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So glad you enjoyed the game! To get Elton's true feelings to come out, you won't want to hold anything back. Try insulting him, then disarm him when he challenges you. 😉

Really enjoyed playing this! Great work putting this little RPG together in such a short amount of time. The anacondas were tough but I managed to survive. :-)

Very cool! Thanks for sharing your process. One of these days I'm going to get around to exploring Bitsy myself lol.

Excellent suspenseful writing. The game nudges you forward into its darkness, teasing ways out with its overearly endings. Very well done!

Looks good! You've got a solid premise and a plan to make it happen. I'm looking forward to seeing more as development progresses.

Nice work! Great art and writing, and the whole experience is both moving and haunting. The only real critique I have is that the menu select color (when choosing yes/no) is a little hard to see.

Go Andrea! I'm cheering for you and can't wait to see the finished game!

I think this is a good start. The way the camera is fixed to the hopping frog made it very difficult to move around and I really couldn't stomach it for very long, unfortunately. But I think you did a good job with different terrain types and creating an explorable world. Nice work!

This was definitely interesting! What started as a seemingly simple little adventure quickly turned into a dramatic date-battle! The writing was well done, and I liked how the tone wasn't too serious. Great work!

I don't normally play "deck builder" type of games so I was a little skeptical I would like this, but I enjoyed it quite a bit! I like the low-poly art style and the understated music, though I did find the narrator's gibberish sfx a little annoying. Nice little story with interesting characters and situations. Good work!

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun!

This is well-written, and I especially liked the twist of the narrator's role in the story. It was a little frustrating at times that I didn't seem to have the dialogue option I wanted, but then at the end the reasoning for that was made clear. Nice work!

I liked the art style and the music as well. The puzzles hit the sweet spot of being interesting but not overly difficult. Overall, great job! 

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you had a good time! I'm definitely going to diagnose and patch the bugs associated with the minigame as well as improve object placement so they don't overlap so much. Probably won't do much to drastically change them, but you never know, there could be a Frog Sequel! at some point.... xD

Thanks for the feedback and the bug report! I'll be sure to get that fixed post-jam. The dodging games aren't really supposed to be too hard but the algorithm that places the obstacles isn't very smart, either. Planning to patch that, too. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm, I don't think I know enough about the direction you were taking the game to give much meaningful feedback. I'm assuming that after the delivery, some problem happens that forces Tilly into a larger adventure? Something to foreshadow that could have been good, maybe another traveler on the road to talk to who says something about trouble brewing? Just an idea.

How much story have you sketched out? Do you have several plot points in mind?

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

I liked the story and was actually expecting something sinister, much like your main character lol. Nice art and music, too! Great work!

Very nice writing! I enjoyed the story and the artwork, especially all the little frog-related details of the game. Good job!

Thanks! I agree the minigames could use some work--I ran out of time and energy toward the end there lol.

I would have liked to see more frogs, but I see how this is the start of a larger adventure. I appreciated Tilly telling me why I couldn't follow the other paths instead of just hitting an invisible wall, nice touch!

I like the concept a lot, but I wish I had a bit more content and options for interacting with the virtual frog (e.g., ignoring it for a while or putting the fly in the trash). Good job getting this done and submitted, though!

I liked the concept and thought you did a great job writing the different characters. The art style was cool and I thought you nailed the ambient sound of the bar. Overall, nice work!

Had a lot of fun playing! Enjoyed the cutesy art style and the humorous writing, and especially liked the pirate ship lol. The combat was tough but I finally managed to win after several attempts. Great job!

Very well written, and good incorporation of important issues without being overly alarmist. Seriously, I appreciated the very Zen-like approach of the narrative. I liked the mix of gameplay modes, too. Great work!

Lovely writing! The conversation between these characters flows so naturally and I love how you captured the secret lexicon and in-jokes that couples have. Great work!

Interesting concept! I liked the idea of "exploring all the world's flavors" and really wanted to go do that. The art style is cute and the simple controls make it very pick-up-and-play. Nice job!

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun! xD

I didn't have enough time to play this all the way through, but I very much liked what I saw and will be returning to it for sure! The art and music perfectly complement the surreal story, and while it could be tedious to go through the same actions again and again, that also ties into the story well. Great work!

I enjoyed the story you told here, and the "memory focus" segments were unique and interesting. I did get a bit frustrated with navigating the spaceship -- I wonder if a turn left / turn right / throttle / brake control system might work better? The audio got a little repetitive but it was soothing and fit the mood of the story. Overall, great work!

Congrats on your first jam game! I like the way it progresses and the themes you incorporated. Was the camera height intentional? It certainly made jumps difficult and frustrating but I can see how it would tie into your game's message. Good work and keep jammin.

Very cool concept! The beginning is a bit too long, but then things get exciting in a hurry. I am unfortunately not skilled enough to advance far, but I like what you've done here. Great work!

Thank you so much! I'm particularly proud of our background artist (my wife <3) and I couldn't be happier with how well the backgrounds and sprites went together.

Excellent story, well-written with great characters. You also did a great job of pacing to introduce the player to the concept -- at first I worried I wouldn't have any meaningful choices but sneaky you actually hid a little tutorial in there, and that's brilliant. There is one point where it seems like I can give the Serious Woman's memory away twice, but that was the only real hiccup I encountered. Got a good ending the first time and played again just to see how badly I could screw things up, and it went even more poorly than I anticipated lol. I enjoyed the music a lot, too. Great work!

I liked the characters a lot, but I wish the story would have gotten moving a bit more quickly. Great writing, especially the dialogue between Wren and her mother. The ending was a little abrupt but I loved the joke about dramatic irony--and now that I think about it, there were lots of other great little jokes sprinkled in there that made me smile. Overall, great work!

Definitely could use some instructions! Once I got to the boss I tried hitting a bunch of things on my keyboard but couldn't find a way to actually do anything to it. That said, you've put together a nice little running game here, and I can appreciate that you had a message in mind when you wrote it. Good job!

This was fun! I liked the concept of rolling for a stat to determine my choices. I did have a lot of times when I rolled doubles--not sure if that was just me or if there's something off in the RNG. You wrote a nice variety of outcomes for each scenario. I didn't particularly care for the typing sound or the giant text, but that's purely aesthetic. Overall, great work!

I'm blue... da ba dee da ba di... lol sorry that's probably a very generational joke. ;-)

ANYWAY I like what you've put together here. The descriptions of the objects are well written and it was an interesting approach to describe the colors while showing only greyscale. It wasn't always clear what I needed to do to advance the story: for example, the location of the dishwasher isn't obvious. But I do like the sense of discovery you've created by seeing the world through a strange and curious creature. Great job!

Had fun playing this! I thought the different spirits had interesting personalities, though I wasn't sure what the purpose of the songs was. Good job!

This was really interesting and I think it fits the theme wonderfully. It didn't seem like my choices affected the responses much, or maybe there was a bug? The stranger asked what was that thing I didn't do even though I hadn't picked it. Or maybe that was by design, and it's even more meta that it seems!! XD

Anyway, great work and congratulations on your first game!