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Looks dope! Super cool!

Hey, thanks for these assets. Will use it to my mockup if you dont mind :)

Looks clean, and like the shades of blue you used too!

Thanks! And to you too with your mockup submission!

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Also Crown Combat has a nice ring to it.

Edit: nice naming 👍

Whatever suits you to be honest.

Also, forgot to mention this, but your game has a nice concept. Good work on that!

Yeah! And also adding outlines. To make it "pop" from its tile.

Yay finally made it to level 8! Good work on this game. A little nitpick would be making this game lean to black and white (ex: making the blue tile to black, and add outlines to the pieces. Like black outline for white pieces, and white outline for black pieces.) Good game though! Enjoyed it for a couple of minutes.

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Wow, someone actually played it! HAHAHA!😂 Yeah, cheese popsicles came from the idea of rat/mouse and cheese, and something that melts. I thought it was silly too lmao.

This game was actually made during our college internship (with capstone project), so I had no time to add music

Thanks for playing it!

You can drag n drop Photoshop files(psd) to Unity, or png if you'd like. And set the settings of each file.

If you want to configure it to a pixel art, set the Pixels Per Unit to the size of your individual tile (eg, 16) and set the Filter Mode to Point No Filter

For the HD, you can just leave the Pixels Per Unit to a 100. And other settings. Typically, 2D artists animate their player, using a Spritesheet.

Hope this helps. Check out Brackeys' tutorial or Blackthornprod (highly recommend this for 2D artists).

Don't get stuck in your first idea, your second, third, and next ideas are more interesting,

Always iterate on your ideas.

Also it is okay to cut down your ideas into the smallest, doable game :)

Glad to know it! Thank you.

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If it's just a chitchat, sure!

Though, I think that you want to ask about the gameboy palette I made right? 😁 Here's how I did it:

  1. I opened up the pngs using the editing software (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)
  2. Just made a quick palette of gray (light gray, normal gray, then a black and a white).
  3. Swapped the colors using the palette I made in Step 2.
  4. Used my instinct to where the hell would I like to color that pixel.
  5. Add an overlay of green to make it look like that above png. Or you can just use green colors at the start instead of grays.
  6. Add some hiragana, cause why not?
  7. Post it here and question my life choices (JK)

I don't know if Butter Milk can approve color swapping (it's his/her art after all). But you can still ask him/her if you want to. And I'm sure he/she happily reply.


Butter Milk approves of color swapping so goodluck to your gameboy game!

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"Ais is the hot side character, so of course it's okay."

- I mean... he is ikemen type. And he's a good homie to be with. Bromance is understandable. But this only one option for me felt like that scene in Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-kun where Tomoda is only the one for MC. Hahahaha.

Will tell a review later!

The review later:

- Cool game. Writing is also beyond good. Story-wise, I 'm not really into romance, more on to mysteries tbh, but I like the puns! They are really funny. Also 4th wall breaking.

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Looks good in gameboy tho! also cute waifu. (Excuse my palette swap, only done in under 15 minutes.) Might wanna make a game in GB Studio with this.

Definitely too late for commenting this lol, But I've used your Princess Quest in a Brackeys' Game Jam 2020 back then. Also got into Top 57 with your music. So thank you very much!

Thanks to itch recommendation for reminding me!

Wow just wow. Thanks for creating this game engine. Thanks to the team!


This game looks cool! Can I also use your source code to learn from it? Will DEFINITELY CREDIT you if I might make a fully-fledged game from it. Also because this looks awesome.

Thanks for this! Used the repo as a ref.

Sad to say that I don't have knowledge in RPGM. I'm so sorry.

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Hi, is this 2D or 3D? I can help you with designing the levels using the Unity's Probuilder if it's 3D.

What is the recommended playthrough of your games?


Already sent a friend request. Would be glad if I can help.

Hello, I've checked your post before, are you still looking for someone to help with your game? I'm a programmer and comfortable with C#.

Hey. thanks for checking the demo.  Maybe a help for the grammar, and personality of the characters to get the right 'feel' for the game. I've also sent you a Friend Request on Discord named: armanlonedev#8239 I hope that we can talk about it there.

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Hi LoganDanielle94, is it okay to ask for advice for a few sentences, probably at most 5? I wrote a narration about a story and wanted it to read like the dialogues in Hollow Knight but I'm not a native English speaker.

As an exchange I can probably help you to make a quick demo of one of your small project made in Ren'py. Maybe a two-minute game that has your narrative. If you're interested, you can reply to this comment.

Edit: A week of developing the demo. Sorry that I didn't specify any ETA.
Edit (2): My game's narrative demo: Yggdrasil (Demo)

Cool! Thanks for the permission.

Can I edit and mix-and-match some of the sprites?

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This is a good game, like the Dino-game in Google. Just a suggestion, maybe if the player (tank) collides with an aircraft, make it Game Over or something :) Overall, this is a fun game to kill the time.

I tried 640x360, though, it was still the same... I tried tweaking the other options too if that would work, but same result. After some searching on other games that's playable in browser (and also made in GB Studio, not GB Studio 2), I noticed that it was the same case for me. I think that maybe my version of GB Studio isn't compatible with the landscape orientation for my mobile phone (screen size is 360 W and 640 H). I think I'll just leave it at that state, I can still play it on my phone with an emulator + ROM after all.

As for embedding, I set it to "Embed in page" to manually set the size of my game, instead of clicking to fullscreen.

Thank you once again for your help and replies. And also sorry for this StackOverflow-like comment. I'll just leave the options as it is 😃

Here is the link to the prototype: