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A very good experiment, made in only 2 days ! Game is interesting, a tutorial would have been a + but the main mecanic is easy enough to understand. Game is challening and addictive, I liked it !

Thank you so much for playing, that means a lot !

I loved it ! Controls were very, very responsive and the mood of the game is on point. The levels are nice and varied, the design is great and the visuals are beautiful.
A very solid entry !

I loved it !! Fun and original, really loved it !

Fun to play ! Controls are a bit uneasy sometimes; but the game is minimalist and well well done !

Nice idea, well executed ! I loved playing through it, the music and audio were on point too !

Hi there !
Thanks for that review :D Yeah I get your point on the movements, I really wanted it to feel like an old PNClick aha !
Thanks a lot !

Thank you for playing !

Wow that's a very very nice review <3 Thank you so much !

Thank you for playing ! :D

Thanks a lot for that review and the bug spotting ! Thanks for playing !

Thanks !!

Thanks a lot !
Aha yeah I tried you know to use some codes to make it easier to understand but I guess it didn't hit the marj !

Thank you so much for playing !
Yeah, I get you on the arrow thing...I wanted it to have a very 'old pnclick' mood y'know ! Thanks a lot !

Hey thank so much :D
I might release it on mobile, why not !

Yeah, knowing the code allows to open the chest, by 'pick uping' it ;)
I understand your criticism though ! I really wanted it to feel like an old PNClick <3
Thanks for playing and for your review !

Thank you for that nice review !

Thank you so much for these kind words !

Ahah sorry for that, I swear I'll update it at some point with a line !
Thank you for playing !

Ohhh the Heatley Bros music <3 <3 love it !
Game was fun and basic, well developed too ! Well done !

I liked it ! And well done for a first game jam !
Font was a bit hard to read, and the feedback on some enemies could have been improved, but still, a good job for a first one !

A bit hard to understand everything, art was very cool though and the music was neat !

Visuals and music are on point ! THe game is a little hard to play though, but I still played through it !

It was a good game ! Art and music are cool, gameplay is well done. I enjoyed playing it !

Very good game. Visuals are on point, concept is clear and simple, puzzles are great. Well done on all of that.

Very cool game. Concept is neat, art is neat. Music was great and sound design too ! I loved it !

Yeah, good game ! A bit hard at points, but the concept is good, the visuals are basic but great...well done !

Good game indeed. Levels are easy to understand, the puzzles are on point..for a first puzzle game, that's impressive !
I would had a bit more of a polish to the game, some animations, some things you know, just for polish...but that was great.

Very cool. Like, very cool
Art is great, music too ! I loved the concept <3 I enjoyed playing it a lot !

Music and art are very very good. I loved playing through, even though the timer might be a bit loose as you can just rush and keep dying and still make it out ahaha
Nonetheless, that was good and a good concept !

Music is good and concept is fine ! I played through some levels and definitely had fun.
Only problem for me :  controls are a bit clunky and some plateforms just...don't collide well. But great entry nonetheless !

Polished and very good puzzle game. These are the kind of entries I love, as I can't distinguish if they were done for a jam or just by an independant pro developer.
I really have nothing more to say, levels are great and well designed...well done !

Very good game. Concept is very cool and original ! Everything looks so polished, and I had a blast. Nothing to had, it's a very good arcade game.

Poor turtles...I killed more of them than the detritus I'm afraid...well...
I had fun ! Game is good, controls are basic but fun, design is great ! It lacks a bit of a music I have to admit, but nonetheless, good entry ! (oh and props for the nice message )
And here we go !
Going on yours !
You're right to ask !
here you go !
Here ! Here!