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Very nicely designed game.  I wanted more high level puzzles, but I assume that was a time restraint thing.  Here is my playthrough: 

Crazy little game.  It didn't really work as I would expect it to.  Here is my playthrough:

The controls were a little too slow for a bullet hell style game, but the design was otherwise very nice.  Good music, sfx, and art.  Here is my playthrough: 

I liked it, but wasn't able to get the water to work for me.  Here is my playthrough: 

Nice game!  it was a little hard to control and the side scrolling runner kept getting pushed off the screen with seemingly no way to recover.  Here is my playthrough:

Well done runner!  I was too impatient and kept messing up on the second level.  Here is my playthrough:

Nice little game!  Here is my playthrough:

Pretty chaotic with the enemies multiplying.  Here is my playthrough:

That was a nicely chaotic game.  Here is my playthrough:

pretty chaotic, and a real mind !#$@

Here is my playthrough:

Well done game.  It was destructively hard.  Here is my playthrough:

Nice game and concept, I would say that the controls weren't my favorite.  Here is my playthrough:

That was very amusing, I'm not sure if there are different endings or not, but everyone lost for me.  Here is a recording of my playthrough:

Nice game, and good atmosphere.  I had a hard time determining everything I needed to do, and since the power had a bit of a timer to it I felt like reading was making me lose so I wanted to skip the dialogues, which was the best part.  Here is my playthrough:

The game was very fun, but sooo hard.  I would say the main thing I would want is a hover state on the diagonals so I know when a click will make a wall.  Here is my playthrough:

Cute little game, I like the visuals, although some of the pathing was a little confusing with where was walkable.

Here is my playthrough:

Nice little game.  Here is my playthrough of it.  One of the maps had a bug in full screen mode.

Very nicely done.  Here is my playthrough.  I think I found a shortcut on the final puzzle.

That is great!  I'll have to do this for the jam comments from now on!

I got stuck in a door as it closed on me.

Nicely done game.  Reminds me of kid chameleon.

I'm not sure if there is a point or reward for selling and slaughtering.  And that is a lot of cookies.

I wasn't able to get past the early part after opening the first door.  Good concept.

Well done game.  I ran into a small bug where I was hit and moved outside the map.

Adorable game, and the attack mechanic is unique.  I did find the attack hard to control, and the movement was decent.  I'm not sure how much death is a mechanic vs a character.

Nicely put together.  Small bug that the first big guy had his shot particles appear high up.   I would say design wise, there are some parts where it feels like luck is more at play than skill.

Downloadable versions available at the bottom of the game page


  • WASD moves the camera
  • Left click to select units
  • Right click to direct selected units
  • Hit E to necromance
  • make command groups using shift+number to add a selected unit to a control group.
  • The necromancer is always command group 1

Gorgeous design and very fun to play.  Well done!

Nice game!  I wasn't sure how to rotate the tetris pieces, and that made it extra hard to fit them together.

I also got the water machine bug and was soft locked.

I had the same issue of waves stopping at 14200.  Really great idea!  I would love to see a game like this developed further with multiple towers, enemies, and upgrades.

The speed building was very nice.  I had trouble doing it with a touchpad, but I still made it pretty far.

For player controls I recommend starting with the Unity standard assets first person controller.  The general concept was pretty good, and I like the literal puzzle platforms.

I played it without doing the tutorial and thought the rules were to make white pairs, which happens to meet all the puzzle rules.

I really enjoyed this, well done combination.  

A lot of fun, the only suggestion I have is to make the enemies a bit tougher as they are too easy to kite in the current state.

I like the game.  It took me a bit to figure out the stairs, but once I did it was pretty straightforward from there.  I like how the guy has to jump on the table to get to the cabinets, must be a short guy.

I'll give the downloaded version a try this evening and let you know.

Yay!  Thank you for confirming it was working correctly!