This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-08-01 10:00:00 to 2020-08-08 10:00:00. View results

Thank you everyone for joining the jam, it was really fun! Hopefully you had fun as well and made some games you are proud of!
The real winners are of course all the people that submitted and rated games!

The ratings table will show a different winner for the graphics category, but as that person only had 14 ratings they don't qualify to win the category.

The overall winner is: Dux Nox by ElvinLC, mochao, raddisa

Game Design - Rewind by jimmyc5
Fun - Psycho taxi rewind by Arabong
Innovation - It's a wrap by ChankoStudios
Theme - Sir Ewind by OcO 
Graphics - Sir Ewind by OcO 
Audio - Rythm Rewind by Colin Watterson, YellowSwerve, J-mo, riko

The theme is: REWIND

Welcome to the fourth official Brackeys Game Jam! Can't believe we're already on the fourth one!

This is a week long event about making a complete game based around a specific theme and then voted on by the other participants. Jams are fun experiences, and in the end you have a finished game! Even if you are new to game development and think you can't possibly finish a full game in such a short time, give it a shot anyway, it's worth it!

The theme is going to be announced when the jam starts, you can also join our Discord server if you want to get a notification. You can also chat about the jam and share your progress on the server (just make sure you're in the right channel).

Also big thanks to Thugboi from the Discord server for making the art for this jam!

The games are rated in these categories: Game DesignFunInnovationThemeGraphics and Audio. These cover most of the aspects of game development, don't worry if your game lacks in any of these (but at least make sure you get the theme right!)

After the submission period is over, there will be a 2 week period to rate the games. Your game need at least 20 ratings to be eligible for winning, so make sure you play a lot of games so your game will have a higher chance of getting rated!

The best overall game, and as well the best games in each of the rating categories will be the "true winners". They will get showcased at the top of the page and on our Discord server (including a fancy role).

But in the end, everyone who managed to finish a game and have fun is a winner, this is what jams are all about!

There is basically only one rule, no NSFW games. We want all games to be playable by everyone. So also make sure that your game doesn't have any offensive/hateful content.

Other than that you are allowed to use any game engine/framework, and any assets (you of course are required to have a proper license to use them). You can also make everything yourself.

Teams are allowed, but we recommend keeping the teams up to 4 members, after that it becomes hard to manage a team in a single week for a game.