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Hello, we're looking for an audio designer and I think you'll be a good asset to the team.

You can contact me on discord: HadiLePanda#2789

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Hello, would be happy to team up to make a fun little project :) I have previous jam submissions and have a lot of experience with Unity.

My main role is coding and managing the project. We can cooperate while you mainly work on game design and art.

I have an irl friend joining to have a small little group to have fun and learn together.

Discord: HadiLePanda#2789

Hahaha thanks for playing <3

Thanks for playing ^^

Played & rated, I liked your game concept. Here's ours:

Nice concept! Was fun to play until I noticed that I couldn't enter the portal, tried killing the skeletons but the hit registering were hard to grasp. The cutscene at the beginning feels weird since there was no sound/dialogue and wasn't skippable.

I liked the effects & visual style and effect of the sword!

It's a bit buggy in general, but with some work I would really enjoy playing this kind of game :)

Played & rated, really liked your game well done :) Here's ours:

Really nice game! Everything from art to gameplay to the relevance of the theme are really well put together. I also liked the story a lot, having a coherence & message behind it. Great work! :)

Played & rated, really liked the story feeling of your game! Here's ours:

Great game! Was really fun to play & the story was interesting! The art could be improved, but I like the overall coherence, sound and level design. Good job :)

Nice little game. It lacks audio & the art could be improved, but overall the gameplay was fun to play. I liked the reversed level idea, it was pretty interesting ^^

Would appreciate if you play & rate our game as well:

Thank you for playing! :)

Yes a member of our team did the models, and another one took care of sound. Only music, was taken from an open-usage website. Thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Played & rated, here's ours:

Nice game! I find the art style & music pretty nice. The UI & visual effects look great!

What bothered me was that I got really confused on the movement starting on the third section. The levels felt a bit chaotic and I didn't really see the use of the rewind mechanic a lot.

Overall nice submission, the game feels unique & the art is quite nice :)

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Played & rated your game. Really loved playing it, great work! :)

Here's ours:

I love this game! :)

Managed to get close to the end, but right here there somehow is an invisible collider blocking my path. Tried to re-activate the pipes in the middle of the giant robots but nothing changed.

This is the only game I've tried that has such a deep story feeling to it, and that's super fun to play & try to get to the end! I love the robot mechanics & scenes that change when activating pipes :)

It has a secret, mysterious feeling to it, would have loved to get to the end and see what it was all about, if it wasn't for that invisible wall sadly.

The checkpoint system was a game changer in terms of fun, at first I thought I had to restart the entire level again, but when I realised there was a checkpoint I got the will to continue playing & try to finish it.

The audio & art are awesome even if they're simple. They go really well together to give the castle, ancient secret robots feeling.

For the theme I don't really think it fits the rewind category, but I certainly enjoyed the robot "rewind" timer mechanic.

Overall really loved playing this game, it really felt like a game, and I enjoyed the mysterious feeling of the story! Amazing job for this game jam :)

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate you taking the time to write such an amazingly detailed feedback!

I will definitely make sure to look into the problems you've enumerated as they are to me important problems to make the game feel better. As for the content, I will be adding more enemies, weapons & maps for the gameplay to be more interesting, as well as improving the current ones which were not complete because of the time constraint.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback, it will help a lot to improve the game! ^^

Really enjoyed using the abilities & the concept is great!

I liked the tutorial a lot, but I think better visuals to explain would make it clearer to understand.

What bothered me were that I took some time to understand how to move. The visuals & audio aren't really great which makes the experience less interesting.

Overall a great concept & nice mechanics, but the art could be improved to be more enjoyable. Good job! :)

Would appreciate if you try & rate our game as well:

Played & rated, here's ours:

Nice game! I like the feeling & mechanics a lot :) The visuals & sound are great, well done!

Thanks for playing, will do my best to improve combat & rewind mechanics in the future!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback :) I'll do my best to improve combat & mechanics in the future!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback, appreciate it :) Will work on adding more levels like the tutorial one in the future.

Thanks for the feedback, yep that's why we couldn't really finish it in time, but I'm planning to improve it in the future.

Amazing game! The art is fantastic, the audio fits the game & the concept is really unique! I like how the gameplay transitions really well with the art, very impressed about this game great work :o

Would appreciate if you take some time to rate our game as well:

Nice game, i liked the art style. The music however is horrible sorry xD Was a bit confused on how to interact with things to use the IP. I didn't understand how to exit the dialogue windows, and pressing escape made the WebGL build crash, probably something in the code that can't be executed in WebGL.

Overall nice looking art, but the gameplay needs to be more clear & the music changed in my opinion. Good job for this game!

Would appreciate if you try and rate our game too:

Played & rated, here's ours:

Visuals & sound are nice, but I think it doesn't fit the theme as rewind is just restarting levels here, unless I missed something. What bothered me was that the music is a bit loud, and the jumping isn't too consistent.

Other than that great little game & looks great :)

Played & rated, here's ours which has the same story concept:

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A fun game that fits the concept quite well :) Feels great to sort of parkour with having the ability to rewind obstacles! I liked the glowy style of the game, and the audio is quite ok although could be better.

Overall nice concept & visuals, great work :)

Would appreciate if you could try & rate our game too:

Played & rated, here's ours:

Nice little game, enjoyed playing :) The concept is fun and fits the theme with the rewind.

Some better graphics & sound would make it a more pleasant experience, but it's a good start.

Played & rated! Here's ours:

Really interesting & fun mechanic :D Had a blast using the plasma mace physics.

The UI & sound effects are nice. Pretty well polished for a small game!

Thanks for playing :)

I'm planning on doing more levels as the tutorial one, therefore based on dynamic combat & puzzle with portals etc..

Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it!

Thank you for playing, and for the detailled feedback really appreciate it :)

I'll do my best to improve models & animations so they feel more alive. As of the gameplay I'm planning on doing more levels, and making them more based on the actual puzzle part rather than runner.

The runner was to force the player to think quickly and use the rewind mechanics with the right timings since there's no choice on forward movement. The level story is to run quickly to the portal before getting swallowed by the sandstorm (not really clear in the game but will improve that!)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Thanks for playing and for your great feedback :)

I agree with all you said, and will make sure to improve them in the future!

I actually planned on making the boss level be based on the portals as well but didn't have enough time to design the levels properly as I had to do it myself at the last day.

I'll have to make sure the aiming mechanic is clearly explained so there's no confusion, and the mechanics more used in even all levels.