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Thanks for the kind words!

Could you tell me whether you played with the old blood (semi-realistic, with detailed particles) or the new one (flat particles, more consisted with the overall art style), and possibly which one do you prefer?

Opinions seem divided among my friends, and I think your comment is still from the old blood time.


thanks for the feedback! I think you're right, the blood looked out of place. I actually updated it, now it fits in better in my opinion.

In case you're still interested, I added a mobile version with a virtual joystick that I think works ok. I also experimented with mouse controls, which ended up using a virtual joystick as well. It's not a perfect solution, but I found aiming with the mouse position on the screen to not work at all, at least with how the rest of the game is set up.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I think that smaller platforms would be hard to hit, but perhaps people play the game in a different way than I thought! The third level introduces wall jumping as a platforming element, not sure if you've seen that.

Gamepad controls are actually working but only mentioned in the description, I didn't want to write about them in the game to save space and keep it simple.

Thanks! Did you try using a gamepad? It's not mentioned in the game, only in the description, but I think it feels better. Do you have any other suggestions how it could be improved?

Thank you for the kind words! I agree (and so do other commenters it seems) that the keyboard controls aren't perfect, but I wanted to make it accessible. Didn't think of using the mouse, maybe I will actually add that. 

Have you tried using a gamepad? The option is not mentioned in the game, only in the description to save space, but I think it's a more natural fit.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!