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Thank you for your kind words, I’m excited too!

Here you may let me know of any issues you encounter with the beta. Please include information about your system, and steps to reproduce, if possible. Thanks for playing!

Known issues

To be listed here.


  • Does not sound as intended in Firefox.

During the beta my development time will be focused on the Side B release. I will try to address major issues in patch releases if possible.

Hello! I prototyped the message cycling hotkeys today. These will be included in the next release.

I’m unable to replicate the hotkey issues in Windows with NVDA, so I believe they are exclusive to Orca or Linux. I’ll investigate this further.

Thanks for the report and suggestion. I’ll investigate the access hotkeys not working. I have NVDA and Narrator here, so hopefully I can reproduce.

Could you please clarify what you mean by the speech history? In general all the speech is handled by the browser and outside my control. However, the in-game notifications and access hotkeys do write to live regions, and those messages could be kept in memory, for you to browse with the page keys. That would include material collections, new upgrades available, location discoveries, and new perceptions. Is that what you had in mind?

Hello, I’ve responded to your post in the alpha issues thread, thanks!

Hello! Thanks for playing and reporting this. Could you please tell me more about your system? Like I’m on Windows 10, Chrome 106, NVIDIA GTX 1050, and 16 GB RAM and get decent performance. Here is a WebGL2 support checker. If this displays a rotating cube, then your device meets the minimum requirements, and should be able to play if its display drivers are up-to-date. I’d also suggest toggling the graphics in the settings menu, but that should be activated by default.

Hello! Thanks for letting me know. I found the same issue. I’ve rebuilt and repackaged the game for Linux. Could you please try downloading again and let me know of any issues?

Hello! Thanks for letting me know. I found the same issue. I’ve rebuilt and repackaged the game for Linux. Could you please try downloading again and let me know of any issues?

Hello! Thanks so much for the bug report and video. Can you tell me more about what (if anything) led to this happening? Was the game otherwise pretty smooth (45-60 FPS) before this?

I might guess that the window lost focus for 10-15 minutes. Something the game engine isn’t good at right now is handling time while the browser is minimized or in the background. I’ve seen this happen with the flashing colors when the game tries to crunch a bunch of missed time. There are some things I can do to improve that in the next build.

I’ve started a new branch for v0.5.x. This means that the v0.4.x alpha will no longer receive major changes. However, please continue to leave feedback here, to help inform the full release of Side A. Thanks for participating in the alpha!

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Hi there, thanks for playing!

Sometimes materials will be under the terrain, for you to collect later after waiting or receiving a significant upgrade. I’ve made a few changes that might help. These are now harder to hear in scan results, more muffled sounding overall, and have a transparency effect applied. The upgrade is coming soon.

Also thanks for providing me your location! Your report reminded me that the Status screen is missing some very important debugging details: the world seed and mission time. These have been added as well.

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Fun fact! The winds sometimes reach 45 MPH, and they do pull and drag you in the air. In this next patch I’m fixing an infinite speed exploit. If you face away from the wind and bunny hop continuously, you will accelerate to very high speeds, faster than the wheels.

The winds are sometimes so strong that your movements do not affect the vector that feeds into its loudness or direction. On other planets it will definitely be much calmer.

With this planet I’m trying to play into this a lot! For example, the sand storms make it impossible to see, forcing sighted folks to use the scanner too. Likewise, the main music synth follows the sun, and is loudest when it’s brightest in the sky, so it forces you to play in certain ways (like keeping it at your back) to hear and see everything.

Anyway, the chirping sounds like some audio glitches I’ve run into myself. This is not intended. I think it happens when the sand particles in the air are moving very fast relative to you, and possibly a frame drop occurs. The reason why this happens is because the delay time of every sound source gets modulated to simulate the Doppler Effect and Interaural Time Differences. You can probably get a similar sound with a guitar pedal or effect in a sound editor.

Good question! The sand moves on its own! Think of it as the planet being covered by glaciers, but instead of ice, it’s sand! That’s the rumbling sound you hear. Visually you’d see the surface moving as one giant slow wave, and the collectibles can be seen through the surface.

(The graphics are like a grid that covers the surface, that you can see through, but instead of grid lines, there are points at the corners of each cell. It’s very simplistic, but complemented with gradients of warm Mars-like colors: rusty reds and oranges, blending into to lighter pinks, yellows, or blues depending on the time of day.)

Anyway, you can stand over them, or come back later, to collect them. They are stationary. And with the Attractors upgrade, it has the ability to pull items out from the sand directly into your Cargo Racks.

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback. A few notes:

  • The collection radius is a quarter of E.X.O. I planned to revisit this when the new and improved Attractors are implemented in Side B. They will work differently than in E.X.O. based on your feedback last year, to make them a very important quality-of-life upgrade. However, in the next patch coming soon, I will double this radius to make it easier to position yourself and collect them without the upgrade.
  • I like the concept of charged jumping. I prototyped this on my lunch break today and have a basic version working. I think it’s missing an audio cue to indicate the charge. Let me try to include that in the next patch.
  • I can revisit the occlusion. It’s very basic and only works with the sand right now, not any other obstacles. There are already some changes staged for the next patch to share. So far I think it’s working as intended: items fade in as they become uncovered (it takes about a second), and you will pick them up if they’re within the collection radius (regardless of whether fully uncovered).

I will be on vacation and unreachable for the next week. I’m excited to respond to your feedback and make improvements when I return. Thanks!

Right now where I’m landing is that the mouse position could work like a virtual analog stick (the distance from center determines the input) rather than it requiring continuous input. And then I could represent it visually with a sort of crosshair if needed. I’ll jam on that when I get back from vacation. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers!

Also, many thanks for the feedback on the menu and tutorial. Press escape or start while in-game for the menu. I’m working on adding additional text to smooth things out. For example, after reading your feedback, I added “Upgrades Available” text next to the Synthesis button on the Game Menu screen, as well as next to the Upgrades button on the Synthesis screen, to direct folks where to go.

You’re right! The mouse controls are very bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

I play exclusively with a keyboard or gamepad, and don’t test the mouse often. For the past hour, I tried making a few changes, and couldn’t find a good solution that didn’t make my wrist hurt. And my wrist hurts very bad now.

The difficulty is that this is a simulation game, where using the controls will turn your character like a tank at set speeds, that are determined by your level. This works very smoothly with a keyboard, where the controls are either off or on, or the gamepad, where the analog sticks are between -1 or 1. With the mouse I just can’t keep a steady hand like pressing a button or stick.

I definitely need to think on this more.

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I understand. I dislike them all. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism! ✊

The new patch may improve this. I removed some debugging code that was meant only for Chromium-based browsers. However, I’m unaware of any modern Webkit-based browsers, like Safari, that I can run on my Windows or Linux machine to test this myself. Please let me know if that improves things at all.

My understanding is that the Chromium project is open-source and maintained by folks who aren’t necessarily affiliated with Google, although they are the main sponsors. I tested in a few other Chromium-based browsers. Works as intended in Opera, Brave, and Microsoft Edge too.

I found that Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers do not work very well. There are plenty of audio glitches and undesired sounds. I don’t see a path forward to support Firefox at this time.

Of course, this demonstrates why the browser monoculture is bad for everyone.

Hello, thanks for the report. I’m sorry, but I don’t own a computer with macOS, so I cannot provide support for Safari or macOS. You may paste any errors from the JS console here, and I can see if there’s an easy resolution. I would recommend using the latest Chrome for this.

I’ve uploaded experimental Linux and HTML5 builds with some issues.

Excellent question! 😹

The handle is a reference to the tilde. On a US English keyboard, that’s what I press to type that character.

My first major encounter with the tilde was in college while learning Max/MSP in a few music classes. I liked how its meaning changed in the software to represent a sine wave, or the foundation of everything we hear.

For a few years I’ve had a tiny tilde tattooed on my wrist, when making this sort of electronic music was still just a daydream. It’s funny how that’s materialized into this hobby!

That’s all to say, that you could refer to these things by tilde, when the context is right.

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Here you may let me know of any issues you encounter with the alpha. Please include information about your system, and steps to reproduce, if possible. Thanks for playing!

Known issues

  • Sound can get choppy or drop out on slower machines.
  • Collision detection is not perfect.


  • Does not sound as intended in Firefox.

I will try to address major issues in patch releases if possible. Otherwise the alpha build will not receive major updates or features until the full release.

I’ve been meaning to thank you for this. Your video was very inspirational for a small game I developed last year.

When I first heard the SFX fractal, it seemed perfect for synthesizing melee weapon sounds. So I built my own parameterized implementation that procedurally generates sounds in real-time based on players’ equipment and interactions. I found that the x- and y-axes correlated well with my inputs (modulation and timbre, respectively), and I controlled the pitch by manipulating the sample rates of the buffers. To tie it together, I interpolated between two points at various rates to create distinctive sounds for each weapon.

That was such a fun exercise! I definitely need to explore this concept, and other noisy fractals, more in the future.

Excellent work!

Thank you for saying so, I’m glad you love it! Honestly, making this game broke me. I never wanted to make games again. Since then, I’m feeling better, I’m super excited for Periphery Synthetic EP, and I’ll have a build to share soon for that soon. This week it even reached the important milestone, that it’s playable with audio alone!

That said, I’ve definitely considered revisiting Bladius. I received some good constructive feedback on I agree that the audio cues could be better, especially around the health and stamina systems, and I have bigger ideas for new features in a post-jam update. This could be something I work on once the current project is in a releasable state. Let me see how to fit this in.

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Thank you! I’m very excited as well. Every day is incremental progress. This week I made some demented test levels to debug some movement issues, like one with moving platforms and another with ramps. Once I fix the bugs I should be able to start building the crafting system. But I’m considering how I could bring these playgrounds back into the game, either as a tutorial space, or part of a later episode.

And you’re so welcome for the alternative text. Something I’m excited to include is a journal system where the player character makes observations of the world around them. These act as text descriptions for, and elaborate upon, the things I can’t express with sound. I haven’t written creatively in years, so this will be a fun experiment!


I’m shiftBacktick, the developer of Periphery Synthetic EP. Here you may ask me anything about the project or myself. Cheers!

P.S. I’m currently working with Valve to reflect this change on Steam. Thanks!

That’s so funny! Tell me more. Was the audio really crackly? I have access to an UDOO QUAD that might behave similarly.

Hi! I did not consider this, but this is a great idea! I think it would be possible to support modding like this in a post-jam update. Basically all of the cards are defined with JSON, so it might be possible to let folks import their own. Cards will have unique sounds, so a challenge will be exposing the synth parameters to design their sounds. I’ll keep this in mind as I build the game.

Hi! I love your excitement to play Bladius, but the game has not released yet. Please continue to follow this devlog to learn when to get early access. Hoping to share a browser build next week.


This is well executed and overall a fun and challenging experience. Thanks for including an EvE mode; it was good to watch idly before my first attempt, and something I wish more games had.

Excellent aesthetic and integration of narrative. The intro sequence was very stylish, but I’d recommend giving folks more reading time, for example with controls to advance or pause the text at their own pace. Anyway, the very first thing I did was fly off the track and get stuck underneath it, or why I’m too scared to own a car, but I got a hang of it after a few checkpoints with the gamepad. RIP Red Rampage. ✌

That ambiance is menacing! and what a relief when it changes! I found there to be insufficient contrast between the text and background, and would recommend adding a transparent black background or shadows for the text to pop more. An otherwise sweet and concise experience.

Thanks for playing! Please see my comment below to learn more about audio games like this.

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Thanks for playing! Most of the games I make focus primarily on the audio like this. I highly recommend you check out No Video Jam 2 and No Video Jam, as well as the database at, to find more games like ours, including those by veteran devs in the scene who started it all and carry the torch for the new folks like us.