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Hello! Did you manage to get it running? :) 


What is your OS? 

Why doesn't the executable work? Does it give you any error message? 

That error tells me you're missing one of the level files, they're included in both zip files! Did you extract all the contents of the zip to a file on your computer? 

If you still can't open it I can try to give you new build. 

I'm sorry about that...

I don't know what I played...

But it was worth it lol

Very nice! I found it to be really fun. Good luck with the jam!

It's an interesting concept, but it can be explored further. Maybe have the pieces add abilities as you collect them? Make the piece acquisition a new game mechanic, instead of being just collectibles. Good job on the game anyway!

Don't take this the wrong way! I had fun exploring the different possibilities of the game :). It is a concept I'd like to see expanded for sure! I am really interested on how a larger version of this would be :) 

Due to a horrible oversight, you need to include this DLL file in the game's folder!

Love the art style and the feeling of the arrows! Wish there was more to it! 

Seriously one of the best games in this jam, maybe even the best. I would really like to see this expanded. It's amazing what you accomplished in just 48h.

Very nice idea! Loved how you had a different way of controlling the ball at every life. It's a great game!

Would like to see how it develops! But it is too slow as it is, especially for a game jam. Would love to see an updated version!

Very interesting! The engine limitation worked very well with this game. I was unable to upgrade the towers, unsure if it was a bug or if I didn't understand it correctly. Would like to see how future levels would develop!

Very interesting idea, but really hard. Maybe you should have an easier starting level! But it was fun, and that's what matters. Good job.

Interesting concept. Would love to see this explored. Would have preferred if there was always a way to clear the level, even if it wasn't immediately obvious. I would have also liked if you didn't go back to the beginning of the stage every time you died.

Very nice game! You managed to take an RTS game and make it a puzzle game. This could probably be turned into a full game, although you would need to refine the controls and work on the presentation. But for what it is, it's amazing. Good work.