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sad to hear, what are your pc specs? graphics card, 64/32 bit, processor, ram.

Hi! Not yet, been struggling to find a job so the project was put on hold for now.

really appreciate it, life has been pretty hard lately so most of my big projects are slowly trudging along

thank youu, heres a link to the steam page

thanks! its coming mid 2022 in the aesoteric collection

Yes, ill upload a version soon! Life issues have been stopping this a little sadly.

tasty AF >W<

all the best regenerating

sad to hear, what are your pc specs? graphics card, 64/32 bit, processor, ram.

hi, the table on the game description shows on one side the keyboard and the other the controller/gamepad controls for player 2

wow thats a relief, thanks! ive been playtesting having issues to port the game, but still updates coming soon!

There is a link to the Github pix2pix to unity in the description!

Thank you, those are some great pointers on the essence of this. It may be a simple walking sim but seeing things like this is a lot to take in lol.

hey ill be making mac and linux soon, dont worry :)

hey, what specs does your computer have? Also, can you describe the errors better, does the game work and is laggy? where does it say pvp demo, what is the error...

work in progress but has been a very intense learning experience so far!

thanks for the awesome tool^^^

drawings are also saved to the game folder as PNG!

no probbo! this things happen :B

enter the mussum... be wary of not working retry

awesome to see someone else do a mspaint remake, very fun times. Also the console with info is actually pretty awesome

damn i knew i wasnt the only one who had this idea lol

wow that was intense, gg

nice entry, very interesting to have several games into one

killed 3 soups, fell outta the world, crazy times we livin

5 star game, VERY fun. Had what seemed to be a bug with the red key, opened the door, had enemies inside so i backed off and the door closed up, which asked me for the red key again, which i had already used.

lmao the chaos stretches out into oblivion

glad to hear! what did u think?

Got mozarella deep in my toe-nails.

solid 8/10

literally whatever way you wanna implement paint drawings into 3d counts afaik

was going to post the same thing! kudos

looking awesome!

loved the use of having two characters that damage specific enemies

very good first game overall!

love the theme and idea, i do feel it somehow does follow the optional theme. Once you lose something to the sea, you understand its value.

good stuff, very conceptual

interesting mechanics, looking forward to what youll do next

for a 2d platformer the game is very good!

damn this game simply looks gorgeous

very interesting interaction of visual and audio

Liked the game! Pixel art objects and maps in a text adventure complement each other nicely.

 thanks for taking the price tag off for the jam btw.

thats awesome to hear! thanks, and yess, its indeed very much a work in progres. HP is a thing, but you got so little sometimes it is indeed a one hit death, like on robotron.