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Top down physics-based shooter
Submitted by tm (@TobymDev) — 54 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Message from the creator(s):
Frenetic, hard and heavily​ stylized, this top down shooter is not for everyone


Rule A

Only used the colors black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF)



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I hope you keep working on it even after the jam, this game was really fun. My only complaints are the menus is hard to read and when you switch to first person it feels like youre not supposed to, if that makes any sense. The main problem is the camera, the natural action as player is you want to look around with the thumbstick/mouse but the camera acts like tank controls. I hope that gets ironed out, Ive never seen a topdown shooter be able to switch back and forth between topdown and first person before, that was a cool idea.

The topdown view mode is great though, the only thing I'd add is maybe power-ups/weapons and maybe some more enemy variants the further time goes on. Since it's endless you could have new variants stop showing up after X amount of time or if you want to get really crazy with it theres probably a way to generate variants with procedural generation.


Brutal! 23 seconds! I like the music and the loading screen I could just stare at that and be reprogrammed haha. Nicely done.


Pretty fun game. Really liked the fast pace of it and having the timer not follow you made it less distracting.

Deleted post

Really amazing visuals and music! I like the sense, nice job!


I really liked this game especially the music, good job!


I liked this. It was pretty fast paced and had a very specific style that I rather enjoyed. The only things I was confused about was how to navigate the menus with a controller since the main gameplay had controller support, if there were any pickups or powerups or anything (I don't think there were, but it gets frantic rather quickly), and how the player health worked. I might be dumb, but I felt like it was one hit to kill you most of the time, but sometimes I swear I got bopped around and didn't die. The hypnotic transitions were pretty sweet, too.


thats awesome to hear! thanks, and yess, its indeed very much a work in progres. HP is a thing, but you got so little sometimes it is indeed a one hit death, like on robotron.