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Great work! I made a demo with GothicVania series .

Very polished!

Very polished!

I like this game. Cool sprites :)

Great level design!


Thank you for playing! 

Definitely 5 stars. Very polished, new gameplay of Match-3 tactics, and the game design is so great. Looking forward to more levels and more items. It's potential and has so many possibilities.

Nice survivors game:)

Great job!  But it seems not like to be 64X64 resolution.

Very polished! This game is so complete just like it's already released. Great art and gameplay! I will add this to my collections and keep watching.

Typically SRPG like Fire Emblem. But I got confused with the controls when I first played. After reading the instruction, I get into the rhythm :)   I also like the design of the background, like playing the game on an old-school game console. Good Job!

Thank you for playing! Happy you like it :)

Thanks again, I will fix it.

Good job! But I'd like to control the player by WASD :)

So cute!

Thanks a lot, really love this asset pack. Add this to my collection, maybe I could use it next time:)

Thank you for playing:)

I love this art style, the light effects are nice.  Although I haven't gone through all the endings, I will add this to my collection and finish it.

It's cool!  But I'd like more controls such as jumping again or moving when Mr. Slime is in the air. Otherwise, it's a little hard for me.:)  BTW, an error popped in the browser.

So cute! I'd like to control them and walk around everywhere. Just looking at them makes me so happy, I feel my soul has been healed. Really love this one :)

The pixel art is so amazing, but I found I was stuck in this place.  

Hi, I fixed this, thanks for your feedback :)

Really cool! The gameplay is creative.

Thank you. I found it come when the game was first loading.  If I fresh the page and click the "start" button again, it works.

I will fix this soon.

Thanks again for your feedback. :)

So cute!Very polished.

So cute!  I love it :) 




Very nice assets! I use this to make a mini-game:


The background is beautiful.

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Really nice game!

So lovely. Waiting for more.


This is a mini platform game. 

You need to figure out where to put the items to find the way out.

It contains 18 levels, and I hope you like it.

第十关需要在游戏里 把声音关掉,BOSS就会睡着。 :)

过奖过奖,献丑了。 谢谢大佬捧场 :)

Thank you for playing!

Level 6 is possible :)