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Had issues with it. I could see my jet trails when I reversed direction and the lasers told me where I was but my ship was invisible.

Something is off on the button... if you click to the right side of it then it seems to work

??? I left a positive comment yesterday and now it's gone. :(  

Let me try again... A really fun game with a good mechanic. Easy to get started, nice animations and sounds and a good built in tutorial. Although at first I thought touching the green thing killed me before I finally realized it was taking me to the next level. Good job!

Thanks. I wasn't aware they were doing those.  My real project is a SIM builder and I've got a professional doing the graphics for that one. :)

View the game page for the Dev Log link and further instructions.

Fun game play! Pretty easy to pick up and the pacing was just right to make it more challenging as you continue. Good use of sound and graphics. Those sneaking guys on the ground almost got me before I realized they were attacking from that direction too!

Well done!

Please! Normalize your volume and republish! I almost went deaf when it started! :)

Otherwise nice movement and models. I can see a lot of potential with this.

Good puzzle design. Nicely done.

I really want to like this game. The mechanic is great! The play is challenging. Overall the concept is good... but i'm having a heck of a time finding anything! Perhaps maybe easy the player in or provide some hints? Regardless it deserves a good rating.

I really want to like this game. The mechanic is great! The play is challenging. Overall the concept is good... but i'm having a heck of a time finding anything! Perhaps maybe easy the player in or provide some hints? Regardless it deserves a good rating.

Nice merging of the graphics and a different (in a good way) game control. Well done.

Pretty well done.  The "Attack the Option" menu was a nice touch.

Pretty well done.  The "Attack the Option" menu was a nice touch.

I'd like to at least break 10 ratings... so... help a guy out?  :)  

Two Bit Museum - 3D sim style game -only one I've seen done this way in this jam.

Two Bit Museum - 3D sim style game... looks like I'm the only one to go this route.

Really unique idea!  But the difficulty scaled up way to quickly! My first encounter with the dummy didn't lead me to believe that the enemies would be shooting back. But once I figured that out I was able to defeat the giant spider. Next up was a mimic. Tried at least a dozen times, and probably a bunch more. However I never had a chance to "run away" and just had to keep trying again at the end of every loss. The novelty and enjoyment quickly faded at that point.  I think there is a lot of promise here if only the difficulty didn't from nothing to 100% almost instantly and/or you had a chance to run away from more difficult fights after a loss. With that simple change I think you'd have a really fun game then.

Yep, increase admission and you get more money... BUT... the algorithm I have in there makes visitors less likely to show up the higher the price is. You need to find a happy medium to keep the visitors coming but still make enough to expand your exhibits. Thanks for playing!

Well done! Really enjoyed playing, great perspective and use of the graphics.  A definite contender here!

Thanks for playing! It was on my list to add if time permitted but I had to settle for "off screen". :

Hey, thanks for the 4:3 response. I intentionally designed it for 16:9 not thinking many people were using 4:3 but obviously I see now that wasn't the best decision. The mechanics actually came together quicker than I was expecting with many of the features being implemented with relatively few lines of code. I'm working on a dev log to post hopefully some time this weekend. 

Nicely done.  Interesting twist on chess and very engaging.

Sorry but I think I missed something here. I could walk around easily enough but was unable to interact with anyone or any building. Other than moving is there some other control I missed? Points for the interesting camera effect.

Yeah, I eventually figured out this "trick" too. As long as no on materialized on top of you it worked well. Overall a pretty fun game.

Thanks for trying it out and your comments.  The counter down in the bottom corner let's you know what day you are on and a few other parameters. Clicking the "two face" icon down there also show individual happiness of each visitor. The trophy icon provide overall status as compared against your scenario goal. 

Well done!

Thanks for trying it out. Literally the next feature on my list was to have little price animations when you placed something... but ran out of time! Given the time limits of the jam I kept much of the mechanics fairly simple. Sixty seconds of real time is 1 day in the game. Floors cost $2 and exhibits cost $20 each. Destroying an exhibit also costs (hey, labor isn't free!). :)  Hiring staff either helps contribute to your visitor's happiness or to your income. For example without  a chef you can't feed hungry guests... hungry guests are more likely to be unhappy. And without a clerk your gift shop (unseen) can't open. If your gift shop isn't open then guests can't buy souvenirs when  they leave.  One other "feature" if you didn't discover it, clicking an existing exhibit rotates it so you can place them facing how you want.

If this were to be taken from a jam entry to a full blow system I'd have more mini animations (purchases), mouse overs (tool tips, different prices), etc.  I'd also like to see more visitor varieties, I had four different ones planned, more exhibits and background crowd noise that increases/decreases with the number of visitors. As you mentioned, for the jam I focused on the mechanics to ensure a solid experience of the core functionality. Nothing worse (to me) than a game that just doesn't work.

Neat concept, interesting game play although the super rapid movement made control a bit difficult. It took a bit to understand the point of the cards but once I got that it definitely upped the enjoyment factor.

Interesting game but I couldn't get too far. Literally every time I played I some how ended up outside and couldn't figure out how to get back inside. I'm not sure if that was  part of the game or not. Great use of the graphics package!

Good game play, nice puzzles, really well done!

Fun game! Pretty easy to get the controls down however I think I might have found a bug. On the level where you first encounter something you have to set on fire... The exit door disappears before I can get to it. Not sure if that was intentional or a bug. But up til that point it was quite fun!

Thanks for trying it. Since you enjoy exploring, did you find the easter egg? Hint, with good driving (commands) it takes about 25% of your battery to get to it.

Nice platform retro game you got there. The curved TV effect  was an interesting touch. The one suggestion I'd make is to remember that you've shown the player the messages. Seeing the same message over and over and over (especially with my repeated attempts going into the tiny platform section) got tedious.

I appreciate the feedback. Most likely I'll incorporate some form of the suggestions I receive. Also want more rocks strewn about and to randomize (to some degree) the base placement so each run is different. Longer term goal is to do a series of devlog/tutorial videos on the making of it.

Thanks for trying it. Funny thing, earlier on I had a full gimbal  camera setup with zoom in out, rotate and tilt. At first I was going to go with that, then changed to the more static camera to make the game a bit more challenging... should have stuck with my first instincts. :) Literally I just need to uncomment a few lines of code and the full blown camera rig is back in action

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Really fun, but I kept coming back as a rabbit over and over and over. A few times a chicken and only once a goat. Not sure what I had to do to be one of the other animals. Would have liked to try one of the others but could see how. (EDIT - finally realized I can F1 and see what I had to do to get to a different animal. Even more fun now!).

Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed your puzzle game too. Clever use of the vcr buttons

Thanks for trying it out. The thing I found interesting when I was coding was that 9 moves of 1 second each do not cover the same distance as 1 move of 9 seconds. It's part of the wheel spin up to speed and then getting traction and finally moving the rover.  You lose part of the first second while physics kicks in to make it go.

Nicely done. The puzzles were quite fun and I found your use of VCR buttons to effect the "bad guys" to be a nice creative touch.

I had to check out the other "Mars" entry.  You definitely took a very different path from mine. Nice story with some good twists and turns.