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Are you a true detective? Pass the test!
Submitted by Kainaris, sokushageta, SergiM27 (@monreal_sergi), ShadowOmega20 — 1 hour, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#494.0634.063

Ranked from 96 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
We interpreted "rewind" as going back in your own memory and remember things. If you press one of the rewind buttons on the top left of the screen while you are answering a question, it takes you back to the room you saw, letting you see more details

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes we did. The audio, the letter fonts and the rewind camera effect were downloaded for free, and they were free to use. Everything else was made by us.

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Hey! Wonderful game! The visuals are great and it works well with the soundtrack. The mechanic of having to remember things is good for detective games and it is implemented well here. Liked the humour in this game ( especially the one after losing :D ).

I don't have anything more to say than 'awesome'!


Nice game, at first was too hard until I realise you can "rewind".


Thanks for playing!


Very nice game, with a retro design and a 1920s? music, very atmospheric. Good take on a memory game, and also on the rewind theme.


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)


Very cool game! I like the old graphics and the dialog with the detective is very funny. The concept is also great. The only thing that could be improved is the UI in the menu.
Well done!


This game was AWESOME. The concept and its implementation were amazing. I have no criticism. The humor was on point. I really liked it. The animations were a bit robotic but made in a week was very impressive. 

Could you please take the time to rate my game too? Its not as good as yours but it would mean a lot to me if you rated it.


Thank you for hiring me mr detective :) It was fun and challenging but having 3 rewinds were maybe to much. I think 2 would've been plenty.


Some people think it's too little, some think it's too much... Kinda hard to balance, but we will think about something... Thanks for playing!


Maybe ad different difficulties? :) 

You're welcome and feel free to play my game as well :) 


Thats a really well made game by you and your team


Heyyy asumí que hablaban español por sus nombres. Muy buen juegoooooo, me encantan los juegos de memoria, y creo que no había jugado uno desde pequeña (únicamente memorice). Hay muchas cosas que aprecié del juego. 

En parte de la estética, la idea de ponerle cara a los modelos 3D me recuerda a cómo se implementaban en consolas antiguas, ciertamente le da más personalidad al juego. En ningún momento se siente nada fuera de contexto, ni incomoda la baja resolución de los modelos. Los toques de humor del detective jefe, y el baile que da al final del juego son increíbles. Quizás buscaría una fuente que se adecuara más al estilo de baja resolución de los modelos. Debe ser lo único que siento que no encaja tan bien como los demás elementos. 

Al principio no me di cuenta sobre las tres oportunidades para hacer rewind, quizás una posibilidad puede ser que destaquen más en la pantalla principal (con colores que no se difundan tanto con el resto de la estética del juego). 

Diferentes cosas que aprecié del diseño del juego, fue la opción de darle skip a la intro (gracias por eso!!!), y el hecho de que las configuraciones de color, y ubicación de los objetos,  fueran cambiando en las escenas, en conjunto con las preguntas que hace el jefe. 

Creo que en general es una idea muy buena y bastante bien pulida. El movimiento del player se siente natural y no encontré ningún bug mientras lo estaba jugando. Ha sido uno de mis juegos favoritos, tanto por la estética como por las mecánicas del juego. 


Gracias por jugar! Nos alegramos de que te haya gustado tanto :)


Played through your game in this video here at 00:54:33

This may be the worse kind of game for my memory impaired self to play, but to heck with it I had fun anyway. Great PS1 style look and a nice amount of humor in the dialogue. One of the more intriguing games I've seen in this Jam so far.


Thanks for playing it! Glad you had fun :) Really happy to see that even though memory games aren't your thing, you still liked it :P


First question when I answered "I'm not sure.." holy shit!, you killed me haha, this is what I call an intro. This game has a very cool and original gameplay fitting the theme rewind 100%, and an amazing audio and art that you made yourselves. Only problem I've encountered was in the player movement when exploring the room, move direction did not match the keys I was selecting and character/camera was sometimes shaking/glitching. But aside from this bug, this is a unique and amazing  game, great job!


Yeah the movement bug happens to a few people, we are working on a fix... Thanks for playing!


Well done! PS1 era graphics. Randomized cases. I love it.


quite complete game, it was a lot of fun playing it the music and graphics are perfect love the stile, the movement was buggy but I forgive that


Loved it! The animation when the detective tells you to leave is really charming, and the whole aesthetic is great!


Great game! I streamed it too but it didn't appear on the screen for the viewers for some reason.

Other than that, a clever take on the theme.

Btw, the stream is here: 


Absolutely loved this game! Really nice use of the theme, interesting graphics and comedy! 

When I started it, I clicked through all the options to "Are you ready to pass the test" and loved the reaction to those answers. I really enjoyed replaying and really liked that the same scene was not the same at all so that kept me really on my toes. It would have been nice to have been able to have 3 rewinds per scene, but after a few retries, I noticed that I would be a lot more observant in each scene rather than trying to rely on the rewinds, so really nice job there! :) 

I personally would have loved to have more voice over for when the detective is talking since I think it would have added that extra to the game, otherwise great game! :) 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Voice-over might be added in the future, but we really didn't have time for it on the gamejam. Thanks for playing! And glad you had fun! 


Really impressed with this game!

Very innovative use of the theme, I thought the graphics were perfect for the job, loved the audio. 

When I lost the first time I thought it was going to be a chore to go through the same level again, but to my pleasant surprise things had changed! Very cool!

Minor things to improve on (i couldn't think of many, i think its a fairly perfect game haha):

>The font in the Help screen is a bit unreadable due to its pixelation (which wasn't in line with the rest of the game anyway, so not sure why that font was chosen)

>Maybe show how many incorrect guesses I have left in the UI somewhere. 

>Maybe allow an easier way to restart the scene rather than going back to the menu when the player loses.

>I thought the dialogue was really funny when I answered 'Maybe' to the first question, but then it went back to the menu and I was like 'oh...'

All those things are super minor, nothing big enough to hold back marks. Full marks! So I dont know, maybe go get a job as a developer or something ;)  Well done!

Developer (4 edits)

Thanks for the great feedback! Appreciate you took your time to write all of it:

-The font on the how to play menu turned out so pixeled on the final build, it wasn't like that in unity. It is one of the first things we will improve after the gamejam ends

-Showing how many tries you have is one of the most requested thinks, we will do it too, though we like it how it is now (you don't see how much tries you have, so it is kind of a surprise when you get kicked out), lots of people have told us that it would be better to give the player some feedback about how many "lifes" he has. So yeah, will be done in the future. 

-We wanted the detective to kick you out of the test if you didn't answer yes cause we wanted to make you feel like you must be determined to pass it. Like in real life, I guess... So we made him to kick you out and go to the main menu. 

Thanks for playing! 


On the second point: Maybe you could strike a balance: rather than showing how many 'lives' the player has, maybe just make it part of the dialogue, so rather than saying INCORRECT each time make him get more and more angry the closer you are to losing (e.g. 1st mistake "that doesnt sound right to me, you better not be lying to me", 2nd mistake "Dont lie to me again or I'll get really upset!") so when theyre on their last life you could have him say something like "I'm giving you one more chance to tell me the truth! Any more lies and you're out of here!" or something like that.  That way it sort of keeps the game in character, but still gives the player the info they need that theyre on their last warning?

On a similar note, maybe in the intro you could have him say something like "WHAT?! That's not the attitude I'm looking for! You better wake yourself up because you'll find out how angry I can get if your behaviour doesn't improve!"; something which progresses the story but lets you know this guy is a bit of a hothead haha :) 

A pleasure!


really nice game

the rooms were good the changes made to the room were also very nice.

i would really appreciate if your team could check out my game and rate it.


Really impressive work. The concept may be relatively simple, but the execution is perfect. The music, the visuals, voicelines and the dialogues all fit perfectly with the style you went for, and the random variations add some replayability to an otherwise boring second run. In the end, we even got a job


The game is polished and the gameplay is cool. What I liked the most was the atmosphere, the graphisms and the replayability. I through I will be able to finish it with no life loss, but because each detail changes when the scene is reloaded, then it's impossible...

I like the game very much, nice job !


This is a very pleasant game! I quite enjoyed looking at the rooms and had even more fun trying to remember them. I like the replayability of the same rooms, and the music and sounds add to the ambiance. Great job!


Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

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