

I'm gonna review yours in the meantime!


Oh it took me a while to understand how everything worked but it's a really good game ^^. The graphics are solid and it's right in the given theme! I've encountered two tiny bugs:

- The collider for the starting platform goes all the way to the left side of the screen, I'm not sure that's what you were going for

- Sometimes, I was able to trigger a mega jump that would send the rewind up in the upper frame

As I said, it's really tiny issues and I liked the game a lot! I'm kinda surprised there's so little reviews for it... Anyway, keep up the good work!

I like the idea of the game, very original! It's witty and and I liked the voice acting! Good take on the theme too!