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You might not have made your page public.

You might not have made your page public.

That was a very enjoyable and interesting game.  I found that once I packed the cat tightly I didn't really need to modify the pose, just the position.

Nice concept with time and turn based gameplay.  I thought the aspect ratio was an interesting choice.  Here is a video of me playing:

Very hard, and frustrating in a good way.  It has the Getting Over It or Octodad feel of "I should be able to do this, but I'm just bad at the controls.  I had the issue that I ended up clicking outside the game window a lot.  Here is a video of me playing:

A little simple, and the llama can't die when sitting at the bottom, but grass does come by on the bottom.  Here is a video of me playing: 

I really enjoyed playing and would have kept going for harder challenges.  There was also way too much time for me, but that might just be me.  Here is a video of me playing: 

I had a hard time figuring out how to hear the position of the traps and never quite made it.  Here is a video of me playing: 

I love the art and the happy theme!  The gameplay was a little simple once I understood it, but it was well designed and very playable.  Here is a video of me playing:

Nicely done! I thought the voice was great and the bright happy colors that turn to dark and angry at the end.  Well done puzzle platformer.  Here is me playing it:

I got a simple bird model

Hi!  I don't know what art you do.  If you do 3D I could use a bird model, bonus points if the wings are separate.  Below is my progress so far on a game where you are a bird in a flock and can guide the others.  They will be flying through a maze of glass buildings and touching the buildings will kill the birds.  Make it to the goal with as many still living as possible.  I'm working on the death and goals now.

Very nicely designed game.  I wanted more high level puzzles, but I assume that was a time restraint thing.  Here is my playthrough: 

Crazy little game.  It didn't really work as I would expect it to.  Here is my playthrough:

The controls were a little too slow for a bullet hell style game, but the design was otherwise very nice.  Good music, sfx, and art.  Here is my playthrough: 

I liked it, but wasn't able to get the water to work for me.  Here is my playthrough: 

Nice game!  it was a little hard to control and the side scrolling runner kept getting pushed off the screen with seemingly no way to recover.  Here is my playthrough:

Well done runner!  I was too impatient and kept messing up on the second level.  Here is my playthrough:

Nice little game!  Here is my playthrough:

Pretty chaotic with the enemies multiplying.  Here is my playthrough:

That was a nicely chaotic game.  Here is my playthrough:

pretty chaotic, and a real mind !#$@

Here is my playthrough:

Well done game.  It was destructively hard.  Here is my playthrough:

Nice game and concept, I would say that the controls weren't my favorite.  Here is my playthrough:

That was very amusing, I'm not sure if there are different endings or not, but everyone lost for me.  Here is a recording of my playthrough:

Nice game, and good atmosphere.  I had a hard time determining everything I needed to do, and since the power had a bit of a timer to it I felt like reading was making me lose so I wanted to skip the dialogues, which was the best part.  Here is my playthrough:

The game was very fun, but sooo hard.  I would say the main thing I would want is a hover state on the diagonals so I know when a click will make a wall.  Here is my playthrough:

Cute little game, I like the visuals, although some of the pathing was a little confusing with where was walkable.

Here is my playthrough:

Nice little game.  Here is my playthrough of it.  One of the maps had a bug in full screen mode.

Very nicely done.  Here is my playthrough.  I think I found a shortcut on the final puzzle.

That is great!  I'll have to do this for the jam comments from now on!

I got stuck in a door as it closed on me.

Nicely done game.  Reminds me of kid chameleon.

I'm not sure if there is a point or reward for selling and slaughtering.  And that is a lot of cookies.

I wasn't able to get past the early part after opening the first door.  Good concept.

Well done game.  I ran into a small bug where I was hit and moved outside the map.

Adorable game, and the attack mechanic is unique.  I did find the attack hard to control, and the movement was decent.  I'm not sure how much death is a mechanic vs a character.

Nicely put together.  Small bug that the first big guy had his shot particles appear high up.   I would say design wise, there are some parts where it feels like luck is more at play than skill.

Downloadable versions available at the bottom of the game page


  • WASD moves the camera
  • Left click to select units
  • Right click to direct selected units
  • Hit E to necromance
  • make command groups using shift+number to add a selected unit to a control group.
  • The necromancer is always command group 1