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Sliders are a good call! I think that would be an elegant solution to the ambiguity of how much any one rope is extended too. I'm glad you liked it though! :)

This one was a blast! I beat it like 3 times for fun. This was my favourite ship design

This one was really fun! I think the mechanic of stretching the bond to get health back might not be ideal tho. It forces you to be really vulnerable when you need health so you just end up more likely to die. Everything else works really well and your presentation is great!

I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the early puzzles a lot!

That ending completely took me by surprise! I think this is the most fun game I've played so far!

Pressing keys feels really good and I like the visual gag of the mouse chord being cut, that made me laugh. The visuals and music all around are really nice.

I'm a little confused on what I'm supposed to do though? I figured out 8+any letter makes a window appear and I can type in one but I couldn't get any further (I assume that is all of the game so far which fair enough).

I like the idea of controlling a computer with 6 keys and clever combinations though. That would be cool if that's where this is/was going.

I liked the excitement of running from the rocks once they start falling. The sound design was fun, although the music could stand to have a longer loop. All in all good job!

Loved it! The animation when the detective tells you to leave is really charming, and the whole aesthetic is great!

I think this is the most polished game I've played so far, also that title is v. good.

OHOHOHOH THICK BUN! I really liked this one, it was an original take on the theme with great music and art.

I love the music and the artstyle, but I wish eating things had a nice crunchy sound effect. Also the parasite sprite is adorable 10/10 would infect myself with this cute lil horror.

I love the way you fly away at the end. The bug with bacteria spawns getting stuck in a corner meshed with the bacteria spawn cap to make a surprise mechanic no not that kind sit down EA of herding bacteria into the corner for fast XP that worked pretty well and could be fleshed out.

We're you trying the web version or the windows one? Because I couldn't get the web one to work but I thought the win build was good?

This is the best thing I've found on the randomizer so far! Super goofy but really fun.

I love the energy in the music and the prompts!

Really sweet, I hadn't heard of poem game's before and this was a very nice introduction!

No Cops Just Ruckus 2020

This was really cool! I don't know if it's because I'm just bad at bullet hells but the way the game started to overwhelm me with the large team of abominations fighting the final boss at the end felt like a cool mirroring of the confusion from reality starting to fall apart.