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I died way too many times.

give me full game now

wow that moon really split,

atmosphere 10 / 10

creepyness 10 / 10

menu sleekness 10 / 10

only complaint, pressing e on a long dialog that's already been read is a nightmare.

This is one of the most polished YN games I have ever played, im shocked that this isnt more popular, the animation is smooth, the game itself is full of novel ideas, even the menu has a new twist on it.

Still my favourite YN fangame

Game is fire🔥🔥

patch done, I imagine a large percentage of players got stuck there and never got the ending, thanks for the comment!

Yes that is intentional, however I realize now that it was a bad idea and im now going to make changes to the stun puzzle segment to make it more obvious that the player passes it by staying still for an extended period of time

I did not understand a single word in it, but that was CRAZY!!

scary images

Probably the most classical yume nikki game in this jam, sadly i never managed to get the ending, i got stuck and couldn't get past the cat area

The detailed art is definitely a big strength for this game, i couldn't get very far sadly because the game started a new game automatically when i played it instead of loading my save

This game absolutely flew past every single expectation I had for it, the art clearly had a lot of thought put into it especially in the colour department, the sound perfectly reinforced the moods I was being shown which the game had a good mix of including darker moods, and I did not expect crafting in a yume nikki game.

oooga boooga

Scrapped and repurposed for another project,

WAHOOOOO (im mario)

When I remake this game, I intend to make the endings more serious, believe it or not, I did try to make these endings serious, evidently I wasn't very good at writing serious dialogue. I will be keeping the aesthetic clashing / sloppy graphics and even making them even more sloppy, as I believe it is essential for the mood.

I love it

other than the odd amount of people finding the secret code by coincidence, it also seems that the painting code is easily missed. Players try and interact with the paintings using touch / mouse controls and miss the collision spot, leading them to think there is nothing to the paintings.  I really want to update this but cant right now.

You found a secret that I forgot to implement.

This fangame is full of originality and good art, I haven't heard short looping tracks in a Yume Nikki fangame for a while now and it really brung me joy the way it was used, I look forward to seeing how this one ends.

Was a pleasant surprise, I found myself really wanting to see what was behind the sus door.



it makes me very happy that you liked it, and yes subtitles is actually a good idea.

Finally managed to fix it

Thanks for letting me know.

Dream Diary Jam 6 community · Created a new topic Bruh



I think it's because of the hidden password protected files being sus to antivirus

actual masterpiece

bruh, why would you say that me from 2 years ago?

I am very sad at you.



I think I know what happened here, I forgot to implement gameovers for the first smile boss, and once you run out of health, you cant do anything and the hp bar doesnt work anymore either, it also seems It was a big design flaw for me to only explain the controls on the game page rather than in game, thanks for making me aware of that.

very true


cool stuff

all I see is sus astronauts and vents

very sussy