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Your Welcome, I wish I had done the video better now I've rewatched it, but I was exhausted after work. Anyway, I hope you receive a high score for your amazing game.

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Wow this is a incredible fun game, every round I have played soo far has been random and different than the last and I love it. 


+AI Voice (I love when Bae gives me those Warnings)

+Random event and weapons (Gimme that automatic Shotgun)

+Minimalist UI (Very Retro arcade vibe with modern gameplay)

+Well Optimized to run on browser (ran smoothly like a hot knife through a butter)

+Particle effects look beautiful (Especially effect of lasers on walls)

+Score and High Score System (It's addicting trying to beat my last highscore)

+Beginner Friendly (Love the force field effect when things collide with player)

+Color Palette is on point (Objects are easy to see and distinguish)

Honestly, I can keep going on and on but will end by saying I absolutely love your game everything and you have executed your concept flawlessly. 

PS: Here is my highscore and here is a little gameplay

Wow this is a really cool concept of making weapons your hp as well. i really enjoyed switching to different weapons and thunder was my favorite. I could see it can get very out of hand when you have 4 or more weapons with the varying knockbacks, I started to get soo dizzy on the 4th level. 

Hey Panpug, thanks for the awesome comment and for noticing there is no cooldown on the damage. I'm working on making the jumping animation much smoother atm but ended up breaking my game right now, lel. 

Also great job on the awesome score, 2.8k!! 

Absolutely Wow. I was a little bored at first and died alot collecting the keys but then the timer ended and I found myself in a top down shooter Doom style game and absolutely loved it. 


+2 different game modes

+You can take it slow in the platformer and go crazy in the shooter

+Potions effects were cool and helpful

+Music in amazing and changes every time

+Variety of Demons spawning

+Screen transition is cool

+Boss fight was awesome


-Potions spawns outside of walkable terrain when close to the walls

-Found the platformer harder  (Died10 times ) than the Top down shooter (Died once)

-Found a bug when you died in the platformer just as your about to get into the shooter, your character is stuck at one place, along with the timer.

thanks for playing and being my 20th reviewer. I will definitely rate your game and provide honest feedback.

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Will only take 1 min of your time and will rate yours too Rate Jumpo by Asim for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 -

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+Standing in front of library opens tutorial text

+Tutorial is clear and easy to understand

+Milk recover hp

+Barrage of panic potions throws

+Random effects of potions (Love when the knights becomes tiny and cute)

+Satisfying sound when you eat or drink (siiipp-aahhhh)

+You can Mario jump on enemies heads

+Rewarded when you take risk (Jumping on enemies heads)

+Checkpoints (God Bless you man)

+Animations of player and knights are superb

+Levels gets progressively harder (but not too difficult to complete the game)


-Constant noise of potion breaking is annoying (Maybe its intentional ?)

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The intro is very good and I like how there is a bit of story before the actual gameplay. While playing I kept thinking to myself wouldn't it be better if I died before I get to Hades ? I don't think there will be sunshine's and rainbows there waiting for me. 

The control are easy and I like how the gameplay gets incrementally harder. 

The music sort of changes from one side of my headphone to the other and i noticed using surround sounds helps a bit. 

I wasn't too upset, just a little sad that I had spent all of my money on a single upgrade.

This is an incredibly well-crafted game, and as someone who has produced several games in the past,  I still struggle to make simple and elegant games as this. My friend, you have a lot of talent and promise. I eagerly await your future games.

What a one-of-a-kind experience; I had a great time creating harmony in your universe, and the music is so peaceful that it reminds me of meditating. The puzzles are basic and easy to comprehend, which is refreshing given that most of the time they are the reverse. 

I also liked how the background varies depending on how chaotic the world is. 

I got a headache from turning myself upside down for soo long. This felt like playing Tetris with sentences and words, haha great job. 

I can see why you would make this game haha, its funny, realistic, music is upbeat. 

Although while playing I found it a little hard to break the windows and upload viruses with soo many employees around. 

Kids, a day job, and game dev + a paid project, you don't seem to sleep, bro xD. And I couldn't forget Rewind Madness, which was one of my favorite games at Brackeys Jam last year. PS: You should post your music on SoundCloud, YouTube, or both!! It's fantastic!!

Had a go a few times and the game is really fun but it is hard to tell when the bar is full so I always lose when changing around the second time.  If you had the bar change colors from green to red it would be really helpful. Other than that I really enjoyed the music and  rhythm game. 

Haha, at first I thought I had to shoot at veggies at the employees but I noticed I had to shoot it at the giant customers. It's a funny gameplay and unique. 

I don't know if other people are getting this bug or if its just my browser issue(Microsoft Edge) but I get this error and the game just stop after that. 

I did manage to win after I had to restart 2 times. :D

Thank you :)

Thanks for the feedback , I'm working on fixing it.

thank you :3

Love the paper art style , reminds me of South Park and My Beautiful Paper Smile. The game play is also rather unique in the fact your supposed to do a controlled chaos. I have to admit it was a bit difficult for me to get all the mice and i didn't manage to get very far but I will rate this game very highly for its uniqueness. 

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Fun game!! It's similar to your last year's submission in a way both games are chaotic but in this game you create chaos as a rebel teen and in Rewind Madness you try to maintain it as a middle aged man. 


  • Top down view (Reminds me of GTA Chinatown wars)
  • YOU MADE EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF!! hats off to you brother
  • AND YOU HAVE KIDS TO TAKE CARE OFF!! wow how did find the time, impressive. 
  • 3d characters models looks clean 
  • Pause button comes in handy 
  • Browser and Windows builds are appreciated 
  • Music is dope, its insane you manage to make it this good music along with everything else.
  • ChAOS METER's chaotic animation looks super cool  
  • Love the destruction!!!! 


  • The traffic light box is difficult to spot since it blends in with the walkway. (It would be awesome if you could alter the colour to make it more visible or have a floating pointer on it.)
  • You can fall off the edge of the map, haha sort of like I did here 

PS: Also tried making the cops fall with me but they were too smart for that, haha. 

Wow that's an amazing score!! and thanks for playing my game soo much!! 

It warms my heart that you enjoy my submission even though it is nothing like the submission I made last year, haha and I'm also so glad you remember my game Hell Gates  :D.

This game is so enjoyable that I lost count of time. Nonetheless, I see a significant improvement between this and unstable.

I know that feeling very well.. haha and it was great what you managed to accomplish regardless. 

It's a fun game that's also well-made. In addition, the usage of sharks adds to the sense of urgency. The mechanics are basic, but I enjoy the idea that a well-timed net may bring in two or more resources. The music and the sound effects of sharks biting are excellent! Despite this, I didn't see the objective of fishing while playing the game because I didn't see how it helped unlike the harpoon or wooden boards.

Here is a screenshot of my progress, kinda forgot to use the harpoon so i had a lot of it stashed away, lol. 

Amazing work for your first game. I didn't noticed any bugs and everything played out very smoothly. Although when i was spent a lot of money on upgrading the spawn area at once, it felt like it didn't do much. So e.g. 400 gold spent 5 times on blog spawn but just added one extra spawning place. Either ways itsa good game, love how you can upgrade the map, weapon + spawning. 

Great game, I love the art especially. It looks very simple and well fitting for the game. Music is also nice and wasn't too repetitive or annoying (nice choice on that). 

It also felt like playing where is waldo when you get clues of what Ivan may look like. Bonus points for also making every game feel different, i was going to cheese it the second time around and talk to the same person on the event area where I found Ivan  but i was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't him.

 Only difficult bit was when characters are too close to the edge and when you click on them, it takes you to the next area instead of talking to them. 

I really feel the pain of postal admins now. Your game started easy but oh boy after week 5 it got down and dirty.  Did you also pick the sound on purpose, it was driving me literally insane not going to lie, haha. 

I was really bored the first 10 times or so when nothing happened but decided to stick through it and it started getting more creepier from then on. This is the type of game that makes you want to look behind when walking and makes you question am i prepared for what's ahead ? I would say the shadow people or dolls made it less creepy for me later on, more than anything the sounds were much scarier. 

Also, love the shout out in the end to play other people's game. That's awesome!!

butterflies fluttering > global warming. Wake up people, its the butterflies that are destroying the world. 

Your game takes a whole new meaning to the phrase taking out the trash, lol literally. Fun game, love the trash bag animation and  how you collect trash to fight trash in a sense.  Map is really huge with lots of different terrain and the whole place kind of feels like a garbage dump (I mean this in the best possible way :D).

I tried my best to win but couldn't beat the giant trash bag bosses, even when i shot them with 40 different items. I guess they are immortal or have massive hp. 

Going against the norm nicee. It was a unusual experience playing your game where you have to lose many times to win. I wanted to win the mini games by instinct but had to keep myself from doing it D: 

I found golf the hardest to lose and spin the wheel after that but its incredible how you managed to squeeze 4 mini games into one game. I will definitely say its 5 stars for the theme and innovation.

Thank you, I love hardcore players like you who try to beat the odds. 

It appears that everything worked out for the best, and it was interesting to hear your thought process. I'll definitely play your game again while I'm drunk or something to be even more tripped out, hehe.

Wow that is incredible. Thank you for making the effort to hack my game & proving the screenshot, deleting the character was the best way to go.  I will put "Sneaksy" as one of the top score when the jam is over :)), (Current Top Scores are Dummy data :D) 

Your amazing bro, even I struggle to get over 1000 points, most of the time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and thanks for your kind words :-)

It was my pleasure bro :D and I wish everyone would do this instead of commenting nice game or generic one liner comments. 

Thank you as well for making a kick ass game, I really really enjoyed my time playing it, also had a moment of reflection while playing your game where I found myself thinking "huh.. games are supposed to be fun."  

Additionally, If you've seen Naruto, it felt a bit like when Kabuto is battling Tsunade and his nerves are briefly disrupted in the fight, forcing him to swiftly adjust to manipulating other portions of his body in order to make the necessary fighting movements. In some ways, I felt like Kabuto when the controls in your game changes.  This video skips a bit but the reference at 3:38 mark if your interested. 

Your game reminds me alot of Realm of the Mad God. I really love the music and random effects when you kill the enemies. The game is crazy chaotic and I like how the effects are sometimes in your favor and other times its really bad like when multiple enemies die and do aoe bullets! ITSA MAAMMAA MIA!!

Overall, a great game that fits in incredibly well together. I just love the animations and how the player/enemies wand levitates close to their body. I remember making that for my game for Unexpected Jam called "Wizards Life" last year and had alot of trouble implementing it but its good to see you had time to implement it smoothly along with everything else.