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GE Jam #3 - first game ever made ... and in 5 days!!!
Submitted by Nodegamestudio — 8 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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The game looks great and has a lot of potential. It did take me a little bit to figure out the turn system at first, but it was simple once I got the hang of it. I think the transition between turns takes too long, and make the battles feel really slow. I also never knew how much mana I had, so I wouldn't know which moves were available to me at anytime. Overall, I think the game would be good once it got some polish.


Yes I agrea the turn transition could be a bit faster.
Its fine once or twice but on a full combat it gets old... I learned my lesson there.

As for the mana its curious as I put some big blue mana icon that i felt were obvious.
You start with 0 mana though which maybe was the confusion.

From 1 to 3 mana you should have the icon showing up and a + sign if you have more than 3 mana

Or maybe that is what you mean. Above 3 mana you have no way to tell how much you have.
I just realize that writing those lines.
Very easy to fix, just didn't thought of it, my bad.

I'm glad you played the game, I'll try yours in a bit :)


I loved the visuals of the game, excellent job. I played the windows version

there are a couple of problems with the UI during world exploration. you are using world coordinates when its generally better to use the camera coordinates for the UI (that way, the UI always stays within the camera in the same place)

overall great job :D

feel free to check out my game


Hey fedcap,
Thanks for playing the game, hope everything was fine with the windows version (i have linux so i could not try it)

Its funny that you mention getting the camera coordinate for the UI because it was exactly my conclusion yesterday while working on a map exploration script.
Didn't thought of that but it make sense and also adapt coordinates to the zoom which was my main issue.

As for in margotte, everything was very much improvised on the go and some stuff where added very quickly at the end (like the silly sanctuary button that follow the player on the spirit world map... made in 5 min few hours before the end... definitely what i would have like to have but hey, at least it works!)

I will try your game. I had almost no internet this week sadly, i couldn't try many.


Nice game, seems you had a lot of work, congrats!

I got a little bit confused about who's turn it was, but I understood after sometime

Did not see the mana indication or when it is restored.

would be nice have the possibility to see the skills outside the battle

I played the html version, it had no sound, played on linux / firefox.


Hi, first thanks for playing the game :)
First, don't use the html, that was experimental, i just removed it from the files. There is a Linux version though, you should use that. Then you will have sound and probably smoother graphics.

For the turn yeah, its switches too fast so its a bit confusing. I put some particles around the frame of the current. But i also forgot to initialize that at the beginning of the fight so now it always start at  the position of the last person on the last fight ... yeah... stupid little things :)

The mana is restored either when you enter the sanctuary or if you take a lvl

I was planning on putting the skills info in a tooltip or something, didn't had time for it but yeah definitely missing


Wow thats a pretty ambitious project. For the first few minutes i was absolutely overwhelmed by what was coming at me. But after about 5-10 minutes, i understood the core game loop and the fighting system etc. I definitely like where it was all heading towards. But i feel like a little less scope and more focus on polish would have been a better experience. Unfortunately I didn't really get to appreciate the two worlds system. That must have been a lot of work.


It was a ridiculous amount of work indeed :)

And yes i planned to have some kind of explanations for the combat system but in the end its pretty standard rpg mechanics :

- attack do dammage
- defense apply shield which buffer damages (shield stay between fights)
- burn and poison stack up and do dammage at the end of the turn
- stun prevent you from playing a turn
- shield break stack like poison and remove x shield each turn

The dual mechanics :
- the pet heals the player, the player heal the pet
- The higher your lvl in one world, the higher the lvl of the monsters in the other world ( the monster generator use your lvl in the other world to generate its stats)

So if you takes too many lvls in one world, monsters in the other will crush you. My advice, especially at the begining, each time you lvl up, switch to the other world to lvlup ther as well.

Also you regen when you pass trough the sanctuary

The boss fight uses you spirit world stats, try to be at least lvl 15 to have a shot (and all your spells unlock and a nice mana pool)

Good luck!


Very nice. Considering that this is categorized as a roguelite, i think it's fine that it needs some time to get the hang of it and learn as you go. The rpg mechanics were understandable, just the first snapshot of the entire screen was a "woah" moment.

Also thanks for the advice and good luck to you too!

Submitted (1 edit)


  • Fighting System
  • Art style
  • How much there is in the game


  • After selecting an attack there is no back just "ok"
  • After you've done a turn the screen flashes for a short moment and then plays animation for something to blend in
  • Can't see the mana for the player and pet
  • What is the green bar for?
  • Sound is only on left ear

Haha yeah i guess i tried to put too much things in there, didnt had time to polish.

- yep no confirmation anywere, you stick with your decision. But the game also dont allow you to die so its fair enough :)

- I had never done any kind of animations until 5 days ago, I am sure there are plenty of tricks to make them smoother and prevent glitches and flashes. Maybe also in the millions rendering options everywere

- Only the player has mana. The pet was suppose to use its own life as cost for attacks but it was a bit too unbalanced so i disabled it

- the green bar is your experience (yes of course there is a levlingsystem :) )

- Same as animations, untils couple days ago, i never touched any audio related stuff... im sure there is a switch somewhere to flip the audio from mono to stereo... really sorry for every headset users

Did you manage to take a couple lvl and kill some monster ( since virtualy  everything is generated procedurally, I'm not 100% sure how hard is the game.. . i didnt had time to make an actual playtrhough... mostly made sure it wasn't crashing

And there is a ridiculously hard boss for the bravest among you, i would say you need to be lvl 15+ in the spirit world before you challenge him, save the game before