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What engine are you planning to use? Assuming you are...  For three of the common ones:

Unity - C#

Unreal - C++

Godot - GScript (similar to Python)

But Unity and Unreal also have visual type scripting where it's more of a drag and drop as opposed to writing actual code.

Then the next questions, what type of game(s)? What are you planning to publish to? PC? Mac? IOS? Android? Consoles?

Without knowing your age, one option is that you can write a game in Scratch which is the dev environment, game engine, player and everything else all in one and all done online. You also can look into anyone else's game and see how they wrote their code. It's all open. If you're just learning it's about as simple as it gets as you can't code incorrect syntax or have typos. You could setup your logic wrong, but the framework is all drag and drop.  One of my grandkid worked with Scratch in 4th grade as part of their curriculum. Of course this is never going to be something you could sell or publish (outside of the Scratch ecosystem) but if you are a total novice then it's a very low entry point for trying out creating a game. If you like it then learn more and move up to one of the bigger engines.

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Have you seen the youtube devlogs for Farewell North? It's still in development but in the devlogs the author talks about mental health issues being a theme. It's been a while since I've see the older ones where he discusses this but I think it was depression that was his target.

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I've got 3D maze/platformer sort of game for Android about 90% completed not counting the graphics. Goal is to release and then provide an IOS version. Game will be released as free download with ad revenue.  Possible in game purchases (in a version 2)  if the version 1 release goes well. 

Looking for an individual to create 6 avatars with an idle and a walk animation. A step above low poly but given the limited screen size of these devices, doesn't have to be highly detailed either. Also will need a starting and ending platform, a few power ups and a logo for the game. My current (previous) artist picked up a full time gig and isn't interested in side work any more. I can share what the previous artist did as an idea, but this will have to be thrown out and replaced with different content as my agreement with them was an all or nothing and since they can't complete the work I will be returning what they have done.

Revenue sharing agreement with a negotiable percentage of gross. If we work well together I've got two larger PC based games currently in the concept and early development stage with plans for additional mobile games interspersed.  The goal is to release a mobile or two each year to create income while working on the "big" games.

Development has been done in Unity and the game is fully playable with the stand in avatar. One of the 6 will replace the stand in and the rest will be earned on future levels. The game is designed as a quick play with any given level able to completed usually in about a minute. Procedural generation is being used so there are effectively an unlimited number of levels. I have a full design specification for the game which is available once we reach a serious discussion point and have an NDA in place.

Please let me know if you're interested and if possible include a link to a portfolio or sample work.


Nice twist with the hazards and challenges on the course. I had fun trying it.

Really fun, although easy too. I never even had to move, just aim and shoot to clear a path for my side to get across. Even in god mode I won every time. Perhaps increasing difficulty would help. Definitely played this one a bunch of times! Good job!

 Nice shooter. Had fun popping skeletons.

Fun game. A bit challenging to figure out what you're supposed to do next or how to progress. Some hit or clue would help. Nice job.

Fireball-ing kids. Nice! Fun little game.

Thanks for trying it.  If you have the time, give it a few more levels. The first three are intro levels, 4 gets harder and 5 is where the challenge really starts.

Thanks for trying! You made it to the challenging point.

Neat mechanic for weapon placement. At first I didn't get it but after re-reading the how to play it then made sense. Lots of fun running and shooting. I think if I could have gotten enough weapons I could have just stayed in place but 4 at once was my best. Good game!

Really fun running around (well trying to) and smashing things. Wasn't until I read the comments below on the "alternate" control keys that I was able to get some movement. But the breakable stuff flying around was great! Song was perfect "office" music.  Obviously tweak your controls and if you could add in a sound for hitting stuff I think it would hit all the check boxes. Nicely done!

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your game too. Looks like my high score on it is still standing!

Very creative mechanic. Really wish there were more levels.  I could see spending quite a bit of time with a game like this.

Nice puzzle mechanic there. Didn't seem to be any penalty for dance (other than time) which was a pretty funny routine each time I hit it!  Good game.

Well done! You covered the theme amazing well in an very creative fashion. Each new twist was even funnier than the last.  I played all the way through to the end and enjoyed every minute of it.

Nice twist on the theme. The first few were pretty simple but once it got to the ramps I was pretty much done. It was a challenge to control the leaves flying all over. Good music selection too.

Thanks for playing. In the later levels I have multiple paths that appear to work but only one color will make it all the way across. The concept was to "spend" a few flips to try to identify (or find) the right path. Sounds like you were able to pick out the right one each time. Good job

That was a spur of the moment design decision. I was trying to decide what the main character would be and then I saw one on TV and decided... Penguin. Why not. Thanks for playing.

Yeah! My first title comment. :) Yeah I wanted it to be a play on the action along which what you'll probably start saying during the harder levels. Thanks for playing!

That was goal.  The first few, while kind of boring, were intended to teach the game play and introduce the different options... then good luck! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for trying it

Tower Defense games are one of my favorite styles. You implemented this quite well with a nice variety of defenses. Well done.

Really great art style! Nicely done. Just enough different stuff to do to give you that chaotic feeling. This was a fun game.  Pretty amazing that you got all that created in just one week!

Thanks for your feedback. Yep, solo developer for jams. I've gotten better at pacing and keeping the mechanics manageable for the given time frame. Future ideas would be to include power ups which allow you to skip a tile or rotate any one tile to a selected color. Putting them on a timer to auto flip might be an option too. 

When you start a level, rather than guessing, do a few space flips. It'll cost you some points but should give a reasonable idea as to what the path color is (some of the later levels actually have two paths through). The initial screen is intentionally misleading, sometimes, as to what the "correct" color should be. 

Good game! Fun and nice tutorial as you play. Once you get through the basic levels it definitely gets harder. Decent bullet hell type of implementation. Logical controls that worked.

Nice bullet patterns... forces you to move. I played the Web version and after defeating (I think) the first boss a "console" popped up with a null reference exception. Was that meant to be part of the game? or a bug?  Lots of potential here with more levels, more weapons, etc.

Nice game that seemed to fit the theme. At first the controls were a bit confusing but once I figured out the movement mechanic the enjoyment increased.  Sounds fit quite well which is good as sometimes you see those get neglected.

Good concept, but the translation needs to be in game. Also shorter messages to begin with perhaps building up to longer ones. 

Fun concept. Definitely challenging with the car handling mechanics. Add in a camera rotate to make it easier to follow where you're going.

Nice concept. I'd love to see a couple of changes. Put the TNT where you click, not just right in front of you and apply some physics. I blew out all for "legs" and the second floor just hung in space instead of crashing down. If you can get that working I think the enjoyment at watching things blow up (and then the rest crashing down) would go way up!

Great premise to fit with the theme. Had some issues in that I could run into the water (not sure if that was by design) and the character didn't always face the way I was moving. Also kept getting stuck on any kind of debris regardless of size. Fix these issues and I could see potential for making this a sellable mobile game. Similar ones (like "Hole IO") exist and I think you could fit into that market.

Nice idea, battle room to room, good choice of assets. I liked it. Not sure if it was just me, though, but I had a few playability issues. The camera sometimes would zoom way in making it hard to see. Sometimes I could move normal speed, sometimes fast (which seemed to be a power up) but then sometimes I'd also move at maybe 1/4 speed... very tedious getting from room to room. Finally I ran into a room where no matter what direction I faced all attacks only happened to the right side of the screen. If you can resolve these glitches I think this could be a really fun game especially with your procedural generation making in unique and fresh every time

Definitely a fun chaotic time. And best of all it's a cat game!

Nice game. Once suggestion, have a different affect on the desk when you use different weapons. Fun trying to destroy as many as I could while avoiding the boss. Might have been more fun to whack the boss too! (could this be a feature request?) :)

Nicely done. Good response, physics were pretty decent and it functioned well. Quite polished for the amount of time, even more so considering your age! Keep at it as you obviously have some potential.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Happy to hear that comment as art isn't my strong suit. :

Thanks for playing! I've noticed that "bug" on rare occasions. The coding/design has a collider on each color face and of course the penguin also has a collider. Depending on what color you hit I either allow the move or prevent it. However if you move at just the right time while a shape is turning you have the possibility of contacting two colors. If this is done quick enough the "bad color" flag which is triggered will then get flipped back to the "good color" flag on the second color hit this allowing the move. With more time I could tweak placement of the colliders and or doing something in code to detect and prevent this. I mostly prevented this my holding back your movement while the shape is moving but the timers aren't quite in sync allowing for a bit of early movement.

Considering those with color blindness, the red and green might be hard (or impossible) to distinguish so I'd also consider something (maybe a "symbol" mode) which would turn on unique indicators on each square and make it easier for those individuals to figure out which squares could be moved to.

It's a cat game, I had to play it! Fun and fits the theme. Anyone who's ever had a cat should know this is actually pretty close to how they can be!