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Thank you!

Awesome game. Finished all the possible ways. Love it!

Congratulations for doing it in such a short time!

Try looking at the picture in your inventory with the magnifier and the ctrl key

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Nice music. Got to say i was about to quit after 5 minutes of searching. But luckily i found the first missing piece of the boat. So that encourage me to continue. And finally found all the pieces and repair it! (with less than 10% of energy left!). You all did a great job.

Ohh, let me know where you get stucked and i can give u a hint.

Same here... would love to update right now. But we have to wait.

Funny short game. I really enjoy it! Boss fight was tought, but manage to beat it. Great job!

Check out ours if you have time. I think you're gonna like it.

Thank you!

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Hi, here's our game. First gamejam btw. Hope u like it.
Like the style of yours too.

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Interesting aproach. I'll consider playing again. Love the out art style

Our game:

Hi! Here's our first Jam game. Hope u like it.

Lovely pixelart graphics. Nice music too. And the story is really good. You manage in a short time to make the player care for the characters and their personal story. Good job!

Hi, I like your game. Check out mine. Our first Jam game!

Really fun game.  Simple but cute models. Love the music. Congratulations