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Cool Idea, Cool graphics and sound! Very impressive!
One small problem: huge size of the game web view.

Last screenshot has a level which is easier than previous one. 

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Idea, graphics and sounds are well made.
some first levels can be swapped to fix difficulty level.
(Mac version is working fine for me)

Core game loop is well made. Really like it. Particles, sounds and camera shake are perfect.
Although you should make it more challenging. Make it harder to avoid "die condition".

Really huge amount of work with constantly changing player controls and object behaviors.
fun to play, although a bit buggy in the beginning.

cool music and core mechanics. Really enjoyable.
You should add some hints where to go, or how close to a goal you are.

IDK why, but it reminded me of the cartoon "Over the garden wall" =) 
I don't have facebook, so I will follow you here and on youtube.
Good luck!

Thanks, I will think about it =)

nice graphics and level design =) 
How did you do you level(terrain and it's shape)? Some 3d modeling program or inside the engine?

nice art and sound =)

I had an item interactions - some items in your inventory can interact with environment items. But it was removed due to lack of time.

It is in a game because you have a small chance to catch a bug while switching items.

Arthouse =)

Really like this huge amount of particles, enemies and weird behaviors =)
Topic score: 10/5

A little =)
I had an item interactions - some items in your inventory can interact with environment items. But it was removed due to lack of time.

Mostly an enemy explosions. Maybe death in a glitches is loud too.

The best!

Recorded hints were just in time along the whole game =)

Some improvement: 

  • mouse sensitivity is too high
  • sound effects during the "pause movement" are quite loud

Could not find a key, luckily it has a video in a comments. Good job.
Some sounds and faster movement would be good here.

Pretty good game, fun to play.  
Though some time delay between attacks can improve it a lot. 

Nice looking game, some ambient music would be good here. For me it is too hard to find all flowers.

Almost complete game. Really nice rework of double jump mechanic. Great job!

Small things to improve:

  • some sound effects are too loud
  • weird camera movements on death  

thanks for the detailed feedback. I really appreciate that.

As for teleport mechanic, it was made intentionally, I wanted it to be more buggy, I have tried to add teleportation sound and effects, but it wasn't feeling buggy at all.

As for other two things, yeah, I really wanted to spend more time on level design, but time is limited =(

Beginning scene is cool, but very hard to control

fun to combine different actions on each object =)
graphics is also really cool.

berries should be used just to teleport to other locations, so yep, I thought about growing them back with the time, but it's a jam and I cut this idea as many others =)

yes, i know, but W is free and can be more comfortable to use for some players

Nice puzzle, could not make it, too many games to see. I will return to finish it later.  Add a jump on W please.

Topic and Visuals are 6/5 =)
BTW, it would be better to have less items to collect in one run

This blue fan is annoying =) Other things are nice =)

Really good looking game. Music is nice. The idea with towers is cool, it would be good to have some sound(alarm) when your base starting to break.

Great job. I am not sure why but it is too laggy for me. Maybe something with my connection.

5/5. everything is great, btw I left some feedback about checkpoints. I really like that this game has them.

Great job. Very interesting, though I got stuck on some level.

sorry =) I thought that it would be easy to find.
To get another ending you just need to be more insisted on an idea of going back to bed =)

IDK, maybe a bit later =)

Good job for a jam game.

Some things to improve:
* lack of sounds in game.
* Too many destructible  objects. Lagging badly for an action game. Try separate town in smaller sections.

Amazing graphics and music. Platforming is tough though...

Nice sounds and interaction with the tube overall. Cool menu and itch page =)

Music and graphics are nice. Has some challenging moments. 

Colorful low poly graphics.
Quite short. But i know that it's hard to make more levels in that amount of time.

Nice looking. good background music. Failed to get to the end though, 3rd level is hard for me =)

Very interesting,  found that collected health points look and sound more like a debuff than a bonus