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All around 5 star rating! except for the audio, at least in the webGL version. Nice Job!

Nice job on game! I just feel a little like the rewind mechanic was slapped on. It was done well, but there's no need for it.

Nice game! I liked the mechanics in it.

Nice work! I really like this implementation of the rewind mechanic! It was a little tough to figure out how to chain ghosts together, but fun nonetheless.

I liked the disc color switching mechanic. Perhaps making it more than just green and red would be interesting.

Nice idea! Would love to see a more polished and prominent rewind mechanic.

Well Done! puzzles were brain bending and super fun trying to remember what I did as Myself while playing as Me and trying not to have I die from running through a closed door. I would add a tutorial or text box that shows the controls and probably have the escape key pause the game and let you restart rather than pressing the number of the level on the keyboard.

Thanks for the feedback! I had thought of adding something like that to the game, but I ended up discarding that idea since it would make rewinding less of a prominent mechanic. I play tested each level to make sure you could finish it without taking out any guards (except the briefcase carrier). A tip would be to alert a guard from one side of the doorway and be able to rewind to the other side. This should allow you to move through the doorway without even being shot at. Also take note of where they became suspicious of. That would be the last place they saw you or the last gun shot they heard. They will always move towards that spot without looking back until they arrive. Hopes this helps, and I will totally check out your game!

Nice Job Dani! Blocking is slightly annoying and whenever an enemies sword touches you and they didn't swing it still damages you, which I think should be changed. But this is the most polished game I've seen in this jam so far!

When you said standard FPS and parkour game with a rewind feature, I thought it would be closer to the parkour side, and I never really felt the need to rewind except for one jump that I needed a couple attempts at. I do like the Superhot like visuals though!

Pretty good game! would be better if the murder could walk into the room and look for you.

Nice work on the bullet rewind mechanic! I've seen that done many times this game jam and you pulled it off the best!

Pretty good game. The boss fight could be improved, with some way to dodge his attacks. Graphics were pretty good too!

I love the backwards platformer idea! It's also cool that you got to see it played forwards as well!

Outstanding! That's all I can think to say!

Love the story, very funny! Simple platformer mechanics felt pretty good. One complaint is that I fell in the pixel art world and wasn't able to restart, without restarting the whole game. Maybe that's part of the plot, I don't know. 

I like the idea, I just wish there was a little bit more than just digging stuff up to get rid of it in the future. Fits the theme great though.

Love the concept! You pulled it off well, audio was a little lacking, but otherwise fantastic!

Controls aren't super clear. Cause when you said guide him with the mouse, I thought I was keeping my mouse in front of him to guide him to where to go next. But pushing him with the mouse is an interesting idea.

Pretty fun trying to put the ball in the hole rather than hitting a small brick. Nice job!

I like the art, the controls are decently fun, but I was more sensing wind as opposed to re:wind. Maybe that's just me though.

Game mechanics are great, I wish there were more levels!

The best platformer I've seen in this jam so far

Nice art and polish, mechanics are great, puzzles could use a slight change in difficulty curve. But great job!

Well done! My only two complaints are that the mouse doesn't reappear once you get back to the main menu, and that there is no audio. Otherwise very fun and I like the inspiration from Portal

Amazing and well polished!

Really short, like I played it twice in 1 minute short. I didn't have enough time to read the final caption, and I played it a second time to see if not throwing the grenade was an option. Turns out there's nothing else you can do but throw it.

Art is great, but intuitive controls or tutorial is missing. movement felt a little clunky, and I would have had no clue that the rewind part is the fact that the story is backwards, since I didn't read the description till after playing.

Waited 3 minutes. Doesn't load for me either.