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Thanks a bunch for playing!

Hey, thanks for playing! I tried but couldn't replicate the crash when loading into Babylon. Sorry that happened.

I have to say that the game does make use of the theme, but the dialogue and story progression that makes it obvious is not implemented :(

Ah, crap. Sorry. I didn't export it correctly. I should have tested it. Thanks for playing.

This felt very polished and fun. The banana peels were a real pain lol I'd usually slip on a second one on purpose just to get the controls back to normal. All in all, the only issue I really had was that if the boxes piled up too much, the mail wouldn't really shove them out of the way, but there was always the standard issue dynamite (I laughed out loud at that) to use.

I thought this was fun, but the enemies, especially the bosses, felt way too tanky. I think 1-2 times for a regular enemy would be more appropriate. The difficulty of the bosses came only from their health. I think if the bosses had half or a quarter as much health, but could jump around randomly to throw you off it would be better. I attacked the second boss over 50 times before I died for the twelfth time, so I actually never beat him. The idea of standing on the tutorial text was funny and I liked that.

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Sorry, I posted to the wrong game lol I'll edit this in a bit when I play this one.


The idea of controlling both a member of the waitstaff and a chef was interesting, but I did end up getting everyone served and then eventually just had to wait for new customers since the queue was empty. It took me a bit to realize you have to throw food at the tips people leave to collect them.

This was a decent endless runner, but it was pretty obvious that the terrain wasn't broken up into sections and was looping. Also the fact that the zombie moves very slow and could get caught on the terrain made it somewhat awkward occasionally. Is that the unexpected part? But yeah, I go pretty far before I realized I was only supposed to get the bones and not the other objects lol Do the bones do anything? They don't seem to increase your score.

I loved this, but to be fair, I have a soft spot for text adventures. I even used to make them. I thought the puzzles were good, but a bit too easy. They would be perfect for the first few levels of a game like this if it was longer. I would 100% play and love an updated version with more rooms, maybe even with multiple room puzzles. I did have an issue with the text being cut off at the bottom of the screen, but it did move up if I began typing.

Idk if I just don't get it, but all I could do was fly around and pick up cars. The window is also tiny and doesn't maximize or resize at all.

I forgot to mention the eerie otherworldliness of the last section was awesome.

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So, this was 100% unexpected. I don't know what I expected with a math game, but an on rails shooter wasn't it. I will say I did really horribly the first time I played cause I didn't know I had to type numbers in and shoot them at the problems, I thought it was an overindulgent intro cinematic until halfway through. Also the numbers you shoot seem to go at a weird trajectory that made me miss quite a few times. Overall, pretty fun and neat.


I liked the idea of being a janitor on a ship full of adventurers. The comic into at the beginning was fantastic. Completely top notch. I had some issues the first day because I didn't know I needed to pick up the broom to do anything, then when I had the broom it was really easy to accidentally click a second time or in the wrong spot so I ran out of energy really quickly. I am not sure what to do with the rag. I also found I would get stuck trying to round corners, but only if I had a tool in my hand. It seemed like a pretty overly high jump to pay $1,000 to get the next tool when you get very little for each paper cleaned.

I figured out how to run it. It was Windows Defender being overzealous. I thought this was a good start to a platformer, but in the second level some of the jumps were a little too unforgiving for my taste. I thought the troll of the spike traps changing platforms was pretty funny, but I couldn't get much further than that because the jump input wouldn't register sometimes. I also noticed the coin counter didn't go up as you collect coins.

This was pretty neat. Reminded me of point and click adventures except in mechanics. I thought the rapid clicking sequences were a little off putting, but they weren't difficult enough to be a chore. I did have some issues with figuring out where to go at the beginning and with reading a lot of the dialogue since I couldn't get the window to not be cut off in one way or another.

I couldn't get this to run. I opened task manager and the process was always running in the background, but no window would pop up.

Thanks! I didn't originally intend to lean so heavily on the audio, but I kept ending up pushing it more and more in that direction.

Thanks! I had to spend a lot of time balancing the dark atmosphere and actually being able to see. I probably should have spent more time doing it, haha.

Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it. I don't know how to take compliments.

Thank you very much! I like the idea of disabling vertical look. Or maybe just decrease the vertical sensitivity? I originally added subtitles, but they took up the entire screen due to the 64x64 pixel rendering I self imposed. I think maybe I could make a separate viewport with a different resolution to add subtitles. That might be a way to make it work. I'm glad it made you feel something! It's the game I'm most proud of having made so far.

Thanks a lot! Hopefully it wasn't too pleasant.

I can't sorry. I've never worked in Unity. I used to do Flash and RPG Maker and some other small engines, but now I pretty much exclusively use Godot.

The lack of free look with a mouse or the ability to face non-cardinal directions irritated me at first, but I got used to it within seconds and it felt fine after that. The giant hydra actually kinda intimidated me lol Also, just so you know, the sharks teeth float like 30 feet above their head.

This was pretty neat. A short game that doesn't overstay its welcome.

I don't wanna sound like a negative nancy here, but I just moved the boat around while faces and noises happened at me. Then the boat disappeared.

Well, thanks a million. I don't know how to take compliments. I'm really glad it made you feel something.

This was a pretty fun side scrolling shoot em up, but it doesn't seem to be a horror game in any way at all. I don't know if it really fits in a horror game jam.

It says that there will be voting in the jam overview, but it doesn't seem to be present in the submission pages. Am I just dumb?

The game will exit when you have finished it.

Is there anything to do except click a bunch in futility?

This seems fun. I'll have to try to actually play it once the plague is over and I can interact with other people in person. It seems like it's a bit random with which side wins, which will make it feel more silly and funny to play.

Haha, is it possible to get any ending other than a jumpscare? I feel like he just got closer and closer until I lost. Idk how much I had to board up the door.

I couldn't get further than a few seconds in before I lose. The controls also being esdf instead of wasd or arrow keys was very confusing.

I got stuck in the first room, then the door suddenly worked like the third time I tried it. Then I got stuck after that. There only seemed to be another locked door in the basement and a rock pile where I started that I couldn't get through. I checked my inventory and had two keys and a stick that I had no idea where I got them. Not sure what to do to proceed further.

I really really liked this. Super great game.

I liked the ominous music. Using the Q and E keys to rotate instead of the mouse was a little awkward, though

Hell yeah!