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react-native beginner tutorials :D

Hi Igor, Long time no see. Thanks for the tip man. I have no idea why my university taught me java after C# xD.

np dude, I appreciate you trying though. 

Hey Voidsay, it is a pleasant surprise meeting you here. I see you're also participating in this jam as well, will look out for your game. Btw I meant Java not JavaScript. 

CS student recently learned Java language and I want to improve more using this language. So any thoughts on game dev using Java , I know its not a real game engine but I just want to test it out atm.

very hard combat

cant seem to progress after the platform falls.

Wait what just happened ? This feels like GO but in a tic tac toe way.

I wanna play more, its soo well made.

Paranoia level 11/10

Here is my letter to the Dons.

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Would have given 5/5 if the hero were faster down the stairs and the voice lines didnt repeat soo much. It got a little annoying when you hear 3 dialogues at once but good effort though. One of the few games here with actual dialogues. 

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aww... thanks for the wholesome feedback, appreciate it <3

thanks cute anime girl

Too much text for me but this is definitively unexpected. I dont know if there was a racing game like this for GB and the music reminds of playing pokemon long time ago. 

well its chess vs yourself. 

Nice, thanks for playing till the end. I wanted to stop the knife rotation so it doesn't hit the wizard but I failed so you can now shoot yourself with magical knife :d . Good Choice on the House, everyone expect Hubblebuff House is a winner. 

No problemo, Glad to see your very dedicated to patching your game dude.

This girl reminds of Yuno from Future Diary

The game was going to be called "Kill the magic girls" at first, inspired by twitch thots but i didn't want to draw thots all day so I switch the game into something else. I wanted to do something with the big orc but ended up just leaving him to complete other levels. 

I didnt expect people to do naruto runs haha

Wow this game really surprised me. I usually avoid games with lolis but I'm glad I played this one. The ending was very unexpected indeedy xD

Honestly, I was really excited to play your game after following your tweets and it didn't disappoint me. I had to restart the game 3 times though because of the bugs in Chapter 2 and 3. In Chapter 2 I was moving and reading at the same time which could have prompted the bug. So I just pressed E to open and Space to put away the pages without moving to progress. In the third Chapter there was a bug when I interacted with the ace of spades before reading the book which made the picture of Daemon disappear completely. So I had to restart again and read the book and hide the card which worked fine. 

I had alot of fun playing your game and the ending twist was very unexpected. Great job guys :D

I'm soo happy to hear your feedback even though my game definitely lacks the polish compared to your game. I wanted to make more levels based on your house choice so the wizard can have different endings based on your choices but I got burned out near the end so didnt have time to complete it. Silderman is a strong house but they have alot of bad wizards in that house so be careful.

Nothing too fancy :D

Mamma mia! This game izza very gooda. 10/10 voice acting. Love the fact that Game title Text looks like Skyrim and Music sounds like its from Subnautica. Also, I don't think its worth pirating game now , I don't need existential crisis :V

Thanks for getting rid of those pesky orcs for me :D. Yes, you do deserve to go to jail for a long long time xD

Your game is very addicting because I'm a sucker for games with high scores and I now realise how shitty it must be to be a bard in the 1600 having to deal with diabolus in musica.

I had soo much fun playing this game. Although A and D were useless while in airborn which made it kind of hard in certain areas but your checkpoints were well placed to counter that. Only problem I have with the game is that it should be named What The Goose because Goose are Big Ducks if you get what i mean ;)

haha thanks, Im glad you got that far in the game :D

aww thanks my dude. 

I also would have preferred Space to dash instead of shift. It was a bit hard to dash with my pinky. I would say normal was too hard for me but I didn't want to beat the game in easy. Gamer pride :v

This game reminds me of the Turing test and Rewind. I enjoyed playing it very much but had to stop after the room with 3 cubes and a giant pillar in the middle. Couldn't handle the motion sickness, unfortunately. 

Thanks dude, I can tell that you have a Big PP.

I wrote a random email and now i cannot play. Great music though. 

I expected that but I'm just a ingenious high IQ individual with a big pp. 

I also found it very annoying as well. I spent alot of time trying to fix that but cinemachine doesn't work well with how i set up the knife controls. After a few hours of trying to fix that I gave up and went to work on different levels. 

I had the same problem , I couldn't play the game after Gandhi stop responding. I didn't have the screen flashing bug though in my screen. Other than that game was great for 2 min. 

that will be too much effort. Play on fullscreen or windows.