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I really enjoyed the game play of this one, it was very fun and I could totally see this as a hyper casual game I would play a lot. The only hang up for me is the controls were a little funky, tapping the left or right would barely move the player but if I held it down at all the player would slide really fast to one side or the other, if the controls were a little bit tighter, this game would be much better. Awesome idea, would love to see this one on mobile.

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. When I first set it up I noticed I could push the dust, I was going to take that off but I thought it might be kinda cool to be able to push them away if you're about to die, turns out everyone is just confused by it and when they build up it just crashes the game lol. Once the rating period is over I am going to change that, fix the bugs, add more obstacles/enemies types and some nice effects.  

Thanks, I will definitely check out your game.  


Thank you so much, your game was amazing, would love to collab at some point. I am just getting into game Dev but have been an artist since I was very young so if you need a 2D artist, let me know.  

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ahhh, I know! Lol, I needed to implement a boundary for the player but I ran out of time.. thanks for playing and your feedback. I'll be adding much more after the review time..😁

Thank you so much! I will be adding more to it after the review period. :D

Thanks, I will make note to make it harder :'D. I appreciate your feedback.

This game is so good, awesome idea for the theme. You should definitely make more levels.

Great Game, I loved the look of the rewind.

The music and art fit together very well and I really liked the controls, gotta love double jump. Great game would love to see more.

Very fun and not too easy, good job.

Cool game, feels really nice to but controls sometimes act wacky after you die. I like the look of the game the most.

Great game and the idea for the theme was golden, had a lot of frustrating fun at the king kong level. Keep it up.

Looks great and has an awesome atmosphere, would love to see this game fully fleshed out with like an entire museum to go through and every single artifact would bring you somewhere in time. Very cool.

This was really fun, although it did take me a little bit to figure it all out. Keep it up.

I really like the art and music in this game, keep up the good work.

Great game idea, it is hard though. I tried a ton of times, really liked it.

This was a really fun game, good job. loved the guy talking to you the whole time, very funny.

This game was really fun and i could definitely see this as a mobile app. Also great choice with the audio samples for the various buttons, made me laugh. 

This is my favorite so far, you really got me at the end, really cool way to honor a lost friend. Level 4 was def the hardest but very fun, wicked awesome job on this one.

I absolutely love the art style and atmosphere of this game, and the music was perfect. The only thing I would say is the shooting seemed to take a second of two after I hit the button to fire, other than that I would love to see more. 

This is a nice game, I had fun playing through it and I like the art style. I'd say if you could highlight the things you can click on, that way it's easier to identify them and some sort of background audio, just to add to the atmosphere of the game. 

Awesome game! I really enjoyed the game play and the idea was really cool. The end made me laugh so good job. 

Thank you! And yea that's one of those things I wanted to fix but just didn't have the time. Glad someone found that lol..😆 I'll fix that and many other things after the review period. 😁

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thank you for your feedback.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. The Reel does kill the player, if you mean the film floor, I know and really wanted to implement that,  I just didn't have the time. I may fix that and add more enemies as well after the reviewing period..😁

This is so fun and innovative. I love the look and feel of this game and I played for wayyy longer than I should have.. 

This Game is really nice, I love the sleek clean look of it and very fun. Great job keep it up.

thank you so much, I'll check it out.. 😁

thank you so much as this is my first game ever. I'm a Web developer by trade but I've always really wanted to get into game dev, I decided to start learning C# and unity about 3 weeks ago and heard a lot of devs saying to do as many jams as possible so I decided to try, this was a very tiring week doing the jam after work every day but so worth it. 

I love the look of this, and was fun to play. 

Thanks, yea I am not sure why that is happening to some people, it is working fine for me and some other people I talked to.. Either way I really appreciate your feedback, this was my first game and game jam.