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I see.
Well, not really, but I'll review the detection system to try and understand what went wong.
Thanks for the video, that's really helpful.

The second part is not a glitch, that's a conscious design.
I wanted the rewind to be a full reset of the enemies, including their chase mode, because it's annoying when you have a monster chasing you and it never stops even after losing track of you. Kind of like in infiltration games, where if you hide, the enemies will end up going back on their scheduled way.

Glad you liked it, and sorry about the collider. As already said on other comments, it'll be fixed this week end.

Rated and commented. The world needs more puns.

Rated and commented, good game.

11/10 for the animations and the intro.

On a more serious note, it's a funny little game, but it feels kinda amateurish due to some classic mistakes :
-The camera is a bit jittering when you jump or change direction, which gets annoying really fast.
-The physics and hitboxes seems a bit weird, which made the game kinda frustrating to play.

But keep going, the music was nice, and the stylistic choice was a good idea.

Loved it, mostly because of the changelog pun.

The only thing that I didn't like was the "12 coins to move through certain walls".
Because it's the only mechanic that feels like a mechanic instead of a random glitch that happened.

But the whole concept is really cool, I'd love to see a more fleshed out game with this idea.
And again, great pun.

Yeah, somebody else already said that there is a problem with the last collider.
I'm not really sure what cause this problem, but it'll be fixed in a small update after the jam ends.

As for the theme, we wanted to take a different approach than the time or tape rewind, since everybody would go with this. (not that it's a bad thing, it even made some great games, but I personally like twisting themes).
That's why we went with the robots, since rewind originally meant "wind-up again".
Though I concede that it's a bit of a stretch.

Many thanks for your comment, I love this kind of detailed feedback.

Rated and commented, really nice work.

Great game, and an amazing job from your team.
Lots of contents, and with some nice polish.

I had some small problems :
-The jumping sound was pretty low in volume compared to all the other sounds, which is a bit weird.
-That fact that you can't shoot behind you makes shooting and moving pretty stiff, which is a downer.
-The "shooting range levels". (and overall the fact that there is quite a focus on the enemies). I don't understand, since your game works way better as a puzzle platformer. Precise moves and shoots seems to be neither the focus of the game, nor a good match with the controls. So, those levels were disapointing for me.
-Okay, this may seem weird but I feel that the game ends "too early", or have too much content. What I mean is that your are still teaching new mechanics even during the last levels. (spoiler if anybody is reading this before finishing the game) :
For instance, the self rewind comes in pretty late into the game. The revive with a delayed orb is only used once. Or the fact that the shots go through objects that don't have a previous state, which is only used for the penultimate level.
I understand what you're going for, but it's not that great to teach new things to a player up to the end, since it makes these mechanics feel underused.

However, these are all really minor things.
Again, your game is great, and these critics are merely to point at the details that could be improved to make it an even more awesome game.

I'll try to play it but can not promise since I'm alone.
Will try a solo play to at least see the mechanics if I can't.

Great game, had a lot of fun playing it.

A bit sad that the rewind doesn't seem to do much (though beint a way to save yourself is still nice).

But other than that, really nice game.
Loved the spherical level and the fact that you see the shots following the curve.

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Here is my game :

Will try to play yours during the day.
Edit : Done, great game.

Cool game.

Was a bit apprehensive that it would need to know/understand ciphers, but thanksfully it was way easier than that.
The audio was really good, with some great work on the ambiant sound , even with the different styles.

The only thing that I didn't like was that there is no real point to listening to the tapes. I mean, the dialogues are funny, but once you understand that it's onyl about the hidden messages, you can fast forward through everything as a way to speed up and get any slowed down word, and rewinding when you hear something that seems reversed. So, it was a bit of a letdown, that what seems to be most of the work can be safely ignored.

But overall, really nice game, I liked playing it.

Here is mine :

Currently downloading yours.

Hi again everybody.
We still need two ratings, to get above the necessary 20.

So, that would be great if anybody could give said rating to us, in exchange for a review, of course.

Thanks in advance.

That's the spirit.
And the game after the next will be even better.

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Rated and commented too, great job.

Really good game, with quite a lot of levels.

I had two small problems :
-Some background objects felt like they were part of the level, which created some confusion. Like in one level you have a vertical grey bar that seems to be blocking the access to a keycard, but it's only background.
-The walljumpy/wallsticky thing felt pretty bad. It wasn't useful in my whole playthrough, and its only function was to make me miss some double jumps. I don't really understand this mechanic.

Other than that, great work, lots of content, good idea.
Quite the nice game.

Rated and commented.

Done, rated and commented.

Err... What ?

I understand wanting to make a serious game (even though you missed a lot of what's making this year fun).
But, how did it fit with the gameplay ? What's the link between a blob dodging spikes and a recap of the current year ?

Anyway, as for the game proper, it didn't feel great to control. Mostly because of that jerking move of your camera whenever the character changes its direction. You should make this movement waaaaay smoother.
And... Well, I don't have much more to say, this game confuses me.
But it seems to be your first game, so that's understandable.

Keep going and improving.

Well, 3GB was quite a lot to download, and i'm not sure the ultra realistic visuals were necessary, though it makes the game pretty.

I don't have much to say about the game, it was fun, but a bit short.
I didn't really understand how it fit the theme, until I looked at the submission page.
There is a lack of indications as to what can and can't be shrunk, but it never got too much of a problem.
And I laughed a lot because of the music. Like, calm down orchestra, I'm putting rocks in the trash, not fighting thanos.

So, overall, pretty good, though I'd like a longer and a bit uglier game rather than having something that big for only three short levels.

Okay, tried it again and updated my rating.
It feels way better when you know how to shoot.
The bullets were a bit small, and hard to see with the VCR effect, so be careful with that.
The checkpoint mechanic felt pretty weird. Any reason to use this "closest check" rather than classic checkpoints that needs you to touch them ?

And again, take note for your next games, don't try hiding keys from your player, even more when they need them to play.

But hey, when you know the controls, your game gets kinda good, so nice work here.

Rated and commented, loved it.

Great game, loved playing it, and hope there'll be more of it.

Some slight problems :
-I didn't like starting the game, 'cause I was vibin with the menu music.
-There is a bit of jittering when a text starts.
-Some spelling errors but not a lot though.
-The hint menu got pretty annoying. First because it moves too slowly, which makes finding two hints that are far appart a bit frustrating. But mostly, the fact that the menu closes every time you try to match two hints. When you want to try a lot of things, it gets really annoying. Though I guess it's linked to the fact that it triggers a dialogue.

Other than that, really good project. I loved the fourth wall breaking, though you should tone it down a bit, since it's a kind of humor that has a fast decay when used too much.
Overall, it almost felt like a demo for a "real" project, instead of something made for a game jam.

Again, great work.

Rated and commented.

Well, I give up.

Really tried to get into the game, but the level 9's missiles were way too annoying.
The comments are talking about shooting, but I didn't find any way to do that, even by trying all the keys.
So, I ragequitted.

From the little that I played :
-It didn't really feel like a rewind. Sure the controls and level numbers are in reverse, but the physics are working as usual, the missiles are going from a launcher and straight toward a point. If you wanted to make a rewinding game, you should have though about everything in reverse, so for instance the missiles should be going from their end wall backward into the launcher, to really give this feeling.
-The jump felt way too floaty. This made the missile section even worse, since you either end up not jumping fast enough, or staying too long in the air and getting caught up by the other missiles. But you said that there is a fix ready, so I'll try it again after the jam.
-If the shooting button exists, it's a bad idea. I get the point of trolling with a secret way to do this. But since it seems to be a core mechanic, as you suggest it as a way to get past those pesky missiles, it gets really frustrating.
-The polish part felt weird. Like, the graphisms are really basic, and there is no sound from what I've seen. But the static/vcr visual effect was great, which made the mix feel strange.

Overall, it's fixable and not a bad game per se, but you need to work on your difficulty curve.
So, I feel that there is work, and it could become a nice game, but it needs to be fixed first.
But keep creating game, it was a good first attempt.

Rated and commented, great game.

Great game, wish there was more of it.

My only gripe with it would be that the spikes' hitboxes feels a bit too bit, mostly for those that are on a vertical wall. It made me die with the feeling that I didn't touch the spikes, in level 6 and 7, which also created a clone, that made me miss the original clone that I was aiming for.

Other than that, really nice, loved playing it.

Rated and commented, nice game.

Felt dumb playing this game, I didn't realize you could shoot in the opposite direction and then rewind the bullet so that it goes past you and into an enemy until the last level.  So, that felt way more challenging, by trying to shoot a bit off of the enemies and then bait them into the path of a bullet.

Anyway, that was a nice game. It feels like a beginner's game, but a really well made one.
By that I mean that you've got your core gameplay pinned down, but the polish is lacking :
-You start by telling the player to shoot but don't tell that you use the mouse/LMB. Which is weird since you though about telling that RMB is the rewind.
-The fact that there is no music makes the game seem barebone. Next time you should try to find a public domain BGM, at least. Same for the background, you should try to use a generic image if you can't draw, but it's always better to not have a simple unity background/basic rectangles as walls.
-There is no UI or infos about your progression. That can be a choice, but something like a message in the middle of the screen telling you at which wave you are when you start could make it a bit better.
-There is no way to quit your game beside alt+F4. Be careful with that, it's easy to overlook but it'll be needed in your more complete games. In the same vein, the ending lacks a "get back to the title screen" button.
-Finally, for the boss, you should be careful with your spawning of lesser foes. It's really frustrating to die because an enemy spawned on top of you. So, you should try either wait if the player is too close to a spawn point, or make the enemy appear a bit further away.

So, as you can see, it's all small details, but it's those details that makes a game go from good to great.

So, overall, really good job, even more for what seems to be your second game.
Next time, try to think more about the polish.

Rated and commented.
Good job.

Well, for the collider during rewinded, you should remove it if it serve no purpose.
However, if you do something more with the rewind, and it becomes useful, by all means keep it.

Right now it's not even a real "problem".
It just feels a bit weird when it moves some crates, but it isn't a big deal.

Nice project, even more since it seems to be your first game.

I had some problems with it, but they are minor and easily fixable :
-The physics felt a bit wonky. Mostly when I try to walk on a floor that's a bit higher than me. And some cases of crates getting stuck in the wall (which gets pretty annoying for level 6).
-You should disable the collider of the cat when you rewind. It's weird that you can push crates while going back, though it never created a bad situation for me.
-The "end" key is really not good to use. unintuitive and weirdly placed.
-When in a dialogue (mostly for the food), you should lock the character in place, instead of locking it into its movement. This can kill the player sometimes, like if you get the food with a jump but there are spikes ahead.
-The main music has a strange start that gets annoying really fast. Even more since it loops back every room/death, instead of going on.

However, the level design was nice, the system is working, and you've got a good amount of levels.
So, overall, that's quite a good work.

Yes, you are supposed to go back to the entrance without getting caught.
I'll keep in mind the idea of turning the enemies off when you turn the key, didn't think about it during the dev.

As for the difficulty, yeah.
It seems to be the most common thing to say about the game, so I'll make sure to fix that if a v2 is made.
Probably more checkpoints and slow down the enemies.

My connexion is way too bad to download 3GB, so I'll try getting it overnight.
So, will rate it asap, but it'll take some time.

Tried it against myself, due to a lack of friends.

The game seems nice and fun, platform fighters are great to play with other people.

Some problems that I had :
-If you go to the "how to play" screen, it then goes to the stage select, with no infos about how the rewind works and the super power of being hit by jam.
-The knife attacks seemed underwhelming. Mostly the melee one, which had quite a short range. Given the concept, I think it would have been better to have attacks that focus on the physics, in order to move the enemy and/or the jars so that they collide into each others.
-The binding for player 2 seemed a bit weird, I had to extend my hand to move and use the keys at the same time. It's still playable but less confortable than player 1.

Will try again and update if I find somebody to play, at least to see what kind of tricks you can do with the jars.

Overall, from what I saw, great work.

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Er... You put the link to this thread in your message, instead of your game.
But I found it, it's loading right now.

Edit : Rated and Commented, albeit with a solo test.

Rated and commented, nice game.

Had a lot of fun playing this. Probably my favourite game of the jam so far.

Though, I have some questions :
-Is there a way to lose ? I didn't seem to find one, and as such, it made the game feel infinite with no real purpose to continue. Even more since VHS are coming way faster than you can rewind them, which results in a depressing growing stack of 200 vhs.
-What is the point of the "Level 1" ? And the money ? I played for quite some times, but the first one never changed, and the other was only going up, so both felt pointless.
-Also, does every genre has the same odds of appearing ? Cause I was drowned by action/adventure/comedies, but didn't see a western or a fiction until I was at something like 700$, while they were empty. So, I don't know if I'm just being unlucky, but that was weird. If it's fully random, you should try tweaking it so it tends to favor your empty/close to empty genres.
-How is the character fat, with his day job making him run 400km, with stairs, every day ?

But as I said, that game was a lot of fun. Graphisms were good for a jam, and I was impressed by the work on the background. The music is quiet enough to not becoming painful after too many loops, while also being quite long, for jam standards.

So, in the end, I realized there wasn't a collider on the exit of the store, and made my character quit his job to become the marathon runner he always was meant to be.