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Thanks for the kind words! Honest answer: unlikely. Just… well, finally fell off after years of working on it (a while ago) There’s been a couple of fits & starts over the past years, but not a huge amount of work that’s been done since the last public build from August 2020.

Open-sourcing would be awesome and in my heart of hearts I’d love to do that, but unfortunately that too would require quite a lot of work - to rip out the libraries that the game depends on that are themselves not free or open-source.

Tegelikult on kõik need kolm mainitud sõna juba täitsa olemas :) Uuendasin kirjeldust kah, et sees ka EKSS 2009 sõnad.

Aga kõiki “tavasõnu” kindlasti pole ka praegugi (näiteks TV3-s ette tulnud “palun”) ja kaalun veel sõnavara lisamist.

Mis seadmest jutt? Minul endal iPhone peal läbi Safari töötab see jagamine küll.

Jagamisel copy-paste võiks kah igale poole sobida.

Yay, hope it goes well for you (less buggy, fingers crossed)

Thanks a lot; just played and rated your game as well :)

Simple but solid game, enjoyably funky music too. Cool game!

Thank you, we will gladly take the bonus points :)

Awesome, thank you for the kind feedback :)

Hehe, fun ending. Thought I messed up for a moment there.

Solid stuff! Now I’m hungry for cheese.

This music is a bop! Perfectly frantic for the game itself.

Cool to see some versus games - even if my match-up was “my left hand vs. my right hand” haha :)

Damn, this actually hurt, especially the “special thanks” line.

I need to see Operation Nutcracker to completion; one day…

I thought this was lovely - I’m glad to see more interactive fiction. You might like our game too; we also marked it as “visual novel” (with light gameplay elements) and ended up with a “slice-of-life” kind of story :)

320 Estonian kroon :)

Glad to hear you liked it, thanks a lot for playing!

What a strange message, wonder what happened to that guy… (thanks for the kind words!)

Awesome, very glad to hear that, thanks for playing :)

Just played your game too, rated & left some feedback!

A well executed take on a solid idea!

Quite difficult - I didn’t make it past the “baseball” level - but that’s understandable, it’s especially hard to get balance right in the short time limit of a jam.

As already pointed out in other comments, the two top things that I’d like to see adjusted is tweaking the punch / ghost hitboxes and adding a button to speed up time while waiting :)

Gliding baby best new character 2020.

Wooow, the artstyle for this is just stunning! Gameplay is solid too - appreciative that you restart pretty much immediately where you died.

Ran perfectly for me.

Found all the story pieces (and the silly sticker!) made it to the end and really enjoyed the atmosphere of this thing, very fitting music and hazy aesthetic overall.

Very impressive amount of content for a jam game, the rewinding animations were cool to see.

Great job!

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Yesss this music, had to play multiple times to enjoy it - really liked the sped-up version too, to wake you up in the morning.

And controller support, awesome, worked well on my PS4 controller with web build.

My only criticism is that it was hard to tell enemy projectiles from all the other things going on.

High score: 4119 :)

Great job!

For some reason I feel like this game has incredible Finnish energy.

I specialized in rewinding horror tapes (best genre!) so all those copies of Evil Dead got taken care of fast.

Bit embarrassing, but it took me a bit of time to realize that you can move on a 3D plane, at first I was like “the light is green, why can’t I get any tapes?” until I realized I have to move, uh, to the back, haha. That’s me being a dummy.

Oh yeah - the intro scroll was a fun touch!

Great job for a solo jam game, even if you ran out of time to implement a bigger goal and/or progression (we kinda had the same issue)

Throwback to playing flash games in school!

Very difficult but cool.

Couldn’t get past the armored gunner unfortunately - seems like I got stuck jumping…

As somebody already mentioned - instantly getting killed (rewound) from a bullet that reflected off a shield is confusing, my initial reaction was “why do I even have a HP bar if I die in 1 hit” heh.

Good job!

Good gamefeel, beautiful graphics, very haunting music… a very nice complete package for a jam game!

Wow, a surprising amount of enemies, very cool. Solid gamefeel & idea too.

Wow, what a cool idea and pretty good execution too! The level of polish, the level of feel is great. As a lot of others though, I unfortunately got stuck on the King Kong level… looking forward to a post-jam version to complete the game :)

Pretty stressful! Embarassingly, it took me a couple of blow-ups before I even noticed that there was a guidebook in the corner…

Really enjoyed the artstyle!

Ah, very cool and slick! I didn’t just want to shoot the innocent guy, so that was a very good touch to make me go back and try again to see what I missed the first time ’round.

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Lol’d at signing your e-mail “Alex (genius)”. First thing I did in-game was turn around and exit and my reaction was “oh, 2/3, not too bad!” haha.

Very funky vibes from the music. I got owned by doing the wrong action on the voice recorder the first time, good touch. Enjoyable experience, though I wish the noise bar had gone down just a bit faster :D Good job!

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Awesome to hear that - “I’m going to play again” is basically the highest tier of praise <3

Thanks a lot for playing & commenting!

The slow days worked out real well for us - an extra day of content & variety, but with no new art (for a character) needed :)

Haha, look at it this way - you were just helping people get cars for cheap, right?

Thanks a lot, glad that you enjoyed it :) We made a plan from the start to (try and) keep the scope itself (for like different mechanics) bit simpler so we could polish up the stuff we do make.

Thanks for trying it out and for all the good words! The story definitely ended up more of a “loose collection of stories” instead of one cohesive, sequential thing and that is not ideal, perhaps, haha. We’ll think of ways to maybe tutorialize the odometer more, even a single line from the characters could help…

Thanks a lot - very proud of the credits too :)

And the award for Best Styyyyyyyyyyyyle goes to… The music is a total jam and so many different sound effects too, amazing. Super rad, love me a good microgame collection.

Supremely nailed aesthetic, especially the graphics with a fun concept. Alas, I had to become a game developer :(

Would definitely check out a post-jam version!

Angry Cassette Player for Best New Character 2020. Just striking visuals on the title screen (and the Cassette Player while playing) Game itself is pretty dang brutal, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t get very far - but the visuals… awesome.

Totally fair criticism - we had bigger ideas of “work towards this” but didn’t find the time to write & implement them, so it ended up more as a loose collection of individual days/stories. But I’m very glad to hear you still liked it & enjoyed parts of it :)

Thanks, glad that you enjoyed the experience - that’s exactly what we were aiming for :)

I agree, counting game is way too difficult - as a programmer, I’m only used to 1-s and 0-s, none of this “2 3 4 5” business.

Totally fair criticism. We had grand ideas of a story of course, but didn’t have a clear outline for it and so it doesn’t really “come together” in that sense. So we kind of decided “ah, a slice-of-life” thing is fine too, and to just try our best to make the individual interactions fun but not really connected.

So - agreed. Glad you still found it fun though :)

Thanks <3 Took us quite a bit of brainstorming time to stumble upon the idea, haha. Rollback: Tallinn 1993: Expanded Edition coming soon… maybe?

Very glad to hear you enjoyed it! You know, I was originally planning to make the counting game go up to - are you ready for this ? - ten! That’s right, 10, the big 1-0. I’d love to make it into a full game… you mean the counting game, right?

Jalopy definitely has that same vibe in some, sounds like a good connection to make :)

Thanks for the kind words! I’m proud of the credits too, felt a bolt of inspiration strike when it came time to write them :D

Bug duly noted & will try to fix once the jam entries can be updated again. Thanks :)