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Oh yeah I had the tsungi horn sound playing endlessly back then. This, along with the other tracks brought memories and im glad to hear this beautifully made pieces again of avatar and the creativity hete. Amazing work with this! The only thing I could probably say for this was I wish there was a bit more bass in the first track. Other than that, amazing work on this!

I liked the high pace you tried out for this orchested FF9 song! Listening to the first one, it sounded so peaceful slow paced, but this gives a whole new feel for it and the notes sound really graceful! Awesome work on this!

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This was a pretty interesting and creative take on this cover here! I liked the instruments you used here and the buildup you set up for this song too. The vocals I have to say they were pretty nice, but I feel I would of preferred a type that is chill or soft for the feeling of this song. I listened to the actual song and came to that conclusion there. Overall though, this song was really awesome to hear! 🤝

Yep, you win. Got me in the first half, in between, and at the end. This was extremely well made and I have no issues at all with this one. The metal cover you made for this and the instruments brought all the hype together. Marvoulous work on this one!! 🤧🤌

Just listened to the whole thing. i even went to listen to a few songs from the actual game. This was truly beautiful to hear. This is kind of my favorite genre as well, so maybe Im sounding a bit bias 😂. 

Heres the things I like about it:

 I loved the peaceful vibes it gave and the instruments used as well.

The emotions it portrayed through each of the remakes.

How similar you guys managed to make it sound towards the actual song.

Now, there is one thing I feel could be improved on it:

After listening to the actual song vs you guys, I feel it needs those long notes in the background to give it more ambient feel and bass. I feel these songs were really nice, but was missing something.

Also, i do wish some of the tracks were longer!! But, thats not an issue. Nonetheless, amazing work on this!

Thanks!! I tried my best to capture the feel of it for practice and improvement. And I definitely realized now there were areas of sounds that didnt go well. 💀

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Ayy thank you for the detailed feedback! Youre right, after hearing it again a bit, I heard some parts sounded in disharmony and really off. Most likely, from selecting the wrong notes and, as you stated, putting too much instruments. I'll definitely keep this in mind for future songs! 😀🤝

Cool motive behind this! For some reason, it felt like a horror game a little bit to me, but I still enjoyed the short and sweet dialogue for this. I feel though at the end, I'm torn as to whether it fit the theme or not because it did seem like a trick as to fool you that autumn is starting, or it was actually serious that summer is starting XD. Overall though, this game was nice.

(And I liked the toilet zone reference there as well c;)

Oh yeah I know, but it was  just a nice addition to the game for me

I have to admit, at first,  it was kind of hard getting used to the acceleration/deceleration and it was a bit hard to stop sometimes, but after getting used to it, this game was really fun to play! I loved the funny phrases added here to throw me off my game and the animations used to show intensity in this game. An all around fun game for 3 hours for me. Awesome work on this game here!

I like how you interpreted the theme for this and the endless runner idea as well! Though it was just a bit hard to aim for the school books because of the fast pacing, I still managed to get about 52 books XD Also, the game just randomly ends without restarting at the end and I had to reload the page sadly. Overall though, awesome game!

I like the idea behind this game and the way it fits the theme quite well! I enjoyed trying to assort the books in a way that seemed organized as well even though I could of placed them anywhere on the screen. For the polishing side, it would need a bit of work, but overall, this game was fun and awesome! The music was really good too :D

Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on creating new music and adding more obstacles to the game with my remaining time left, but sadly, my hand was hurting alot and I just decided to end it there and add some music I made a while back.

But Im really glad to see you enjoyed it though c:

This game was really fun! The process to getting the upgrades were smooth and easygoing there, which was pretty fun! I would of liked to see more upgrades and more, but this game was still really good! It fits the theme of chaotic really nice and its a simple, but fun clicker game. Nice work on it!

This game was really nice! I liked the music and the art was really nice too. I like how you interpreted the theme as well by using saw blades that bounce making me have to dodge those and the enemies. Especially the certain objects that randomly appeared during the time! It really helped me to strategize and figure out how to shoot my saws and where to shoot it. The only suggestions I could probably address is perhaps allowing the player to continue from the same wave their on if they lose and add powerups. It was extremely difficult to try and maneuver while worrying about the 6 extra blades coming and faster enemies. Overall though, amazing work on the game!

This honestly gave me vibes of a game called killing floor where you would go in slow mo after shooting a couple of zeds. I really love how you implemented that in this game and gave me nostalgic vibes there. This game was really epic for just 3 levels and fit the theme really nice, It was simple, but fun. Amazing job on this!

This game is pretty nice! I like the art and the music was nice in it as well! It reminds me of fireboy and watergirl but instead of working together, you attack each other. Overall though, this game was nice!

Nice game here! I like the way you utilized the theme and created a fun chaotic game! It indeed was hard to get the villagers to the castle as they panicked so much XD. I would of liked it if there were powerups or something to help me along the way, but overall, this game was awesome!

This game was beautiful. I'm in love with that main menu music used for the game as it gave a calming and relaxing feel to the game. The art was spectacular and the gameplay was pretty engaging. Although, I feel it needs a bit of polishing on the gameplay side.

First, the walking animation didn't seem to move fluently with the controls. It felt like I was moving much more slower.

Second, I got stuck within the collisions of the blocks a few times and also the enemies ended up getting moving in unpleasant areas, which forced me to have to restart the game.

But overall, this game was still top notch. From the innovative ideas of the different plants to the designing of the levels. Amazing job on this game!

This game was amazing. The animations, the mechanics, the concept, the visuals, simply amazing! That was a really creative idea to have players unlock the mechanics as they progress along and the journey was quite fulfilling. Amazing job on this game!

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to give a little fluency to the animations, but I overdid it. I'll be sure to keep this in mind nextime.

Thanks for the feedback! I ended up rushing the tutorial there so my apologies. Glad you enjoyed the game!

The gameplay, music, art, simply amazing! I love this idea as its a simple, yet creative idea for 48 hours. I would of liked the difficulty curve to have been increased a bit, but overall, this game was awesome!

This game was really fun! I love how it reminded me of a Pokemon game for gameboy or other consoles. The click to move was a really nice way of creating this game. Sadly, after I finished my sacrifice quota, I couldn't walk forward to put my sacrifice in the bin. I don't know if it was a collision error or not. The art was pretty nice, I really wished there was music though. But overall, nice work on your first jam!

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This was a fun little game here. The pixel art was nice, the music was quite motivating, and the gameplay was pretty decent! Nice job on this game!

This game was pretty nice simulator game. The visuals were nice, the music was calming although that SFX was really loud and disturbing. This was overall a nice game entry!

This game was really nice! I like the story it told throughout the game and the journey the dog took to get there. The art overall was nice and the gameplay was pretty good. Awesome game entry!

No problem! I understand those problems are a lot to work with when first making a game since I've been there XD. Hopefully you do improve on it. Then you will start to gain more ratings. Also rating other games of course would give you a few more ratings too.

This game was pretty nice! I like the idea for it, the art was nice, would of liked it if there was music, but it was still a nice game. Nice work on it!

Although I may say the game needs a bit of diversity and more challenge because the same gameplay got a bit repetitive.

Goodness this was a amazing zen type of game! I loved the music, art, and gameplay incorporated in this. I especially love these types of games as well because they are so peaceful, which is why I really wish this had more to it because I feel I would of been there for hours, maybe days XD. Could I ask though, was that 8 -bit music made for this game? 

Spectacular job on this game! I have no words for how much effort was put into this.

A few things I noticed, but didn't really matter were:

  • When I muted the sound and unmuted it, the UI got stuck to the unmute picture.
  • I couldn't move those ants you mentioned in the description ):

Also though as feedback, you could add a little bit more help to players. I found myself struggling to see how the buttons and controls worked at first and how to plant and grow my seed.

I killed 70+ frogs...but at what cost...

This game was really nice though. I like the visuals, the gameplay was pretty nice. Although I wished there were some music.

Also, for a suggestion, maybe you can decrease the cooldown for when players can stomp on frogs a little bit? There was a whole army of frogs coming and I found it quite hard to stomp on the frogs all at once.

Overall though, nice game!

This game was simply amazing! For a rhythm game, you really prioritized the music to the max by making it so upbeat, making players go along with the music, and combining it with some amazing visuals! I loved the glow used here and the art made as well. Amazing job on this game entry I had a blast playing this!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind when making another visual tutorial since I rushed this one.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to try and add a challenge along with completing the levels.

Thanks for the feedback! I see now I should of explained how the mechanics worked a bit more through the tutorials. Glad you enjoyed the game though!

Thanks for the feedback! I should of put more emphasis on the spikes but I was really tired. Thanks for taking the time to try and get to the end!

Ahhh I did have it downloaded before, but I didnt have much space so I had 5o delete it sadly

I like the story and concept you set up for this game and the music created for this, but I just couldn't enjoy it fully because it was kind of hard to move around and I felt I was going in circles everytime. Maybe its because I'm tired right now, but honestly, the controls were kind of a bit difficult to work with. Trying to remember which way would be up, left, right, down, and figuring out which way to go in was quite the confusion. The minigame also made it kind of hard for me to shoot the enemies and I realized too that players can easily just die in order to end the minigame. I really would of loved to see the alternate endings because I just like to see how creative it gets. If you could polish the controls a bit and rework the game a bit more, I would like to try this again.

Overall though, nice game!

I would love to try this game out if there is a mac or browser version for this.

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to try and give an NES feel with the controls and the music as well and try to include the concept of confidence as well. Glad to hear you liked it.