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Thanks!  I followed this thread which is basically painting the vertex of a model and using a shader to smooth it out.  I couldn't really find a way to make splats or decals work on an transparent bridge so I just went with a black bridge against a black void.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I think I would go with texture painting next time.

Spoiler:  You need to wait a little or get far enough and they replace the regular disks (shot with 1, 2 or 3)

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Thanks, I spent a lot of time on the look!  I forgot to mention reloading in the opening dialogue but you can reload by pressing r.

It was originally supposed to be color picker from a color triangle but I ran out of time for that.  You can just enter 255 in one to bypass it though.

Thanks!  Maybe something like a circle of particles whenever you hit something that shows the radius.

Really nice graphics and audio (especially the music).  And the UI is really clean.  Maybe after the final upgrade for fire rate you can hold it down since you need to click constantly.  

Thanks a lot, I'm really happy people are still playing!  I might, but the main game music has a lot of silence (about half of it).  Maybe the probably music though. 

Thanks!  I had a hard time deciding what to do for the theme and limitation so I felt the focus on juice and art was a better idea.

Thanks, I've tried using blender before but I could never understand it, I would definitely give more of the credit to the tutorials though lol.  I'm glad you liked it!

Pretty fun, unfortunate you ran out of time to add a tutorial since it would help to know what things do at the start.  Really cool and fun overall!

It took a while to finish some stuff fix some bugs and build but it is finally up.

Pretty fun and a really nice color choice.  I think some preset randomly chosen levels could make for some cool variety.  Pretty well polished overall though, nice job!

I would have liked to put in some sound effects and some more polish overall but ran out of time due to some game breaking bugs that needed to be fixed.

Thanks, unfortunately we ran out of time to put a couple messages in that could help get players started.

Wasn't able to beat it in the video but I got a very close time.

How do you even pull it off lol

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This is the fastest one I've done legit so far.  I'll get a video of it soon

Video of similar time

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I'm sorry lol -- Are glitches allowed?

Had to secure #1...

The platforming feels much better with that update.  

Thanks, I love how it came out too!

Thanks, I'm working on a bigger version that fixes the bugs (not allowed moves have been fixed) and adds in the rogue-lite element.  I'm glad you saw the theme connection!

Thanks!  There's a lot to add for the future.

Cool  game, the art and sounds are great.  I think the shooting should just be left or right instead of requiring to click on the enemy.  I wish jumping could let you avoid the enemies.  The out of bullets thing was really cool for me.  Overall a nice simple game, just needs a bit more stuff.

Really fun and the sounds and art is very well done!  The physics is fun too watch but I think the soup falls a little too fast.  Overall great game!

Very nice art, and the music is really good as well.  Lots of bugs though especially on the second level, mainly clipping through the ground, or sliding off a cloud or getting stuck against one.  Overall pretty cool though and the movement, besides the bugs, feels fun.

I’m glad you liked it!  I too love chess like games.  A lot of time was spent fixing bugs so I plan on working on some extra polish and features after the jam ends.  

Really fun especially with all the different puzzles and mechanics.   The sound was great, although a little bit of music would be nice.  Loved all the details in the art and the boss fight was fun, although a bit clunky. Never would have figured out level 12 if someone didn't comment that they found a bug lol.  Overall really well done, and amazing art.

Really well done game, over the top especially with the level editor and save files.  The art style is good, but could use a better connection to the theme.  The mechanic is really interesting and fun, nice job!

Fairly fun although a bit basic.  Although simple I liked the enemy and powerup variety.  It looks really well but it's too bad it doesn't really have anything to do with the theme.  Nice job overall. 

Good art, the sounds were well used.  I liked the sort of story it had, although I would have liked to be able to continue a second or two sooner.  The dialogue could improve with a custom font and custom bubble.  I think the extra work could be worth it.  Maybe a timer to make the game a little more intense and a mini cutscene when you get "caught".  Overall good job though.

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Pretty fun game, the art style is  simplistic yet well done.   Good story too.  Could use some sound and the physics are little janky.   Also could really use a couple more colors for more contrast.

You can click this to see.

Now do it again for the good ending lol.

Haha, I love your "story" from the comments!

Haven't changed anything yet lol, only the name of the windows download.  However a more streamlined tutorial will be coming very soon.

Haha, look at the tips for less rage lol.  If you are too high up  he can see you horizontally as well, gonna make that more clear soon.

Thanks!  I actually saw it a few days ago lol.  I had a blast watching it!

For that level you just need to put 5 of them on the plate, and then 5 of the other ingredient  as well.