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ORBI (A Survival Game)View game page

A survival Game
Submitted by BlueMerleGames — 12 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#5183.2953.295

Ranked from 166 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
I have two features that include REWIND. One is the reversal of enemies of like colors and the second is actually turning time in REWIND for up to 5 seconds to help avoid enemies. (Some enemies are not effected on purpose)

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
All code and assets are my own. I have uploaded 3 Audio files that I did not create myself

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Fun little game. It's simple but it works well and is enjoyable


Nice game! May have future as a mobile game, for me it was difficult to enjoy because of the screen not been resizable but overall great work!


nice music and endless game! my problem is only the screen resolution is not flexible. with a little addition on gameplay, this can be a mobile game. congrats!


Thanks Ravieeeee! I appreciate you taking the time to play and rate my game.

Resolution is something I will work on after the jam. You can try ALT + ENTER for full screen. Should be better.

Thanks again...... and yes, I am porting this to mobile when this is all over!

Deleted post

Thank you so much Kaan! 

I am glad that you liked the gameplay and aesthetics! The tempo and spawning are random so each game is different. Might be easier if you try it a few times. Also, it does get progressively harder the longer it goes with more enemies..... but again it is random so one game is definitely different than the next time you play it.

Thanks again!


Simple and fun! Nice addition of achievements and skins. Similar art style to our game!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for playing and rating my game Ding-Hobba!

I was thinking the same thing about the art style! I really liked your game too!


cool game, its a quick little game that feels good to get high score on. Good job :)


Thank you BraxtonsDev! I am glad you liked it!


Really enjoyed this game and could see myself spending a lot of time with it! I love how the gameplay is simple enough to pick up and play a quick game, but still makes for a very fun and engaging game! I also really liked the graphics and the particles/slow motion when you get hit! I couldn't quite get the game to fit on my screen, but that is probably just my computer. My only other critique would be that I was pretty confused for my first few games. Maybe I just missed it because part of the screen was cut off, I feel like a controls/ how to play page would be really helpful. Overall though, I thought it was a super fun and well polished game!


Thank you so much Colter107 for taking the time to play and rate my game. It was a very thorough review and I am glad that you really enjoyed my game.

It isn't your computer. I forgot to toggle an option on the build settings. If you could try hitting  ALT + ENTER you will go into full screen mode and it will work better.

As for lacking a tutorial, I just couldn't fit it in time. I have this grandiose idea of how to make a cool tutorial and there was no way I could complete it in the allotted time.

Anyways.... thanks again!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice and simple. Other than the controls that have been mentioned in the comment, perhaps some change in the color would be nice. Purple, violet, and pink can be hard to distinguish for some people. Especially if the color only applied as an outline.

Great job !


Thanks for playing and rating my game!


Simple but solid game, enjoyably funky music too. Cool game!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks Rauno!

I am glad that you enjoyed the game and the "funky music" too!

Thanks for playing and rating my game!


Great game! Really enjoying the vibe, the music and the concept, but maybe you should tweak the controls a little. Otherwise a really cool little game. 


Thank you so much TemSpace for your review. ....and the time and effort to play and enjoy my game.

Much appreciated!


Nice game


Thanks MONSTA Games!

I am glad you enjoyed my game!


Great Game. It´s a cool idea to rewind the enemies you touch. I had a lot of fun and it really fit´s the theme. At first it was hard to see the whole window since it was larger than my display. The graphics are nice and the explosion particles look good.

Good Job!


Thanks unityplayer01!

I am glad that you liked it so much! I didn't toggle the resolution option on my last build and it got set to fixed. Will have an update version when the jam is over.

Thanks again for taking the time  to play and rate my game!


Amazing game, really enjoyed it! Love the concept and design. One thing to consider might be the controls, but other than that it's a great game and really fun to play


Thank you MarleyKristianto for taking the time to play and rate my game!

I am so happy that you found my game amazing and had a good time playing it. I am definitely making it a priority to have a setting for the controls so that the player can choose what feels good to them.

Thanks again!


I really enjoyed the game play of this one, it was very fun and I could totally see this as a hyper casual game I would play a lot. The only hang up for me is the controls were a little funky, tapping the left or right would barely move the player but if I held it down at all the player would slide really fast to one side or the other, if the controls were a little bit tighter, this game would be much better. Awesome idea, would love to see this one on mobile.


Thank you very much for coming back around to play and rate my game! I am also happy to find out that you enjoyed my game so much. 

I definitely will make those changes after the jam is over as a setting where you can choose the sensitivity. I also plan on going mobile with this as well.

Thanks again, and you could always follow me if you want to see  my updates. I will do the same.


This is a great idea!


Thanks MakovWait! I am glad that you enjoyed yourself! I appreciate the time you took to play and rate my game!


Fun little arcade game! I like the idea of the game . The graphics were cool. Music was contributed to the game nicely.

One very small minor thing that I noticed was that it was sometimes hard for me to precisely move to a location I wanted to go. The character was a little slippery in my opinion.

Regardless, the game was still very fun. Well done!


Thank you so much FoorFootStudios!

I am ecstatic that you found my game fun and appealing. When the jam is over, that is one of the first things I will fix. A settings screen and have you decide how precise / slippery the controls are.

Thanks again for playing and rating my game!


Interesting! I like the melody too.


Thanks Haredo! Glad you liked my game!


I will try to play your game later in the day!


Very fun and challenging. I managed to make 350 points, my goal is to make 1000 kkkkkk.

The graphics and audio are also very cool.

Good submission.


Thanks mrhelmet!

I am sure you can do it! I hope you found the game fun as well!


Pretty graphics and fun music. Good job!


Thanks reverz!

I appreciate the review! I hope you found the game fun as well.

I just noticed that your name is reverz.  

If I could give you 6 stars for theme, I would do so for including a name that also works with the theme! lol

Thanks again!


The first thing I noticed at least was that when I started the game, the window size was too long so I could not see the bottom of the screen and my character. That was fixed with Alt+Enter to enter full screen.

Apart from that, really fun game that forces the player to both dodge and trying to hit the same colored enemies to become smaller so you can get a higher score. 
Fitting chiptune music that doesn't get annoying (yet). 

Simple to understand and very fun!


Thanks FutureBob for taking the time to download and play my game.

I will definitely fix the resolution issue when the jam is over.

More importantly, I am super glad that you found my game very fun!

Hope to see you around in future jams!

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