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Does this support a Xbox One controller?

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Oney played your game :D 

It was great. I dig the art style too!

I hope full release comes to Itch soon!

Thank you ^_^

Could we get a desktop version?

Can we get a downloadable version? 

Why can't Itch have the same updates?

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No. I came to this platform to get away from Steam. Im tired of people using this site to advertise for Steam. That is no different than  what some of Epic's games do when they advertise on other platforms with no intent on releasing on that platform . There is no reason this game can't be on both Itch and Steam at the same time. 


Please sell the game on here as well as Steam

Ah ok then. Thank you for letting me know

Please consider releasing the game on Itch 

Whats new in V1.2?

No problem. I can't wait to see the future updates! :)

Its a nice game but Im not a fan of the controls. Would you add an option to customize them? That or make it controller friendly. I'd also add an option menu to adjust volume and exit the game.

It doesn't detect a Xbox 1 controller. Some other suggestions would be add a option in the menu to exit the game. Also, I would add music to the intro and lower the volume of the ticking sound as text goes by a little bit. 

Will the game be for sale here as well as Steam? 

Any chance for controller support?

The game has been pretty enjoyable so far, I cant wait to see what new updates bring!

Just wanted to say this game is awesome!

Thank you. Now I can play even if bad weather knocks out my internet :D

Can we get a desktop version? 

Can we get a desktop version?

It worked. I was testing some stuff in a sandbox and decided to play the game without closing it first and it derped out on me. Sorry about that.

Game is pretty neat but you really should add a fullscreen option in the options menu. Also, it would be nice if you could press esc and it would bring up a menu to exit the game instead of having to hard close it with alt-f4

Please add fullscreen to game. Screen size is 640x480 for me :(

" If you're not a fan of Steam, don't worry! Webbed will also be available on itch " Thank you for giving people a option on where to buy. It's really annoying when people just use Itch to advertise their Steam game with no intention of selling it here 

That doesn't answer the question. Why are you advertising the game here but refusing to sell it on this platform?

Why is this game for sale on Steam but not here?

I hope you find the motivation, I'd love to see what cool stuff you come up with

Any plans to keep working on it or is it finished? So far Im really digging the game

This is the cutest Yume game that I've ever played. I hope you keep working on it this game is really fun :)

Please keep working on this, it's really good so far. The main issues Ive noticed so far is no music in the bar or way to make the game fullscreen. I'd also include a way to adjust volume or option menu in general where you could also close the game instead of having to hard close it

Loving these updates! :)

Ah ok. Thank you for letting me know

What changed with the update? I got notified that there was one but theres no patch notes