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Audio Runner is a runner game with no graphics, listen to the environment to remember your way out.
Submitted by Mastro2k, Tiago Trotta (@theagotrotta), ccmm-composer (@CharaComposer) — 3 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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Message from the creator(s):
Audio Runner is a runner game with no graphics, listen to the environment to remember your way out. Use keyboard or controller.


Rule A

Only used the colors black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF)



This game follows the theme "You only realize the value of something when it's gone."

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I love this


Thanks for rating!


Cool idea :)

I thought it was all pretty well executed, but I think I could have done with greater distinction between the sounds; my main way of dying was mostly to mishear things!


Thanks for the feedback! If we take it further, we'll probably do just that.


Very clever application for B&W Jam. Nearly all B lol! I love the use of audio cues instead of visual ones that the player has to rely on. It worked like a book where I had to fill in the gaps in my mind's eye. Cool idea.


Haha yes, mostly all Black. Thank you! Figured if I could get away with this idea, this was the jam to do it.


very interesting interaction of visual and audio


Thank you!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very nice concept in general, and the commentary was pretty cool too. I especially liked that you had one for pausing. 

I think some sounds could be a bit more distinct, namely the wall was too similar to regular running for me. Still very cool and original!

Now how can one rate visuals here. Huh.


Glad you found the pause screen! Thank you for the feedback.


Amazing audio feel.  Concept of running blinded is horrifying and engaging.  :)


Thank you!! That was the feeling we were going for.


Overall, I like the concept. The gameplay is interesting and the snarky voiceover is fun. It was a little hard to tell the difference between some of the sounds, and it took a little time to get used to having to press run again after taking some other action (e.g., when jumping). Nice work!


Thank you. Maybe we can make some improvements on that.


I downloaded the Mac version of the game and it said it was damaged sadly.


Oh sorry about that. I'll have to re-upload after the submissions. 


This felt great~! One of my favorites in the Jam so far~! I wish there were more visual cues such as maybe text on screen of the narrator talking to help, but all-in-all, I feel the game achieved what I think it wanted to achieve~ :3


Thank you so much. It was an experiment. I hope more people try.


I really like the idea and it's a nice way to get around the graphics limitations of the jam ;) Also fits quite nicely into the theme since the player has basically lost their "vision". I think that the idea has promise and could definitely be expanded on, but is a bit rough around the edges in some places.

I personally found the reverb a little heavy on the effects; it became a bit difficult to differentiate the different terrain sounds with all of the echoes so I sometimes wasn't sure which sound was playing at a given time. I thought the voice over was really well-acted and well-recorded, but I wasn't sure if the tone was super consistent with the feel of the game. I would've expected something a bit more somber and low-key, though the narrator is very upbeat/energetic (but I tend to like more chill vibes so that's my bias showing a bit).

Broad suggestion: if dev continues, it would also be nice to have a more "reactive" level where there's not so much activity at once. I didn't feel like I was in a very "listening" mode while playing so maybe just something with less constant, more subtle sounds could help break up the pace.

Good job :)


Thank you for the feedback. It was an experiment, but I agree it could be more polished. Good feedback on the reverb and the reactive level. Thanks again!