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Also please add option to disable the side to side head bobbing. I dont know why so many devs try to force this nauseating effect in so many first person games 

Any plans to make more of these? Some sequels could be

Spinal Fantasy Ate

Spinal Fantasy Wine

Spinal Fantasy Tin and Tin-Too

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So is he supposed to be the final boss of the game? If not, I'd recommend changing his name, calling him The Creator makes it seem like its a final boss thing. Also the location is kind of random for him too, he should have his own dedicated area instead of the basement of the house.

So my suggestions would be these

1. Change his name to Prince Pollywog or something since he uses those as attacks. Move his statue entrance to another part of the map, maybe make a biome for the pollywogs like a swamp or something. You could still use the cave theme for him by having his statue in a cave in that biome or part of a fountain, I'd also tweak his arena to fit the pollywog kingdom theme a little more. Mostly speaking decorations wise, the floor being yellow green like it is currently looks good. Just needs stuff to make it look like a throne room and not just an open area

2. If you move his fight/statue you can replace the basement boss with something else. Like you said in the dev video its pretty rough as a first boss encounter anyway. The new boss there could be a giant basement centipede (  I forget what the proper  insect name is ) and give it some interesting attacks. It can be reached in the same manner as the Creator, by that I mean you go down a hole and drop into its lair 

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I know your name is TrashGames but you have something here with a lot of potential!

Some ideas for this;

  •  Add sound fx when characters get hit by items which could be taken from the show. Example Gus's yell in that wheelchair scene
  •  Swap out the karts for mini cars like Mario Kart 8 did with the Mercedes dlc. Cars could be ones seen from the show
  • Swap Items/Boxs to be more in theme with show. Examples, Bag of Blue Meth is the Red Mushroom, 
  • The Item Boxes model can be buckets of  Los Pollos Hermanos
  • Banana Peels can be pizza's ( like the one Walt throws on roof ) that cause the character to spinout when hit 
  • Cartoon Bomb can be pipebomb/C4 from wheelchair scene
  • BlueShell/Missile can be a barrel of methylamine that rolls after the target
  • Red/Green shells could have Tortugas head on it and say something funny as you throw it. The thing he says doesnt have to be from the show necessarily Danny has been in a ton of movies so theres lots to pick from 

Awww yeah!

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Please keep working on this game, its hilarious 

Some random ideas for it could be instead of the current loading screen have an animation of a 2D cat snorting a line of catnip. For the speedometer it could be a can of tuna with a little fish being the needle. Anyways great game so far! 


Aww yeah! :D

why not?

Awesome! I cant wait :)

Any chance for controller support?

downloadable version please :(

Pretty cool game! Would you add vsync in future updates? I had some issues with screen tear.

Would you add a 'Press R to restart' function to the game when the RIP message pops up? 

Thanks! Thats a lot of great improvements. Im happy fullscreen toggle finally got added

whats in the update?

looks cool

They only made it free again after getting called out.

You can try to delete comments all you want. That just confirms to me that you saw it. You know what you did, others noticed what you did and you got caught. If you want to sell games thats fine but there are ways to go about it without trying to be a scumbag like charging for demos or previously free games.

So...I guess this is never happening for your 'Friends Killing Friends' game is it? I'm not the only one either, there are a bunch of people asking for a way to play offline with bots or something. 

"Updated minimum price to $4.99."

For a gamejam demo..........

that looks really cool

Really not a fan of the new combat or camera thing. If you want to improve it give the player full control of their motion/swinging if they hold the left click while swinging.  Think of it as focusing the attack, for lack of a better example. If you do change the combat/camera to what you shown in the youtube video please give us a way to toggle it back to the old way in the start menu

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In regards to the combat comment as it stands it seems ok for now. My only gripe is I wish when you hold down left click it gives you full control of your swinging. If you just swing without holding the left click then it could be all wobbly like usual

Haz una versión de Friday Night Funkin en 3D como lo hiciste antes, pero sin las cosas peludas

If you're going to release this on Steam please release it on Itch as well

Im hyped for the update!

Awesome! :D

I dig the game but the bullet and projectiles sound fx are really weak. Same can be said for when enemies die ( the floaty one that shoots eyes is ok though ) They could use some additional sounds when attacking/pursuing  as well, like for the chainsaw guys you could give them chainsaw rumbling sounds and when they hit the player the sound of the saw rev's up followed by some squishy sounds like they've cut into you. 

Extra details for the pistol could be to have the mouth of the gun moving when not firing, then when you shoot have blood dripping out it's mouth as its firing which fade away after you've stopped.

dap dap!

You could still have them scattered about like you do currently. Just make variants of them based on random cool species/types like Murder Hornets, Emerald Wasps etc. To ensure variety, make the the game do a check based on the boss being beaten inside their fortresses. Example, the player always encounters the current wasps in the game first. After the bosses is beaten the game sees it and will spawn only the next variant afterwards, rinse and repeat until all types are beaten then at that point each hive can be generated at random.

Be sure these variants are actually different from the starter one and not just renames/reskins. Different bodies, different attacks etc. Also a nice touch would be what was mentioned in Oney's video where if you're wearing the head of a previous boss the game recognizes it and adds some cool dialogue 

What is in the update?

Aww yeah! :D

Sounds good. I'll definitely check it out!

What's in the update? 

Will you add a menu to adjust mouse sensitivity and volume?

Really needs a menu to adjust mouse sensitivity and volume, other than that it's a pretty nice game

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¿Harás una versión de esto con los personajes originales en 3D?

I freaking love this!