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Astonishing how a game software can be educational for a demographic and pure entertainment for another.

I like it

i can only move the camera

i cant move plz fixxx

Is it okay to post SFW and NSFW on the same account or not?

thanks <3

mmbn 4 life

Thank you

the export template (.tpz file) is downloading slow as hell

any mirror link?

Who made this game? 😡



I like Jenny

Wow! Thanks for this in-depth review. Yes, everything that doesn't seem right is because I couldn't do it before the deadline. I had a plan of adding more levels/content too but then I cut them off when I realized that I'm running out of time. 
The yellow hooligan's projectile (the grenade) hits an entire column. 
The enemies becomes invincible when hit so that the player can't spam shooting.
I also found a problem with UI. Some text is not visible on some screen resolutions.

Thanks for the video suggestion, I appreciate it!

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Amazing! Clever implementation of the theme and cute looking 3D models. Good Luck!

in your youtube video you said you wanted more ways to make the game more fun, imo it would be more fun if you add a mode (or as the player progress) that tests the player's memory by hiding the instruction in the rewind phase. 

I guess there is a resolution problem in which the last line is not visible for some.

I know x(
The game misses some important stuff because I couldn't finish it before the deadline. "why I am losing health when I am not being hit" is probably because of the yellow hooligan's projectile which can hit an entire column of hexagons. Also the game doesn't pause when you open the REWIND menu.
Thanks for the feedback!

When the REWIND bar is full Press Z on the keyboard, select one of the two choices using the arrow keys then Press C to confirm your choice. Unfortunately I couldn't add a pause functionality before the deadline so you'll have to be quick because the enemies can still hit you when REWIND menu is open. 

Thank you! I just added a pause functionality during the REWIND selection and I'm thinking about adding an arrow indicator too. Unfortunately I couldn't do it before the deadline so I'll update the game after the jam.

I like this game! It is fun and it feels so complete. 

Thank you

Bravo! Simple but clever idea. I love it. Now go and win!

I like this game. It's fun!

The graphics and the audio are the best! I keep hitting invisible walls in the game though.

One of the most fun games in the jam! 🐘🐘🐘

This game is funny. I like the graphics. I don't know how to score though lol

This game reminds me of the crash bandicoot stages in which a polar bear or a dinosaur chases crash. It's fun! However not knowing which direction should I take because I can't see much of what's next, made this game a trial&error game.

Fantastic! I really like this game. I love having that much control when I pause the game. Good Luck!

Cute graphics. I like the gameboy feel. Nice way to utilize the theme. Good Luck!

That's a unique approach to the theme! I find this game funny lol

I adore the graphics and audio in this game. Good Luck!

I like the unique graphics but I find this game a little bit hard, specially when dealing with the red spikes.

i'll try rate every game posted before this comment. please rate my game:

I appreciate it!

I like the graphics, audio and the variety of characters. Well done! 

I like it. The game is fun and it has a clever approach to the theme. 

Usually I delete games after I rate them. This here is an exception, I need this music in my life lol

I like the idea of the game. I like the graphics and the audio too. Good game.

This game is fun! I like the graphics, audio and the gameplay.

This game is fun. I like the pace.