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Thanks! Really appreciate it!

Thanks for the feedback!

I thought about the cursor being too small and I thought maybe it would work better with taps on a cellphone.

I'm not that good with game audio but I'll definitely play with it to make it more complete.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

I was going for something simple since I always make scopes bigger and bigger.

I'll probably look into adding power ups and some other features after the jam.

Thanks again!

Awesome game! Really cool idea and well executed too.

Thanks for your feedback! I added how to play to the description of the game. Glad you liked it!

We had a problem as well that won't let anyone play the game. Could we submit a fix?

Nice game! I liked it. Good job!

The bent screen effect was a nice touch to make it more retro.

Great job finishing the game!

I liked the puzzles and the idea of putting toys on the map, really interesting.

One thing I would've liked was to be able to activate the car with the keyboard or it to be bigger because I kept on missing it with my mouse.

The menu systems worked great! See you on the next jam :)

Great job on making this game! I had fun playing it.

The menu buttons were a bit small. The idea of rewinding the bullet was a nice take on the theme.

Great work on this one!

I liked the story and the fact that you did the art but used most of the code from others. Good job to not let that get you down and finishing the game!

My only comment is that the movement and jumping felt buggy at times. Awesome art :)

Congratulations on the game! It was really fun playing it.

It feels really polished. The main menu was really pretty. The graphics really fit well together.

Good job!

Nice game! I had fun :)

I played for quite a while. Really like papers, please and you did a really good job with the game's artstyle!

The 'Change Music' button is a really nice touch. The game is really polished.

It would have been interesting to be able to buy more rewinding machines. That way you could play longer by managing more than one tape being rewinded at the same time. But that's just an idea. The game felt awesomely done for the time you had in the game jam. Congrats!


A shame we didn't manage to make the mechanic seem as important as we wanted to.

We wanted it to follow the storyline in that the game was really hard so the player cheated by rewinding it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah I really liked it. I would love to play that! I am Apocalam#1588 on Discord.

Awesome game! I really liked it.

The story and take on the theme were incredible. I really liked it.

The audio and graphics fit perfectly.

The levels are fun.

The UI sometimes got in the way of the grid and it would have been nice to be able to skip the dialogue with the keyboard (when retrying a level too many times).

Awesome game!

Really liked the graphics and the movement and shooting mechanics felt right.

It was weird that the UI didn't stretch to match fullscreen, or at least for me.

The jump sometimes felt kind of weird though, and I don't think I could double jump some times when the fireball was out. It would have been nice to have the jump on the W or up key as well.

Overall really nice game, I enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing our game! And thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it. We are glad you liked it :)

We had fixed the bug where you had to read the dialogues again when respawning but it seems we must have rollbacked it at some point before submitting :c, we didn't realize.

Yeah we definitely couldn't get the enemies to feel fair, will investigate that much more for our future games.

I'll give you my opinion on your game of course! Thanks for stopping by and dropping yours

Congratulations on finishing your game! I really liked it.

The take on the theme is definitely innovative.

The music and graphics really suit the game and I loved the pun with Err.

I did think the rewinding yourself mechanic didn't mix in well with the gameplay, it was more of a thing you had to do from time to time and it didn't feel satisfying, although nice sound effects.

Overall good job!

First of all great job with the game! I had fun playing it.

The main menu is really nice and the music as well.

I found myself trying to rotate the camera at points.

Feedback on when you get damaged or a health bar would have been nice, I didn't realize when I got killed.

The mechanic was a really nice take on the theme but I would have liked it if it had more repercussions in the game. Integrating it with the gameplay in more ways would be hard to do I imagine but really fun.

I enjoyed the game!

Don't beat yourself up so much, you did a good job given your tough circumstances. Cheer up! It's a nice game you did!

I liked the idea of moving along a time line to discover secrets, people to talk to, and pathways that aren't there in other timelines. I think that theme could be further explored to make a really nice story game.

The music was really nice as well.

Thanks! Maybe I was just rushing it 😅

That'd be awesome!

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Yeah the enemies were really tough. We should've toned them down a bit.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! Glad you liked it :)

We thought we had fixed the dialogues in the last minutes of the jam but somehow they still ended up appearing all the time :(

Thanks for your feedback! We love the kind comments.

Interesting point about shooting backwards, that might have been really interesting. We had a problem with picking the best controls so I don't know how we would've been able to figure that out, but definitely interesting to try on our next games.

Glad you enjoyed the boss! We didn't have enough time to make the fight more epic, so it was a matter of throwing grenades at it, but really glad you liked that.

Thank you very much! We really appreciate all the nice comments :)

Yeah we wanted the blind jumps to force the rewind mechanic to make it seem like the game was really hard but you're 'cheating' your way out of the difficulty.

First of all, congratulations on finishing your first game with Godot! Really excited to try it myself.

The game was fun and relaxing, I enjoyed playing it.

I found the dodging blocks and repeating the keys minigames the most fun. The maze one seemed really easy but for some reason I kept on failing but didn't understand why. The tiles that were placed one was really easy and I didn't like it much.

The idea to play the minigames in reverse was a nice take on the theme and I really liked it. Especially on the two minigames I liked the most, maybe it was because of that.

This game would be really nice with more minigames of course but having four working is a really great achievement in only a week of work. So great job!

Fun game! I liked it. Good job finishing it.

A really interesting take on the theme.

The tutorial was kind of difficult to read. The tutorial for nerds was better.

Thank you! We really appreciate it!

I absolutely loved it! Best game I've played in the jam so far.

Really polished, tons of really well designed levels. Each level was fun and memorable. And that last level was tough as hell, but so fun and rewarding when I got to beat it. I spent a lot of tries on that. A death counter would have been really funny.

The graphics look really good, the sound effects and the song are really good as well.

The shooting and death effect felt so satisfying. It was a nice mix of puzzle with fighting enemies, loved it.

The rewind mechanic itself was super cool and well done. You needed to know when to use it, how, there were different ways you could use it. You did a great job! It was also nice that you could get stuck and then need to restart the level with R, lead to many aha! moments.

The dialogue at the start was really funny, chill and helpful. Really nice way to teach the main mechanics of the game.

Overall awesome job with this game! I would definitely play a version with more levels for hours and hours in my free time. Congratulations!

That's really nice, glad to hear it! Good luck on future jams! Can't wait to play your future games.

Fun game! I enjoyed it.

Liked the pacman homage and it was a nice take on the theme, really original and innovative.

It's a really interesting mechanic to have the ghosts of your past restrict your future movements. One thing I didn't realize on the first playthrough and was a really nice touch was that your score would decrease over time, pushing you to move more quickly.

I would definitely play something with these mechanics on my free time and enjoy it. An element of competition like a highscore leaderboard would hook me up a lot too.

I feel like it could've been more fun if it was faster at the start or if the map was smaller so you'd run into problems sooner. Maybe it was just me wanting a bigger challenge.

I don't know if there was music or not but I didn't get to hear it. I think an 8-bit spooky theme would fit nicely.

Great idea and nice work!

Really awesome game! It's incredible how well made this is for having been made in a week. Congratulations!

I accidentally failed to see the part where they teach you how to dash and spent some time pressing all keys to find out it was with shift. A shame, and when I reloaded the game it had saved the fact that I was already taught how to dash. My bad of course, it would have been nice to see it on some controls screen or on the game's page though.

I absolutely loved the music and the art. You did a great job at both of them and at making them fit the theme you were going for.

The death counter was a nice touch since it was a hard game, and the levels were short but memorable so that I didn't get frustrated and really enjoyed my experience. Also loved the 1 second window to avoid death, really cool and useful. You made a really good job with that level design. I did think the blue sci-fi style hover board on one of the levels maybe didn't fit the colors too well.

The dash mechanic was great! Felt really good to push enemies off platforms. Its cooldown could've been a little bit smaller, since at some points you are just waiting for that and nothing else. The game teaches you the dash is your only weapon and I thought I could handle the spider and died. Really nice enemy variations though, kept the game fun and interesting. I think I could hear zombie noises even when I had already pushed them off of platforms though.

Another comment is that in the first section the UI text and speech bubble collide with the menu and don't let you click the buttons. Also the speech bubble was a little too big.

Overall awesome game, great idea and execution! Loved it!

I really liked the game! I had fun while playing it.

The different take on the theme is what I liked the most. You did a great job mixing the theme with your game. Everything felt smooth.

Two things that would have made me enjoy the game more:

- The game could have taught you its controls (instead of having to go to the manual, I missed reading it the first time around and died a bunch of times)

- The UI stretched to fit the viewport.

Overall a really enjoyable game with great soundtrack. Great job!

Thanks! We'll play around with the settings then

We used the 2D Character Controller script from Brackeys, which uses rigidbody.velocity

Thank you!

We really liked that mechanic ourselves, so really glad you enjoyed it too :)

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Thank you for your feedback! We're really glad you enjoyed our game.

Thanks for the lovely comment on the story and level design, we really put thought into it and appreciate it.

We weren't able to make the enemies seem fair, that's something we've been getting a lot, so we'll investigate on how to do that better for sure for future games. Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks for your feedback!

It was really hard to not get hit first by the enemies. We'll definitely take fairness much more into account for our next games!

We'd also love to investigate how to make the controls feel nicer for future games, so thanks for pointing that out.

Sorry to hear that :c.

It was our first experience in making games for HTML5 and we run into many things we didn't like. Compiling times were reaally long, there were some bugs and so forth.

We found that if it stuck on the loading screen refreshing the browser a couple of times would work, or maybe switching to another browser.

It's a shame you couldn't get to play our game, but thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience! It really does help us focus more on this things for future games.