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Oh just noticed this! Thank you very much!

Thanks for rating!

Woah that was strange. I died I think, heard a monster sound and then the game closed on itself.  Found the house , started collecting those black bow things. The music didn't load the first time, but then loaded when I left the house from the top, intended? not sure.

Love the simple graphics, reminded me of ascii art. I like the music too and the simple story. Liked the ending as well. I wasn't sure when I needed to be a square/circle but still figured it out.

Thank you for the feedback. It was an experiment, but I agree it could be more polished. Good feedback on the reverb and the reactive level. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback! If we take it further, we'll probably do just that.

Glad you found the pause screen! Thank you for the feedback.

Haha yes, mostly all Black. Thank you! Figured if I could get away with this idea, this was the jam to do it.

Thank you!

Thank you!! That was the feeling we were going for.

Thank you. Maybe we can make some improvements on that.

Brutal! 23 seconds! I like the music and the loading screen I could just stare at that and be reprogrammed haha. Nicely done.

Great game! Super creative and great use of B&W! It was fun to play.

I can't do it. It's the controls, they mess with my head. Pressing down to go up if my char isn't facing the right way etc. Set that aside, I guess I'm not used to pico8 games, I couldn't figure out how to start the game without going to the options. I kept pressing enter to start.  I like the visuals and the music. It was a cool style and looked like it could be fun, but the controls did me in, in the end.

Fun game. I like that the camera stopped when I hit a wall and didn't force me to die by continuing to move. Good strategy having the floating eyeball thing too. I like the simple controls

Cool concept. I think there needs to be a warning before just knocking yourself out, isn't that what the stick is for? Could be a fun little game if I can start it over faster and maybe optionally move a little faster.

Visual are nice. I had some issues where I felt I died when I didn't touch something and the audio needs some adjustment. The sound that plays when the monsters attack was way louder then the rest. Nice work overall.

This page didn't work. The link to your game page.

Great job with this. Very cool idea and good job with the controls.

Unfortunately I just get an error:


Could not open file cache/utility/tts/Surround_Sound_Headphones_Suggested._To_shoot_left,_press_left_mouse_button_and_for_right,_right_mouse_button._Thanks_For_Playing_In_Advance,_Game_By_Attachment_Studios._Click_to_start..mp3. Does not exist.


[C]: at 0x7901e860

[C]: in function 'newSource'

tts.lua:45: in function 'say'

main.lua:9: in function 'load'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Nice job.  I like How to play instructions. Great job with no video at all.

I love the menu voice over and the AI voice over too.  First time I played I wasn't sure what to do. I could tell I think I was moving left and right but it wasn't until the second time I tried that I heard the missile. Though I feel like I didn't have enough to get into position. Nice job on your face game jam. There was a bug on moving the screen off the monitor onto another, the window would grow exponentially, but not a big deal, doesn't effect the game.

Nicely done.  The stereo sound for finding nodes was great.  There was no instruction that you had to find that last sound to exit. Or maybe there was and I missed it. 

I remember playing your last one. I like the pinging and being able to tell where to go for something. I couldn't figure out how to use the scan feature though. 

Great polish on the controls and menus. It's a fun adventure. I couldn't tell visually that you can move to the right and left from inside the house. Found one by accident then assumed the other. I like story element. It's a fun adventure! Nice job.

Thank you so much. It was an experiment. I hope more people try.

Oh sorry about that. I'll have to re-upload after the submissions. 

Really fun. Played the whole thing. I like how the ending lines up with the start screen. Kept me engaged the whole time.

I like how the camera moved in and out as needed. It would be a relaxing game for me to play only I felt the movement was too slow. I wanted to move faster. I also would have like to see a button, like space, stop my rotation. It was sometimes a bit going back and forth to line up my line on a button. So using something like Space to almost instantly slow me down to a stop. Watching the lines bounce off the walls was stratifying as well and figuring out how something opened. Nice job.

Too long to get the actual game, can't skip anything, but the dungeon crawler part is neat. I like that you feel like your in it. Nice job with the visuals!

Very cool, the controls are great. Makes it easier on those tricky parts. I like the low self-confidence to the gradual confident storyline. 

I like the boom/glow effect you added. I wasn't fond of the camera moving for me back and forth. There was some control, move to the right bug. If I went back and forth between two camera moving spots, I couldn't move right anymore without jumping first.  The jumping and dashing was cool. 

I like the controls. I'd love to drive around a city running over stuff and hitting things. Wasn't sure what the goal was but still fun. Add in some exploding cars :p

I love mazes! I escaped! As in all mazes, follow the right wall.

Fun little game, neat idea. Controls feel good

Nice job with the introduction of the game mechanics. Fun to play.

Nice job on the art and animations. Interesting concept, feeding my minions!

I like the music. The controls feel good. I like all the people's faces following you around, that's cool. I got stuck pretty early on.

Ok made it to the tree house and back. Nicely done.

Oh man ok, I'll go back!