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Arcade with only 5 colors, no matter what Lenny say
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#94.3504.350

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Javier Serra, Raul Moreno, Cristian Villanueva, Raul Lopez

Software used

Use of the limitation
Both only 5 colors in game (Dark Gey, Light Grey, Black, Light Selected Color and Dark Selected Color) and also there are 5 different colors to defend your spaceship with (Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and Pink) with their own asteroids for each

Cookies eaten
Only pizza and burguer for us

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This is really good! It reminds me of the classic Asteroids, but with an interesting twist.

Sound are nice and crunchy, music is catchy.

In addition to switching between the different colors, your ship can also use thrusters to locomote (which I kept forgetting) and collect pickups to help you survive longer. And the color-coded opponents are not the only foes: there are also UFOs and chunks of rock to keep things fresh. Marvelous.

My only quibble is this: I'm not sure it makes sense that the turrets that can hit different colors are all on different sides of the ship. The result is that the front of the ship is at a different angle to the turret, depending on which color you are using... a bit disorienting. I appreciate, of course, that space is a disorienting place. :)


Thank you for your thoughtful comment! You are absolutely right, it can be confusing and it gets some time to get used to it, but we liked the fact that the aim and the movement were independent from each other. It adds some depth to the gameplay in my opinion.

Thank you so much for playing!


Me ha encantado el juego. Muy bien diseñado, me encanta la dificultad de mover dos cosas distintas y como habeis utilizado la restriccion de los colores.


Muchas gracias por probar el juego y por el feedback! Me alegra que te haya molado


I loved how much player feedback this game had - the screen shake, the sound effects, it all added up and made the game feel great to play. The concept was nice too, and I loved that only the letters of the same colour were highlighted, which was a helpful little feature. One thing I would've liked was a button to reverse, although I suppose that would take away from the challenge of getting out of a tough situation. It was a really nice game though, and good work!


Thank you for playing our game and for your kind feedback! We thought a lot about game feel so its pretty nice that it has shown its result!


Really cool use of the limitation.  It takes a while to get used to the controls but it gets a lot more fun when you do.  The powerups are a nice touch and the alien ships add some good variation.  I really liked being able to move through the edges to the other side!


Thank you so much for trying our game and for your kind review! 


What a fun game. To be honest the controls are a little hard, I need quite a few times to understand them haha. But once I did, wow i was rocking destroying that asteroids and alien spaceships!

Great use of the limitations as a mechanic, and the engaging music too.

Congrats for coming up with this idea and finishing the Jam

Score 6770!


Nice game and concept, I would say that the controls weren't my favorite.  Here is my playthrough:


Awesome game! Really cool idea and well executed too.


Neat game - I like being forced to change my aim orientation depending on the asteroid - clever!


Great use of limitation and very intesting concept!

It was kinda hard to move my ship, I wish there was an option to move back, not only to move forward. I really liked the music as well and the presentation it's very cool.

I think my score was 3530


Thans for playing! During testing I also felt the need to move backwards sometimes, but we wanted to stay true to the classic game of asteroids. Thank you so much for the feedback :)


Nice Game!

I think that you have used the Limitation in a good way and I think the concept is really good. I also LOVE the music.

One thing I found a bit challenging was the controls because it was hard to keep track of where the cannon was and which way the ship was rotated and where the ship would move if I pressed W, I don't really have a suggestion how to fix this, but it could also be that I am just not the best player :D.

My High score  was: 2060


Thank you so much for trying our game!! And also appreciate the feedback. When we were developing the game we realized it was kind of hard to get used with the controls, we decided to lower the difficult on the first minutes of the run so you would have more time to get the hang of the whole movement. At the end it is a challenging game but once you get used to it I assure you can multiply that score easily :P