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Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. Think I missed your review :(
I came back to the project to try to improve it this days.

Thank you .A little late, sorry, I've missed your review :(
I'll resume the project this days and will take your comment to fix the issue and redo the whole levels.

Ohhh yes! I remember that Tutorial. Will check it again for some tweaking in my game. Thanks!

Yes, I run out of time for doing my original idea. But will do in the future update I'm planing to do. Will be much more understandable why you fight the dragon together.

Yeah, totally true. But as others mention, the important thing in the jam is finishing the game and having fun, which I personally had!

Thanks :)

Thanks! Very happy you like it :)
Yes... the update version will be more aggressive, but more balanced.

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoy that dragon's attack. To bad the fight is short. The update will be much fun to play

Thank you!

Hi. I've already rated and reviewed your game ;)

Hello.  I've rated and review your game.
Please if you like, try mine after the jam (don't need the rates, so no rush). Thank you. of the Dragon

Rescue the brotherhood knights and fight the fearsome dragon.

I though of a shop, but i'm honest with myself... not gonna finish the game if I keep trying to make a mini Skyrim lol
The minimap was in my GDD, didn't manage to add it, cause I design the level in a rush, too late and near the deadline. But it will have in the future update, plus the level will be more fun and intuitive.
Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice entry. Alhough a little buggy with the physics. Watercone got stuck at start of level 3, and doesn't fall from the first platform, so I wasn't able to continue playing :(
Sometimes both FireBall and WaterCone fall inside their own color platforms, which makes difficult to jump to another higher platform

But even with that, the game seems fun. Reminds me to FireBoy and WaterGirl, which I used to play with my son a few years ago.

Nice job! Congratulations!


I don't give up easily, so I give it another shot...
Managed to pass the part I mention before, when the triangle got stucked, I jump and unstuck
Also want to add it has some issues with the resolution. Part of the level is offscreen (windows and full screen the same)

Now I can go in peace :)

I had a great time! It's my 3rd Brackey's Game Jam. I found really enjoyable experience, all the 3 weeks. The first one developing my game, and the other 2 trying others games and reading and replying feedback on my game too.

Me too! And this jam was my chance to try it and play with the idea!
Your game is beautifully well made! Rated and reviewed

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
I've played, rated and review your game ;)

Thanks for you kind words! Very happy you had enjoyed playing my game :)
Yes, the lack of time is the worst jam enemy!
If you like it, keep in touch for a future update I'm planing to do with the original GDD.

Good luck to you too!

Hello. Yes, the combat need more balance. I had to tweak them in a rush near the deadline, so I decided to make them more easy to kill. But with the 3 knights they become extremely easy.

About the dragon... I forgot to rise his HP... it was in test mode, but in the rush of making a "descent" level (in 15 minutes, 40 before the jam's deadline), and make everything works together, I forgot to rise it from the 50 points it has. And the idle animation between the attacks is long, cause I had planed a different combat, more fun and engaging in my head when i did the animations, but run out of time to implement it. So both things together make the dragon a disappointment for some, myself included.

I'm planing to update the game when i have sometime after the jam, with my original GDD, which will be much more fun than this version.

Thank you for your feedback. Nice playing your game too!

Thank you soo much! Glad you enjoyed it! The skeletons crumble animation took me much more time than it should, so I'm happy you like it :)
The combat system was designed to be a little more complex, with at least a parry option and more aggressive skeletons. But due the lack of time, the parry was discarded for the jam, and had to lower the difficult of the skellies.
You didn't mention, but I hope you had found and defeat the dragon.

I've played your game... Love it!

Nice stealth game! Really good work with the theme with the 2 brothers working together. Found a lot of games with a similar idea, but most of them focus on one of the 2 or 3 characters. Here I feel it well balanced between the small and the big one.

I enjoyed the controls, played it with a X360 Gamepad. Although sometimes I screw it up when confuse which brother was with the left and which one with the right, during a failed attempt to escape the guards.

The graphics are simple, but works fine on this kind of games.

Love the camera position on the levels, and great work with the shading when hidden behind a wall (Shader graph?)

Amazing work! Congratulations!

Thank you! Glad you like it!
At first the skeletons were impossible to hit, then I think I lower their attack rate too much. Promise the update version will be more balanced.

Thanks for the feedback!

Wow! Awesome scores!
Will follow the game then!

Nice use of the theme. And Beth is really a badass chick! Don't mess with her!
We used the same mix of 2D characters and 3D environment technique in a game I'm working on with a buddy of mine (if interested in checking it:

Love the scenario. Lots of details! Did I saw an Arcade? lol

Great work! Congratulations!

LOL... sorry for that, I reply your review so there's the answer :)
The dragon is on the right part of the map, find your 2 brothers first.
I've played , rated and review your game... Crazy but really fun!

Hello. Yes, run out of time to tweak the combat system. At first the skellies were impossible to beat, but now they become too easy. For the upcoming update will make the combat better.
You feel of the map... yes... that happens when you build the entire level in 15 minutes, just 40 before the deadline, at 7:20 AM after 24 hs of being awake. You got a crappy level without any kind of testing :(

Anyway, thank for the feedback! Hope you can find the dragon... it's in the East of the map (right). You should find your fellow brothers before facing the beast.

Tetris under some serious and heavy drugs. I love it!
I saw your game before and said "mehh... not interested".... i would had regret soooo much of doing that! I'm very happy i've tried this weird version of that classic game.
I had funny moment during that last round. Put a block where it should go, but got stuck in some weird position (near the top) so I got angry, and the next piece I push it with the spacebar, but with angry! (which is NOT the same of just pressing the key)... it made soo much pressure on the pile under it, that i start to make lines on the bottom! I think I made at least 4 consecutive lines in that move!

Great work! Congratulations!

Hello. Great game! Rated and reviewed!
Please try mine if you can. Thank you. of the Dragon

Rescue the brotherhood knights and fight the fearsome dragon.

Nice use of the theme for the mechanics of the game! There's room for more levels and more characters with special abilities (guess they're part of the ideas you mention there)

Great job! Congratulations!


I'll play and review your game. I love trying new games and complete them

Hello. Yes, I've already added to my fix list those two issues with the music not looping and the regen too fast.

Thank you very much for you feedback!

Nice game! Well designed levels. Although a "where to go" tip would be nice.
Love the Idle animation! Reminds me to the little guy in Boulder Dash on C64.

I found some issues I thing maybe other had already pointed out:
- The fall animation when you have the Rocket Boots update, has a missing frame
- There are issues with the background tiles. Sometimes everything change or got glitchy.
- Avoiding friction when hitting the side of a platform would be nice.

But the game is nice, fun to play and explore the levels. Hope you made to the 20 before the end of the jam.

Great work. Congratulations!

Hello. Yes, rush ending of the jam. Level "designed" in 15 minutes, 40 before the deadline, at 7:20am (local time) after being awake all saturday, day and night. Same with health... didn't had time to test and realize it regenerates too fast.

Thank you for your feedback!

Yay! Post this screenshot to avoid spoiling the end... which makes me laugh! LOL
Only 7 brave sheep managed to survive.
Love the cutscenes! They remind me to the "Another World" cutscenes style.
About the rush ending and bugs: Same happened to me. Made the level in 15 minutes... 40 before the deadline, at 7:20am after being awake all saturday, day and night.

Great job! I'm glad you reply and I give it another shot!

Exactly! I ended some games very happy that I give them a chance. Some real jewels with great potential.
Also helped some pointing some bugs or giving improvement tips.

Great game! Replay a few times after completing. Very fun.
Been watching your thumbs and never had the time to play it. I'm glad I did.

I saw you're planing to expand it. Congratulations! Awesome work!

You're absolutely right. Some people think that just uploading the game would do the magic. There's a lot of social aspect in the jam too.
I've spend the last 13 days playing and giving as much feedback as I could to the games I've played.
Yesterday I dedicate just to play games under 20 rating from a community post... only 2 of those devs (from 9 games rated and reviewed) reply on their comments. That helps too. If people takes the time to write you a review, giving just a like won't help other people to play your game. At least a "thanks for your feedback" would be nice. 1 of those games I mention... the dev didn't reply one single feedback comment.

Anyway, still one of the best and more entertaining experience in the game dev world. I've played some amazing titles, and even follow some users for keeping track of their work.

If anyone interesting in checking my game, here's the link. of the Dragon

Rescue the brotherhood knights and fight the fearsome dragon.

Hello. Nice game! Rated and reviewed!
Please try mine if you can. Thank you. of the Dragon

Rescue the brotherhood knights and fight the fearsome dragon.

This is as far I could get without fighting the wolves. The only ones I could fought and won were the ones in the upper left farm, next to the top barn. The rest of the packs, no matter how many sheep I have, are simple impossible. I've tried 6 times from the start, and always the same result. Even tried with an autoclicker, same results... all sheep dead.
Plus, as other user mentioned, some sheep got stuck and stop following the camera, no matter how many times I hover the cam over them.

Too bad, cause the game looks promising, with a very interesting idea and mechanics. Hope you update it and I could play it again.

The visuals are calming and charming. Really like the sheep animation when they stand and walk.

Great job anyway. Congratulations!

Please if you have time, check mine :)

Hello. Glad you like it!

I'll take into consideration all your feedback for the update. Thank you very much!

Hi. Glad you like it.
Yes, it doesn't have many replayablility. Didn't have that in mind for this one. Just one small adventure, kill the dragon and it's over.
Even in the update I'm planing to keep it that way.
Thanks for the feedback. I've played your. It's really fun!