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Thank you so much! I actually did make everything white at first but it was too confusing so I ended up changing it.

Thanks! The side asteroids are tough but I added them so the player would have to move up and down and not just right and left. The sound does seem kind of messed up and really laggy, although if you think it was Godot's web export that would make sense considering it sounded fine in engine. Thanks for playing!

Nice game! The art and animations are great! I wish there was some music but great job for 72 hours!


Thanks man!

Awesome! Arrow keys are very common, just not with the mouse. If you make a mouse game I would just always have WASD. Nice job!

That make sense. The graphics are great, I bet you could make an awesome full game!

Thank you very much! It is very easy to forget about dash.

Thank you! I agree, I was going to just make it so you didn’t have to press a button to shoot but it just did that itself but I ran out of time. I would have loved to add more obstacles too!

Honestly this doesn't seem super minimalist lol, but its a nice game. The controls were a bit tough to get used to, but the gameplay is nice and the graphics are amazing.

Interesting idea, I like it! It fits the theme well, but I do have one problem. For 99% of people, using the mouse with arrow keys is really awkward, most people use the mouse and WASD. 

Wow this game is really hard but really fun! Thanks for putting on the jam!

Thanks man! I love Galaga!

Wow this is a really cool idea! I love the effect too!

I love the music and simplistic pixel art!


Ah dang it. Thanks anyway

I know this doesn’t really matter too much, but I always loved seeing the best games from the jam on YouTube, but now that Brackeys is gone (rip), will there be a video about it?


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Thanks! Playing it now I agree that the turning is a bit slow. 

Thank you! I would have loved to have worked on it longer, but sadly I didn't have the time. 

Really cool, I love the mood and hacking effects! It was a little confusing, but it has some nice mechanics!

Thank you! I would love to play your game as well, but I have a mac and there is no mac or browser version :(

Dang you must have finished this game really fast because you submitted it in a day and a half before the deadline! For how little time you spent on it, I like it!

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Thank you! I’ll go check out your game too!

I joined your discord so I’ll definitely keep you updated. I would love to release on mobile as well, and I think the simplicity of the game would translate pretty well.

Thanks! The feedback has been really good, so I’ll probably continue it after the jam. I have some cool mechanic ideas for some more interesting levels, so I’m excited to see where it can go!

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Lol I definitely have to agree after testing this game so much.

Thank you so much!


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Thank you so much! I agree, the song does get annoying but I didn't have any time to make it longer.

Huh I wonder why that’s happening, I’ve never found that bug. I think the movement is pretty standard, but thanks for playing!

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Nice game, I love the sprites, especially the ghost! The movement is pretty cool too, I would have liked some sounds though, and it was very easy. Good job overall!

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Since I used Godot to make my game as well, for some reason your game opened directly in Godot in a test window. Pretty cool. Nice game though, I love the ghosts, and the music is great!

Love the idea of escaping the house, feels like an escape room. The scare was pretty good, and the game was hard, nice job!

Yeah that would be awesome! I'm also thinking of expanding my game, good luck to you!

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I love the art, the character's animations are great and the parallax is cool! I also love the gameplay, being able to jump or duck adds so much! Nice game, even though I wasn't able to get to the end. One thing I would add is to make is slowly get faster as you go.

I like the lighting and art, and the idea is cool too. It is a bit glitchy, but nice job!

The graphics are definitely crude, but I love the amount of content! I agree with the other people, the music is pretty good, but doesn't really fit.