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A ninja in timeView game page

A ninjas time machine is stolen and he needs to get it back.
Submitted by HN_studios (@HN_studios) — 10 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Game Design#11252.4002.400

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
ATTN. Some files wasn't uploaded so a google drive link is in the description!
A ninja has his time machine stolen and follows the theif through a portal rewinding time.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes I wrote most of the code myself.

Except for an arrow, a photo of a mountain and the music I made everything myself and I have right to use everything.

I can't upload the missing files until the jam is over so I uploaded them to goggle drive
I swear I won't change anything!

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I loved the intro and the character animation, it was great. the music is also awesome :D

I believe it would have been a nice idea to add some combat to the game maybe (considering that you are a ninja with a sword) but its not a big deal.

overall, good work :D


Thank you very much for trying my game and giving feedback ^^ I'm going to tell you a secret: If you press CTRL the ninja swings his sword. There was a plan to add skeleton pieces in the first part and then real enemies in the second after you go back in time but with a lot of things I wanted to add I ran out of time ^^' I will add enemies in a future update :) 


11/10 for the animations and the intro.

On a more serious note, it's a funny little game, but it feels kinda amateurish due to some classic mistakes :
-The camera is a bit jittering when you jump or change direction, which gets annoying really fast.
-The physics and hitboxes seems a bit weird, which made the game kinda frustrating to play.

But keep going, the music was nice, and the stylistic choice was a good idea.


Thank you for trying my game and giving feedback ^^ I can tell you that I'm a total amateur since this is my first game :) And I'll take your feedback as I go forward and try to fix everything that is wrong! 


wow i like the effects and animation. so stealthy and slash. like the experience. funny twice that you are in the game. hope you give me your feedback too :)


Thank you for trying my game and giving feedback :) Of course I will ^^ 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Ahahaha I love it when devs put themselves in their games! We did it in the GMTK jam for our game Buoy Trouble, it never fails to get a laugh! The animations are really entertaining too but I think I found a bug because I didn't die whenever I touched the spikes? Not sure if that's intended behaviour or not. Anyway nice submission!


Hehehe yeah I thought people would get a kick out of it ^^ If you are talking about the first level then no it's not a bug. My thought was that the spikes are covered with wines so they don't hurt and then you go back in time and the spikes hurt you now because there are no wines ^^ 


10/10 animations xD love the crouch walk, its the best one!

The ninjas hitbox felt a little thicc along the x axis, I walked into spikes next to me and died thinking I wasn't close enough.

Generally I liked the platforming.

It was nice of you to have the spikes not kill you in the first loop but it would have been nice if you would have had one shorter level in the start instead of making the spikes harmless. 

Very charming!


Thank you for playing my game and leaving feedback :) Yes I'm very proud of the animations ^^ 

I think I need to make it more clear that you play the same course twice since you go back in time with a time machine :) Thanks again! 


Cool game! The best part is the character. It reminds me the old Mortal Kombat games (MK1, 2 and 3). Love the intro. I can see you put great effort on this game. I think also that the level design is good. well done ;) I appreciate if you rate mine too.


Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback :) Yes Mortal Kombat was the inspiration for the character ^^ 


Player animation is 5/5, this is very creative way you guys implemented the player in the game. Really love the crouching animation. Other than that it was a lil frustrating to jump to the higher platforms as they were slipper.

  Opening and ending were awesome. Wish the player was more involved in the ending like you get to stab the thief only to find you get stabbed after a couple of seconds later. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback :) 

It's actually just me who made the game with some help from my wife with the photos ^^ Yeah a lot of people have said that about the jumping so I will have to fix that in a future update :) 

And yes I want to make the ending more player involved I just ran out of time ^^'


The game had shortcomings with player feedback and gameplay, but the intro and ninja were extremely charming! I think it would be really interesting and cool if you tried to make a full fledged game based on the artistic concept you had going!


Thank you for playing and giving feedback :) 

A funny thing with the gameplay is that I think I got so used to it so it was no problem for me to play it xD But this is my first full game so I guess it's to be expected with some hiccups until I learn to code properly ^^ 

Yeah I've become really psyched  to turn this into a full game with more cutscenes, enemies and a real boss at the end :) 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

That opening really had me nice job with that :D.I loved motion captured player i remembered mortal kombat.My problems are the pause menu for some reason doesnt work, walljumping feels a little bit off.Overall really diffrent game i have ever seen in this jam.Loved the game nice work :D


Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) 


Sadly I'm not much of a platformer person so I couldn't get past the spikes on the 2nd level lol


  • The intro was cool, I haven't seen any other game with an intro like that
  • The lighting effect was interesting and added a bit of a challenge in looking carefully before I made a jump
  • Controls felt pretty good, I haven't played many platformers though so idk what wall-jumping etc is supposed to feel like. Personally I liked the wall-jumping and the different sprites for each action
  • I really liked the music, I know you didn't make it but you picked some good music that fits with the game well imo

Could be improved:

  • The first time I died I had no idea what had happened because [a] the spikes are really hard to see if you aren't looking for them, [b] there is no indication of death (sound effects, particles etc) and [c] on dying, the character sprite takes a second to appear - is it reloading the image every time you die?
  • Sound effects in general would be nice, for jumping and dying etc
  • I didn't see much to do with the rewind theme, BUT I did only get to level 2 so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since the plot seems to be related to the theme

Overall it was a nice game. Unfortunate that you couldn't upload all the files, but since you streamed my game I figured I should put in the extra effort to take a look at yours :)

ALSO: wanted to thank you again for playing my game on stream because you were able to record a major glitch! I had a look at the stream again to see what happened when the tutorial said you saved yourself, and it seems like there is a slight inconsistency in the positions of the player and bullets when it rewinds and replays. I think the positions of the bullets may be off by one frame, which doesn't affect gameplay most of the time but sometimes just one frame could allow you to move out of the way of a bullet. Wouldn't have been able to see this if you hadn't played my game on stream, so thanks :D


Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) 

Yes I wanted to add animations for dying and sound effects but I don't know how to add them and I didn't have time to do research ^^' Will add them in a future update :) 

Yeah the rewind was more in the story and the fact that going from level 1 to level 2 you go back in time. I realise that it wasn't super clear ^^'

That's awesome and I'm happy that my stream helped you find the glitch ^^  


Controls were kinda weird, also animations glitched a lot. Interesting idea tho.


Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) Could you explain in what way were the animations glitching? 


for example, when trying to jump and use sword, the animations didn't work right, it stayed in attack animation even if I was wall jumpin


Alright thank you :) I'll see if I can fix it in a future update ^^


Interesting idea to combine real-life character with 2d art.

I had some issues:

  • Walljumping feels weird and unresponsive;
  • If you release all controls and hit space while you are on a wall than the character just moves up that wall. Also you can jump higher pressing space and immediately pressing and hilding space again. I guess thus wasn't intentional and the jump force depends on how fast you press space again (gif, wait a bit for it to load);
  • Had some trouble with identifying the spikes. The circled once surely look like some kind of grass for me, so I didn't identify it as hazard (

Liked the intro, it was funny.


Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) Yes I know about the walljump and how you can just keep jumping upwards but I don't know how to fix it ^^' but there's suppose to be a double jump so the jumping by pressing space again is how it's suppose to be :) 

Yeah you are not the first to say they can't see the spikes. I will make them more visible in a future update :) 


I'm so sorry I can't playtest your game HN studios, it crashed twice on my low-end laptop. But the mocap is really good though and nice intro for the game.


Oh well thanks for trying :) 


Jeje I loved the animations, really original of you doing it like that, So sorry you couldn't upload correctly the files that may play against you, Anyways great game, 


Thank you I'm very happy with how funny they looked ^^ 

Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) 


The intro was awesome. The character was funny. I enjoyed playing it!


I'm glad to hear that and thank you so much for trying my game and giving feedback :) 


I like the introduction with real pictures. I found some issues to move the player.. sometimes the jumping wasn't perfect, also you should improve when the player collision and dies (some effects and sound)


Thank you very much for testing my game :) 

Yes I really want to add more effects to the death but I was out of time ^^' 


I unfortunately got stuck near the start, I couldn't wall jump really well in the sections with the platform covered by the green leaves.
Also the camera movement is quite annoying while wall jumping, but besides that it looked fun for what I played, and I love the animations


Oh I'm sad to hear that :/ If it's the part I'm thinking of you can mostly just jump straight up so advance :) 

Thank you very much for testing my game and I'll take your critique moving forward :D 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I am really glad I gave this game a shot even if I had to go to a google folder. Your simple but enjoyable platform level design is inspiring to a new game dev like me. I especially loved the walljumping.

The art style is incredible! I love the photographic elements! Reminds me of Mortal Kombat and it really hits a retro game vibe.

The music is perfect too for some reason, I have no reason but no objections. It just fits.

The story was a perfect way to loop a thread through the whole thing. I chuckled at that last part because I thought it was clever but I won't give any spoilers.

Really all I want is more levels! The mountain could be a lot taller if you know what I mean.

Great job!!!


Wow thank you so much for your fantastic comment :) 

Yes I was inspired by Mortal Kombat with the graphics and I'm a hobby photographer so I knew it would be faster for me to do it in photoshop than to animate. 

Yes the music is fantastic and it was made by my friend Centralgestalten on spotify (He only sings in swedish fyi)

I have some ideas for more so I might make it into a longer game ^^

Again thank you very much for trying my game :D 


I want to play your game can you please tell me how to install the game. I advise you to consider uploading a webGL build or a zipped windows build as it is quite difficult to download every file and then play.


I'm happy that you are interested in my game but I can't upload the missing files until the jam is over so I uploaded them to goggle drive :) 

This is my first game jam and I will make a webGL for next time ^^


the fact that you used actual photos for your character is really unique! But i wanted to understand how rewind was being used here, dunno if i missed on any mechanic, as it felt like a normal platformer


Thank you, that is me actually ^^

It's not in a game mechanic but it's in the story :)

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