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Submitted by Apocalam, HappyTeddy — 40 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#6183.1673.167

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
You can rewind time and it's inspired in old games.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, almost 100%.

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The tutorials are a bit intrusive especially if you are someone familiar with how to play a game of this genre and it would've been nice to be able to move rather than be halted altogether. However, you nailed the look/feel that you were going for and the rewind mechanic is responsive and often time I used to take risks and immedeatly undo it if I cannot handle the consequences :D


This is the longest I've played a game so far from the jam, awesome! I found a cheeky glitch though ;). Press the rewind button whilst moving forward and jumping, the player character floats. I managed to glitch into terrain doing it.

Even so, very good game though! I enjoyed,


I love the graphics and the effects of the game! The player movement feels a bit janky but the game felt fun nonetheless. Cool entry, well done! :)


I like your game.. The rewind effects is very good. I like to shoot and grenades..

The music after a little bite became too repetitive.. 

For the rest is a good entry.. 

My game is a casual game if you wanna rate is , Thanks


nice game, like it.
One thing that can be improved to make rewind better: add some punishment for using ordinary checkpoints.


Nice entry. Good job with the rewind and I liked the bending of the screen like on an old CRT TV!

Could you please play and rate my game too?

Submitted (1 edit)

Great shooter game! Among all the game jams (that I played) so far, this one has the best and smoothest implementation of the "rewind" feature.

Most game jam entries have either a story-based rewind, a "winding up" feature, a rewind that isn't really a rewind, or a very weird rewind feature. But this game has a very fluid rewind feature, that the player can control. Theme is definitely 5/5. Great job!

Only bad thing I can think of is that it is a bit too zoomed in, and the sound effect of the grenade is really funny XD.

Edit: Thank you for your kind words, btw, you made my day a little better :).


We are glad you liked it!!! Rewind's code turned out to be quite spaghetti it the last 3 days while trying to smooth it out... Specially when we added rewinding bullets and grenades.

Sounds effects were all improvised with balloons, hitting at the table and out own mouths so some of them are pretty hilarious (specially knowing which is which). 

You also made our day with your comment!


nice art.
rewind is so satisfying.
on remark to add: maybe to keep the player's momentum in mid-air after replay.


Thank you for your feedback!

Player momentum was something thar we were noy entirely sure to keep given that the overall movement is quite cartoony. But you might be right. Having the player go down the way it does feels a bit cheep

You are glad you took the time to play!


Nice job on game! I just feel a little like the rewind mechanic was slapped on. It was done well, but there's no need for it.



A shame we didn't manage to make the mechanic seem as important as we wanted to.

We wanted it to follow the storyline in that the game was really hard so the player cheated by rewinding it.

Thanks for your feedback!


Good one! my comments:


  1. Story and instruccions in game by dialogue
  2. rewind mechanic works great
  3. different attacks
  4. animations are cute
  5. fast and fun!


  1. Player needs to read dialogue again when loosing (I had the same issue with mine)
  2. soldiers shoot very fast for my taste and turn very fast as well

Nice work!

I would really appreciate your opinion on mine as well if you have a moment.


Thanks for playing our game! And thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it. We are glad you liked it :)

We had fixed the bug where you had to read the dialogues again when respawning but it seems we must have rollbacked it at some point before submitting :c, we didn't realize.

Yeah we definitely couldn't get the enemies to feel fair, will investigate that much more for our future games.

I'll give you my opinion on your game of course! Thanks for stopping by and dropping yours


I congratulate you on finishing the game! It doesn’t look too easy to make it :D looks really well polished and thought out. My most favourite thing is the clever effects you put, like how would the game seem to break if you rewind too much xD The movements were smooth and cool also. My only criticism is that it might be a little too hard. Over all a great game :D Hope you try mine too


We are glad you liked it!! Enemies need to be tuned a lot. We really struggled with making them seem interesting and not hard while keeping the rewind necessary.


I love this game especially the music and dialogues ,it said press W for long time and i fell down still the dialogue saved me LOL😂😂,implementation of theme is nice, I think the vignette can be just bit low and damn those enemies are aggressive as hell, no way to run if they get you,still i managed to beat the game 😁


Thank you for your feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Yeah the enemies were really tough. We should've toned them down a bit.


Nice platform retro game you got there. The curved TV effect  was an interesting touch. The one suggestion I'd make is to remember that you've shown the player the messages. Seeing the same message over and over and over (especially with my repeated attempts going into the tiny platform section) got tedious.


Thank you for playing and your feedback! Glad you liked it :)

We thought we had fixed the dialogues in the last minutes of the jam but somehow they still ended up appearing all the time :(


First of all Gratz on finishing !! i loved the game very much it was really fun and i liked how your jump works it really fits the game imo , also loved how if u rewinded too much the game breakes.Loved the art and the music was not bad . the post processing effect was fine by me it added alot to the game . good job and good luck.


Thank you! We really appreciate it!


Thanks for the comment. I liked how the controls were explained and how some of the jumps forced me to use the rewind mechanic. Sometimes I found myself wanting to shoot backwards, which made some of the segments hard. But I stuck through it and enjoyed lobbing grenades at the final boss. Good work!


Thanks for your feedback! We love the kind comments.

Interesting point about shooting backwards, that might have been really interesting. We had a problem with picking the best controls so I don't know how we would've been able to figure that out, but definitely interesting to try on our next games.

Glad you enjoyed the boss! We didn't have enough time to make the fight more epic, so it was a matter of throwing grenades at it, but really glad you liked that.


You’re welcome! Personally I was clicking to shoot, which probably led to my confusion. My expectation was similar to Soldat, which allows you to face and move in opposite directions. Now I see there are keyboard controls for shooting and grenades too. For a retro game it makes sense why you set it up this way, so no worries.


I love the retro tv effect and the story, and I actually liked the blind jumps because it forced you to use your rewind. I also loved the grenades and barrels, nice game!


Thank you very much! We really appreciate all the nice comments :)

Yeah we wanted the blind jumps to force the rewind mechanic to make it seem like the game was really hard but you're 'cheating' your way out of the difficulty.


Good job. 

I liked how the game would break if you used the rewind too much :)


Thank you!

We really liked that mechanic ourselves, so really glad you enjoyed it too :)


You should turn down post  processing a bit. What's the point of pixel art if it's gonna be blurry?

Making player jump upon coliding with enemy is REALLY annoying. I just skipped explosive barrel part because i couldn't shoot the baller of that.


Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely take it into account when making new games.

We were experimenting with post processing and maybe we got too into it.

The collision with enemies was a pain because of the camera snapping so fast. In the end we had to decide on what we ended up with.

Thanks again for taking the time to play our game and give us feedback!


Quite fun. Rewinding came useful with those blind jumps (Not seeing next platform). I think generally blind jumps should be avoided in games, but good job with the game


Thanks for your feedback. We will take that into account the next platformer


Cool game. I'm not sure the rewinding mechanic adds too much to the game play. Another point of frustration is the camera not looking ahead to the next platform. But I enjoyed the game anyway. Good job!

Developer (1 edit)

Your feedback is very helpful!! We will take that inot account for our next game ;)

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