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Puzzle Platformer
Submitted by ChankoStudios (@studioschanko), domgoestohollywood — 9 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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It's a wrap! (Jam version)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#574.0144.014

Ranked from 72 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
By letting the player manipulate time[lines]

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, except for some sound effects and explosions

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Nonono, this is not just a game. I call this a marvelous concept of game design. After slight starting problems, I got right into the fun core of this game. The UI harmonies well with the interaction in the scene. I loved the highlighting of the objects while pressing the single timelines of the objects. Such small elements have a big influence on a better UX feeling. I was able to rate your game before the voting time ended. I congratulate you on your good stats!


By far one of the most ambitious and impressive jam entries I've played so far.

Solid esthetic and strong gameplay loop, amazing blend of genres.

Though I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to beat the Kong level.


Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

You're not the first one having a hard time with the Kong level, we made it way too difficult^^

The solution's got to do something with a filled pool, a helicopter crash and at least 2 takes :P


Figured out the pool, didn't figure out the helicopter, guess I'm gonna give it another shot.


Very cool idea!

The graphics are great. I really like the main menu.

The game overall is great. I only have two things that bothered me.

First, the 'cut' and 'no, no, no, cut' get really annoying quickly. They really add to the atmosphere, though. So I would propose the feature to rewind during action time. It makes sense in an editor and really helps to make everything so much less frustrating, especially if you need to do some jumping.

Second, the puzzle design wasn't always that great. I almost got stuck on king kong too. To get the order of the puzzles right, you really need to do some playtesting. That really helped me with our game and making levels more accessible by removing unnecessary difficult parts that didn't add to the problem.

Overall, the puzzles were too difficult. Maybe some tutorial levels that slowly introduce the rules of the game could have helped? I also wasn't always sure what to do. I didn't really have to think about the mechanics and how I could use them in an interesting way. It was more about trying things until I figured out how the puzzle works. And that's why I quit after I got stuck on the level after king kong because I reached the planet but it didn't seem to do anything.

Nonetheless, you did a great and very creative job!


Hey, thank you for playing and the detailed feedback!

It's true, especially the King Kong level is way too difficult and we should have first introduced all the different mechanics in easier levels. We will definitely improve these things and the puzzles in the post jam version!

Glad you had some fun with it nonetheless ;)


Great game without any mistake, from the perspective that we are talking about a game jame.


This is an incredible game. A great idea, great art, great music, and great gameplay. I would appritiate it if you would check out our game too. 


Really loved the style of the game, it fitted so nicely with the movie director style. It was quite a challenging game and took quite a few takes to finish each level, but I really loved the mechanic of moving the time lines around to time everything perfectly for the take. I unfortunately wasn't able to make it past king kong but it was a very unique game and fitted the theme really nicely too. :)  


Really nice game. I liked the idea and the amount of polish you were able (especially regarding the UI) to do in only one week is unmatched!

Nice work keep it up.


The game is really fun and well polished! I couldn't get past King Kong though.

The theme is implemented amazingly and the editor tool is cool.


Thank you, glad you liked it! Yea, we went a bit crazy with the King Kong level, turned out to be quite unbeatable^^


Are you planning to make a full game out of this idea?


Thank you!

We do like the concept and are discussing whether to turn it into a full game or not. Would you play it? ;)


I would,
imo it would be better to have more levels without platforming part. (like the one with UFO)


Very well designed game. Loved the theme and art as well!

Could you please play and rate my game as well?


This might be the coolest game ever. I love it. The art style, clean cut. The audio is great. The mechanics are awesome. I couldn't figure out the last one with King Kong. I tried moving the pool under the lady, tried jumping on his head, gave up :) It's well done!


Wow, what a cool idea and pretty good execution too! The level of polish, the level of feel is great. As a lot of others though, I unfortunately got stuck on the King Kong level… looking forward to a post-jam version to complete the game :)


Really good concept here! I managed to finish the game in 21 mins. Great work with the rewinding timeline. In the King Kong level, I'm not sure if the inflatable pool has a bug but was it intentionally left filled after the cloud rains on it?


Thank you!
Yes it was intentional, our idea was that some items could change "status" and keep this status through takes. Here, it is impossible to both fill the pool and save the princess in one take, it must be done in 2 (at least).
It was poorly introduced though, seems to be unintuitive for most ^^

Submitted (1 edit)

Excellent idea, cool take on the puzzle platformer/adventure game concept! The princess level is difficult and seems very "moon-logic". The goal is clear, but it's unclear how the tools given help you achieve it, unlike the levels preceding.

One issue i'm seeing with the them in general is that it's hard to "rewind"  a game w/o it just feeling like hitting "retry" on a puzzle or doing yet another time-reversal based game. This is NOT a knock against this game in anyway, more against the theme itself. This is one of the best games of the jam and the best one I've played so far!


Thank you very much for the feedback! It's true, I guess we wanted too much in the princess level which turned out to make it quite frustrating to play. We'll keep working on balancing that out, glad you liked it anyways!


Wow, just wow. I loved it! I like the idea, the execution, the artwork which looks like cardboard, the music... everything is so well done! 

Took me a while to beat the DK level, but I couldn't stop playing until I had beaten the game! Again, really good entry, congrats! Would appreciate if you took a moment to rate mine too :)


Good job! Really polished and solid game, fantastic art and good audio, the mechanic is very very original. Got stucked in the king kong level after many tries, filled the pool (I supposed it was to save the princess from the fall) but don't know how to hurt him (maybe with the box? But no idea how to move it to the helicopter). Anyways, good job! One of the best games in the jam by far^^

Submitted (1 edit)

Its a really fun game. love the art style and the game idea is great. I could save the princess, but its really hard

Excellent job :D


Admittedly I did find this game a little difficult to play but I think it is very creative. Definitely one of the more interesting interpretations of the 'rewind' theme.

The presentation of the game is very good and all the UI elements work very well. The only thing that made it difficult for me was controlling the running and jumping but that's a very small criticism/complaint from me because everything else is so well done (and there's only so much time in a week jam).

Great work!


Great game and the idea for the theme was golden, had a lot of frustrating fun at the king kong level. Keep it up.


Good hahaa very nice result! pretty solid and loved the art style, kinda unique for this JAM! Rated!

I would really appreciate your opinion on mine as well if you have a moment.

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