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If you're going to release this on Steam please release it on Itch as well

Im hyped for the update!

Awesome! :D

I dig the game but the bullet and projectiles sound fx are really weak. Same can be said for when enemies die ( the floaty one that shoots eyes is ok though ) They could use some additional sounds when attacking/pursuing  as well, like for the chainsaw guys you could give them chainsaw rumbling sounds and when they hit the player the sound of the saw rev's up followed by some squishy sounds like they've cut into you. 

Extra details for the pistol could be to have the mouth of the gun moving when not firing, then when you shoot have blood dripping out it's mouth as its firing which fade away after you've stopped.

dap dap!

You could still have them scattered about like you do currently. Just make variants of them based on random cool species/types like Murder Hornets, Emerald Wasps etc. To ensure variety, make the the game do a check based on the boss being beaten inside their fortresses. Example, the player always encounters the current wasps in the game first. After the bosses is beaten the game sees it and will spawn only the next variant afterwards, rinse and repeat until all types are beaten then at that point each hive can be generated at random.

Be sure these variants are actually different from the starter one and not just renames/reskins. Different bodies, different attacks etc. Also a nice touch would be what was mentioned in Oney's video where if you're wearing the head of a previous boss the game recognizes it and adds some cool dialogue 

What is in the update?

Aww yeah! :D

Sounds good. I'll definitely check it out!

What's in the update? 

Will you add a menu to adjust mouse sensitivity and volume?

Really needs a menu to adjust mouse sensitivity and volume, other than that it's a pretty nice game

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¿Harás una versión de esto con los personajes originales en 3D?

I freaking love this! 

Really needs a way to set screen size and mouse sensitivity other than those issues its been pretty good so far 

This is a neat little puzzle game, please keep working on it and adding to it post Jam! :D

Any chance for controller support?

Will the full game come to Itch?

Still trying it out but so far my only gripe is the shop menu is kinda painful on the eyes.

Really cool little game! I hope you keep adding to it

Thats a cool twist on these type of games. I really like the modifier choices!

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I love it but I wish we could adjust the screen size for the downloadable version 

Please keep working on this and expand it. The game was a lot of fun

Like what I played so far, I'd say add a animation to the healthbar and maybe a small muzzle flash + shell animation to the pistol like in RE.

I hope you keep working on it even after the jam, this game was really fun. My only complaints are the menus is hard to read and when you switch to first person it feels like youre not supposed to, if that makes any sense. The main problem is the camera, the natural action as player is you want to look around with the thumbstick/mouse but the camera acts like tank controls. I hope that gets ironed out, Ive never seen a topdown shooter be able to switch back and forth between topdown and first person before, that was a cool idea.

The topdown view mode is great though, the only thing I'd add is maybe power-ups/weapons and maybe some more enemy variants the further time goes on. Since it's endless you could have new variants stop showing up after X amount of time or if you want to get really crazy with it theres probably a way to generate variants with procedural generation.

Will you add singleplayer or a way to play by yourself to practice?

Better than Shenmue 3

There will be, man, just gotta keep pushing through! I dont know what your stats as far as followers goes but I bet if you charged something like $5 for a new project you'd have a big enough following by now to help you pay for tools. I'd try to make my stuff available on other platforms too. 

Just dont be " That asshole " who advertises their game on a platform then not release the game on the site that they were advertising on. I see that happen all the time on Itch where people just use this site to advertise for Steam but then refuse to release the same game on Itch.

I disagree about the money part. You've created something awesome that will be enjoyed for years to come by others. When people make recommendations for the best free games from Itch or " top free games " lists on other sites your name/game can be among them. Not only that but by doing this you gained fans who will follow your future projects as well. People get so hung up on money to the point that they completely forget all the aspects of what they created. 

What if your game is what got some kid who isnt able to afford new games through their day? Someone who found it and uses it as a means of escapism. That even if it were for a brief moment it brought them happiness. All this was thanks to what you put out into the world.

whats in the 1.7 update?

Had a lot of fun with this! The concept was really cool too!


Will this be on Itch too?

I love the art style of this game

One thing I'd consider adding is a tutorial that shows you how things work.

Whats new in 1.6?

Looking forward to it. Im glad you're still working on this, the game has a really cool concept.

Still no downloadable version? :(