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Mechanical WondersView game page

Little horror game - Brackeys Jam 2020
Submitted by Dr Umbrus (@DrUmbrus) — 12 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#3383.5193.519

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The main mechanic is that enemies have to frequently rewind themselves to remain active.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Did the code myself. Modified assets for the sounds. All the visuals and the music were made from scratch.

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The atmoshpere was really great I felt that And the story too. Really fun played it. The only problem I had is the menu was cutted out maybe thats because my screen resolution only 1366x768 and not 1080p. The cut only happen in menu screen and the cutscene, the game itself is fine and still playable. Just the screen problem I had everything else was good and beautiful :D


I had problems with the last collider so I never got to see the end :( and I found another glitch. If you make a robot chase you and stand behind a wall after the rewind they will not chase you and they do not hurt you. Besides that I think it was a really enjoyable game and I think it looked great! 


The second part is not a glitch, that's a conscious design.
I wanted the rewind to be a full reset of the enemies, including their chase mode, because it's annoying when you have a monster chasing you and it never stops even after losing track of you. Kind of like in infiltration games, where if you hide, the enemies will end up going back on their scheduled way.

Glad you liked it, and sorry about the collider. As already said on other comments, it'll be fixed this week end.


Yes they went back but they never chased me again. I could stand right in front of one and it didn't hurt me at all. 


Here's a video


I see.
Well, not really, but I'll review the detection system to try and understand what went wong.
Thanks for the video, that's really helpful.


I really like it! Not many games have such a deep story. The art is nice and animations are detailed. Great job!


I love this game! :)

Managed to get close to the end, but right here there somehow is an invisible collider blocking my path. Tried to re-activate the pipes in the middle of the giant robots but nothing changed.

This is the only game I've tried that has such a deep story feeling to it, and that's super fun to play & try to get to the end! I love the robot mechanics & scenes that change when activating pipes :)

It has a secret, mysterious feeling to it, would have loved to get to the end and see what it was all about, if it wasn't for that invisible wall sadly.

The checkpoint system was a game changer in terms of fun, at first I thought I had to restart the entire level again, but when I realised there was a checkpoint I got the will to continue playing & try to finish it.

The audio & art are awesome even if they're simple. They go really well together to give the castle, ancient secret robots feeling.

For the theme I don't really think it fits the rewind category, but I certainly enjoyed the robot "rewind" timer mechanic.

Overall really loved playing this game, it really felt like a game, and I enjoyed the mysterious feeling of the story! Amazing job for this game jam :)


Yeah, somebody else already said that there is a problem with the last collider.
I'm not really sure what cause this problem, but it'll be fixed in a small update after the jam ends.

As for the theme, we wanted to take a different approach than the time or tape rewind, since everybody would go with this. (not that it's a bad thing, it even made some great games, but I personally like twisting themes).
That's why we went with the robots, since rewind originally meant "wind-up again".
Though I concede that it's a bit of a stretch.

Many thanks for your comment, I love this kind of detailed feedback.


Interesting game! Exploring the mansion was fun :) My only issue is some objects have too big colliders, for example tables and some bookshelfs.Overall great game :D


This game has a interesting story! The information you gather from the various items in the mansion gives a lot more depth and really fleshes things out. I couldn't get to the end because I kept getting caught but you can just tinker around with the difficulty by doing more playtesting. It would also be nice to have a visual indicator to see how wound the enemies are and how much time there is. Overall really interesting submission! I hope you continue working on this!

Submitted (1 edit)

I had a lot of fun playing your game. The art looks nice and the sounds fit very well. I think the story is very nice. Overall a great game. Good Job!

I´ve submitted a local multiplayer game: I would be happy to get your feedback on it. :-D  (I also commented on your topic)


I do not usually play this kind of game, it isn't really my thing.  But I found it fun for a while, the game feels very unforgiving when i comes to getting caught, mostly when caught when trying to exit the room after spinning the thing. 

The story element was nice.


Yes that was cool ! love the graphics and the story part! the gameplay is quite simple but that's work ! Congrats !


I can't believe that was built in a week! Really impressive. Loved pretty much everything!


That was awesome !! Gave you all my stars good sir, I was really into it !
Musics were so great, and the story was entertaining. I loved the robots mechanics and I was like...really into it ! Almost couldn't stop ! Well Done !!


Hey, cool game! It was really fun playing it. Congrats on the jam! Rated.


Very nice game! I really enjoyed playing it. Only thing I'm hoping you could fix is the difficulty. Enemies walk way too fast and players field of view is too small. You die almost every time you see an enemy. Unless you have some quick reflexes or get lucky and an enemy stops to rewind itself.

I managed to get to turn the key in one room but I did not know what to do next. Do I have to run back to the door without dying? Maybe you could stop all the monsters once key has been turned to allow player safely return to the main room. :)

Graphics were awesome and I liked music too.


Yes, you are supposed to go back to the entrance without getting caught.
I'll keep in mind the idea of turning the enemies off when you turn the key, didn't think about it during the dev.

As for the difficulty, yeah.
It seems to be the most common thing to say about the game, so I'll make sure to fix that if a v2 is made.
Probably more checkpoints and slow down the enemies.


The game looks so cool! I really like the menu and the enemies. I think it's a bit hard to avoid the enemies and it was exhausting to start the level from the beginning every time. Also, when you enter the range of the enemy, it's starting to follow you and it looks a bit weird cause it walks above the wall.

Anyway, I had some fun playing it. You made something cool. Good job :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Your game had a really mysterious touch, good job. I really liked the art and music, though you still should improve them, i really could see how much effort you put in the game.

But sometimes the movement and sight was a bit tricky by some walls, you really should look how other games like yours handle wall collision, player sight etc.

And maybe you make the levels at the begin smaller, maybe first with only one enemie and more explanation about the strange grandfather.

This is my game, would be nice to get some feedback


Nice game

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