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A mix of Crank for the gameplay, the infinite hallway from the matrix with agents, and art style of ape out

I can't upload the windows or mac versions until voting ends on a jam.  sorry.

I've gotten this on Unity games on web.  Usually fixed when I reload.  I'll put up windows/mac versions this evening.

Sorry!  After the bat you were supposed to go up to the next room.  Sorry for the confusion!

Nicely done.  My only big complaint is that I had no idea when or why the laser defenses were turning off.

I liked the concept, but I got bored pretty quickly.  The collection rates are pretty slow, and the depth of things to make wasn't really there.

The movement of the character didn't feel good.  It felt slow and difficult, which I can understand you going for that feeling, but something more was needed to make the movement feel good.

The 3d positions in the survive scene were really hard to determine on the cubes.

Would you consider tools to make 3d assets within unity (Probuilder) an external asset?

Would you consider the default fonts from TextMeshPro an external asset?

By external do you mean from outside the unity project, or something you didn't make yourself?