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Interior Worlds community · Created a new topic I love it.

This game is great and I'm glad it was made.

That's so wild. People like you are much better than me at it. The game keeps getting posts like this and I can't do nearly that well lol

Very effective and good. I'm glad I played this.

I'm really glad you liked it. Everybody seems to be so much better at the game than I am lol I have never gotten nearly as good a run as that.

When I went into the pool area and hotwired the device to make the light fall and break the glass, it fell on me and I clipped through the floor and was stuck in the void lol

Is there a way to see the achievement list in game?

That's awesome. I think it's funny to me that people who play this all seem to be much better at it than me lol

I have been looking forward to your next thing. I'm excited to get this when it comes out.

Thank you for making it.

Thanks for making this. I really enjoyed it. My ending had the church breaking apart around me as I walked through it, the windows told me that the only way to love something is by losing it and my tarot reading said "Nothing ever ends."

Thank you for playing! You are a super player!

Thanks for playing. You are a super player!

Awesome. Thanks for playing.

This bug was found by Broly.

Thanks for playing! There was a softlock at the very end in the parking lot that I fixed. You were maybe 10-15 seconds from the end. Sorry.

I just found this and was messing around with it today. I found that the debug console wasn't working when used with the example on the page. I get the error "Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'call_func' in base 'FuncRef'. Kinda weird, so I thought you might want to know.

Nevermind. Doesn't work on redownload from the app, but website download works.

App says "An error occurred during installation mkdir [directory here]\Itch\slice-dice\jre\lib\images: The system cannot find the path specified."

It works from the website. I tried removing it from the app and redownloading through the app. It works fine that way, too.


I can't update either. Using the itch app on windows.

Very cool. I like the mining tunnels. It gives me a creepy Event Horizon vibe.

I really appreciate all these. Is the preferred way to support you by paying for these or another way?

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it.

Hell yeah. Sorry about the crash, I'll look into that. I am working on another game right now, but my thoughts keep coming back to this game so I'll probably try to update it when I'm done, maybe with a campaign mode.

There's a definite ending, sort of. If you find the floppy disc and put it in the pc you should eventually get a file that says it's the end of the demo. I had written the whole thing out and this is just what I finished for the game jam. I do plan on coming back to this and finishing it *someday*.   =(

This is immensely helpful. Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you and that this was very helpful.

Awesome. Great game.

I loved this. It was so good. The fact that I knew how to repair the drill by the time I had to do it quickly meant I felt confident about being able to do it, so I actually felt scared instead of frustrated, which is something most horror games do not get right.

Freaked me right the hell out haha

Your godot dice syntax is pretty sweet. I just downloaded it and am gonna run some tests to see if implementing it in my current project is going to mess that many things up.

Awesome. Thanks for keeping this updated.

AWESOME. lol what unit was it?

I just beat it. This game is phenomenal. It has all the stuff I like about tactics games and strips out all the parts that frustrate me. I'm definitely going to buy the rest of the series next month.

Awesome. I loved it.

Awesome. I've been wanting to play this, but holding off to start until the release. I have it downloaded and ready to update. I hope everything goes well now.

Awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm probably going to post a hotfix in a couple hours that will remove move of the negative effects of higher tier items. I'll also speed up the text and the transitions in it. I'm working on a bigger update right now with a campaign mode where you'll have traverse a few maps.

I think it was fixed in a patch because it has worked for a while now. Sorry I didn't update here.

BEACON community · Created a new topic Fantastic game

This game is really fun and I feel a little bad that I got it in a bundle so I am probably going to buy a copy for a friend because you folks definitely deserve to be paid for this.

This is pretty awesome. I really like it. I had some red damage numbers that were stuck permanently on the map and they moved with the ship into orbit and back. I understand it's still an early concept, but I think if you could unlock knowledge entries about the different animals when you capture them, that would be super cool. Also, does it do anything to get multiples of the same type of animal?