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Hi Free Game Assets Team,

About  this bundle,

May 2022 Mega Bundle Game Assets - save 97%
Does this bundle would added new assets when a new one is released?
Or do I have to buy the new one that is released after I get this bundle?

大佬 我的游戏使用了你制作的字体,谢谢!

I really love the art style and have a lot of fun. Maybe you could add a restart button for each level. Good job, keep it up!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Nice game and level design:)

Thank you:)

Oh, I see. I forgot to drab the cloud.

I like the art and soundtrack, but I even could not jump over the first spikes...a little bit hard for me.

Excellent concept and level design!

Thank you for playing!

Nice! I like the art style:)

Thank you for playing and feedback :)

Really difficult for me but I have a lot of fun. I tried many times but couldn't pass the end(High score 16 coins). It could be better if the game could change to landscape mode.

Thank you very much for playing :)

Yes, I realize Level 4 is too long but have no time to change it, and I will adjust the level design after the jam is complete.

Thank you for playing:)


Excellent artwork and soundtracks!

I like the artwork, but unlucky I could not find how to run the game.

The art is fantastic! I like the art style, but the game is a little bit difficult for me:)

 It could be better if there is an outline highlight when the mouse hovers objects.

Excellent artwork and gameplay!  I like the puzzle design.

I think it could be better if I could restart the Level rather than from 1st Level:)

Thank you for playing:)

Excellent artwork, sound, and level design! Everything is perfect. I hope your team could continue developing this game after the jam:)

Really great job for your first game! I like the artwork.:)

Great job for only two days and the first game! 

I like this character, and he is so cute (Monsters are cute too). Excellent artwork.

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Sorry, I got an error when started on my PC(windows7 64bit)

Wonderful game! Excellent artwork and music. I think it could be better if the box could move faster.

I like the artwork and music! It's fun:)

I like the design of destroying the block. The game is to be challenging for me when bats fly towards me.

Yes, I realize this issue but have no time to change the level design, and I will adjust the level a bit more shot after the jam is complete.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! I'm so happy you like it:) I would fix bugs after the game jam and add more levels.

Thank you for playing:)

Stucked in here for a while :) I take some time to solve this puzzle.

Finally, I solved all puzzles; I felt so good. Nice art and music. The level design is excellent!

I'm stuck in level 3 :), finally, I passed all levels.

Excellent artwork, music, and level design! 

Excellent job for the first game! Cheers :)

Exciting game! I couldn’t finish level 2 too, but I like the character and music, pick the gun shmup.

I'm so happy you could play the final level :). Your comments really help me, and I'm going to fix the bugs as soon as possible. When the sleeping robot stands, he says, "Be Quiet!". You could turn off the music by hitting the  "sound" button, and then the sleeping robot would not be disturbed. This is my understanding of this jam's limitation "control the environment" :)  Thank you for playing my game!