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Nice game.

The ball moves too fast in my opinion

Good Job :D

Nice game, I loved the ArtStyle and music is good

You should add some more levels 

The game feels too zoomed in. To fix this you can slow down the player, zoom out the camera or make place the camera a little ahead of the player when he is moving to one side or the other

Also, you can infinity jump and wall jump

finally, you allow player to go through platforms when gravity is upside down

overall, Good work

Feel free to check out my game :D

I just played your game, Its Awesome and really fun :D

definetively add more levels plz

This game Is awesome. I loved it. Really fun and looks amaizing.

There are only two things that I would change:

1. More levels

2. Text Draws over game objects and i think it would look better if they were behind game objects. to do that I used a simple script (I asume you used TextMesh for the text):

    public int SortingOrder = -1;

    void awake() {

    GetComponent<MeshRenderer>().sortingOrder = SortingOrder;


overall, excellent job :D

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Thanks, I thought a little about moving the cannons close together, but couldnt wrap my head around how to do the controls for mobile :v

The powerups you unlock tend to make you overpowered, Im gonna explain them in order

1. (Highscore >= 5) Outline Circle; Adds a visual outline to know the cannons path

2.(Highscore >= 10) Bigger Bullet: its a Bullet, but bigger. It doesnt deal more damage, but if shot between 2 targets it can hit them both

3.(Highscore >= 15) Connection: join Both cannons with a tube that distributes bullets evenly, Basicaly it would split each speed power up you pick up between both cannons.

4.(Highscore >= 20) Better Speed Power Up: allows Better Speed Power up to spawn (although it has a small chance to do so). Its twice as powerful as normal power up

5.(Highscore >= 30) SlowTime Power Up: allows Slow Time Power up to spawn (although it has an even smaller chance to do so). It slows down time during 3 seconds excluding player movement (Player shoot speed and bullet speed is slowed down although).

6.(Highscore >= 40) Double Cannon: Your Cannons become Double Cannons, shooting twice as fast.

I didnt have time to balance all unlocks so having them all basically turns you into god :v (I have pictures of people with Highscores over 100).

the most powerful are Connection and Double Cannon in my opinion 

Progress is saved between playthroughs, so if you close and open the game you should still have your Highscore, Settings and Unlocks (dont know if you uninstall though).

If you feel controls are too sensible, you can adjust them at options.

I loved the visuals of the game, excellent job. I played the windows version

there are a couple of problems with the UI during world exploration. you are using world coordinates when its generally better to use the camera coordinates for the UI (that way, the UI always stays within the camera in the same place)

overall great job :D

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Thanks :D

Windows V1.1 and V1.0 Cant jump for some reason

its a pity, because it seems like a good game. im going to wait for a fix and then give review.

Thank you :D

Excellent game. I loved the artstyle and audio. The level design has a lot of potential, but its good overall.

The only thing that bothered me is that the text was pixelated when you use small screen size. To fix this, you should scale down the text and increase it's Font Size, Height and Width (if you are using unity). Do not scale down font size because it tends to loose resolution.

Overall, Great job :D

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I liked the Hand drawings of characters and animations.

For audio , I recommend BFXR( its a free sound generator for videogames, Check it out

overall, nice work

Feel free to check out my game :D

Thanks a lot :D

Really fun game, very relaxing. I liked the graphics and animations, and the music is great

overall, Excellent job :D

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Good game, I liked the minimalistic design and music.

The controls feel too slipery, and only on level 5 you tried to use the dual mechanic. from 6 onward it was always an upside down level with a mirror up. I think you should have distributed more spikes in between diferent leves, to make you think were you want to go

overall, good job :D

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Nice game, The artstyle is well done. I feel you could have added a more "Puzzle" element to the game with "demon form", but its ok.

the melee combat is really hard, and your sprite is over the attack animation (which you usually dont want). To fix this, go to either the sprite renderer of the attack and increase "Order in Layer" or go to  sprite renderer of player and decrease order in layer.

To fix the combat, i would increase the attack radius, i feel its too small.

Finally, the player animations. I would have created an idle animation, and using the animator component create a bool for player moving to check between animations (This isnt a good option when you have to deal with too many animations with sprite sheets, but its simpler when you have few like here).

Finally, you should set transform.rotation of player in Update/FixedUpdate equal to Quaternion.Euler(0,0, transform.rotation.z). That way, when you flip the player it will stay flipped and wont turn back.

overall, Nice Job :D

feel free to check out my game

Check the first download file :D

Thanks a lot :D

Awesome Game, really well done. I loved it.

the only glitch i found is that you can carry boxes between scenes

overall, amaizing job :D

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Its a fun game although controls are a bit frustrating. I loved the graphics, good job. the level design is good, and the hard controls make it like a puzzle game in which i have to find the safe path

overall, Great job :D

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Good job, the game controls work well and the graphics are good.

For Audio, I recommend you check out BFXR(, its a free sound generator for videogames. It would add a loot to your proyects

overall, nice work

feel free to check out my game :D

Really fun game, I loved the Idea, and the controls are really good.

the only thing i would change is making the platforms ignore player collision when you are below them (allowing you to climb straight up). It would avoid making the player bump his head on the platforms when you jump, and making the caracter the same color as the active color.

overall, great job :D

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I loved the humour of the game, Its really funny

if you are killed by the alien guards in the path around, you are teleported to the end of the path around, not back.

overall, nice job :D

Really fun game, I enjoyded the mechanica a lot. the graphics and animations are well done.

For audio, I recommend you check out BFXR(, its a free sound generator for videogames.  it's something that only takes 5 minutes to add, but completely change the feel of your games

overall, good job :D

feel free to check out my game

you can make something as mundane as pressing a button fun if you just use the right animations and particle effects

Thank you :D

The rows are randomly generated. each row has a total they add up to (at the begining is 105 and increases by 30 every 6 levels) and that number is distributed randomly amongst the 6 obstacles on the sides (with health limit obiously) , and the remainder is sent to the center (this one does not have limit). Generally, if they are too evenly distributed the easiest obstacles to break are the ones on the edges. You gotta react fast though (and may have to do a full spin to fully pass).

once you start using the Unlocks, you should be able to break through obstacles with ease

Thanks, I made like 25 transitions animations. In fact, i made so much im thinking about making a game that is just a lot of menus :v

Thank you :D

if you are playing on phone, you spin faster by touching closer to the edges of your screen, but in computer it should be a constant speed. If you feel rotation is too fast, you can adjust it in options

Really fun game, I loved the concept, level design and how the game worked, it feels flawless.

Excellent Job :D

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No way im putting ads to a Jam Game, that would be absolute EVIL

The music is awesome and the game feels incredible. I loved the sprites and the game is enterteaining

A little too hard in my opinion but its fine.

overall, nice work :D feel free to check ou my game

I really like the controls

It would be great to add audio to the game. I recommend you check out BFXR(, It's a free sound generator for videogames

overall, nice Job :D

Its a really cute game, I like the artstyle a lot, and has great audio. On my second playthrough I managed to win way more levels that at first,

Great Job :D

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Beautiful game, the controls are excellent, and I love the art style. The level design is good, and i didnt have much trouble finding my way through the level.

For Audio, I recommend you CheckOut BFXR(, its a free sound generator for videogames.

also, in Nightmare mode level 3 I fell to the ground and didnt respawn.

Overall, Great Job :D

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The game works well, and the visuals are good.

it would be nice if the player was propelled upwards when stomping on enemies

When you pause the game and press continue, A horrible sounds begins to play.

also, I could't find a Win Condition.

Overall, good job for a game made in just 3 hours.

feel free to check out my game :D

The graphics are good, and the game works fine, but there are a couple of glitches

First off, if you click run game, it runs but the mouse is free to move outside of screen area, which makes camera movement extremely sensible, and down right unplayable. you have to click a second time for the mouse to snap into the game, and work properly

I couldnt hear any sounds, Maybe thats a problem of my computer, but if you didnt add any sound effect, I recommend you check out BFXR (, its a free sound generator for videogames.

Finally, I dont see how this is related with the theme of duality

Overall, Good Job :D

feel free to check out my game

If you rate my game, please leave a comment, I enjoy feedback :D

Nice game, I really liked it. the idea is really fun.

I only wish there were more levels

there is a weird glitch in which if you jump to the right side of nightmare dissapearing platforms while moving during day time, you fall through the platform, but i was able to jump out because the hole was Closet sized.

Great job :D

feel free to check out my game

the rar has a folder with only an EXE. To run the EXE, you need both the EXE AND the .x86_64 file from linux version in the same folder. If you don't have .x86_64 file, the game won't work