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I think the jump could've had more height to it. I would also turn down Bloom a bit in hell it was hard to see some plattforms.

Would be nice if there was a way to get more air supply!

The controls feel good and the explosion is a nice mechanic.

Praise the Bread

10/10 Needs more bread

Oh I thought I checked Embed Pck my bad

Im really liking the Game's style it reminds me of Hotline Miami only thing I would say is that I get a headache from looking at the ground while moving, and the camera shouldnt move so much with the mouse I believe.

For the camera thing I think making it pixel perfect could fix the issue for me, its just giving me a headache so its nothing bad

Hey Gruntled still sad you missed my Raid haha.

I like the collection of Crystals to power the ship, and the art for the enemy is really nice.
Only thing that I disliked was that the very loud music/sounds, I threw my headphones off at first before turning it down.

One of the best games I've played so far, good use of sounds and a cool pixel art point and click adventure.
Only thing that confused me was which lever activated what? After some fiddiling I got lasers to work and from there on it was easy.

Good story and a great game in such a short amount of time

Cool art and nice concept.
I dislike the brains hitbox mostly I was getting the brain but it still was on cd which was dumb since I had to stand in the gaze for to long, I did it on my second try with two gazes.

Good graphics and nice music I did struggle at the table task a bit since I didnt knew the chair was not belonging to the desk

Great artstyle and fun game, animations would make it a bit more engaging for players.
Nice music with addition of sounds for the slime.
Making the Explain show up when you start from menu would be nice, also explaining what the numbers mean I figured it out after some trys!

The player feels a little bit hard to control and sometimes walljump doesnt work, I like the player and ground though the lava could have used some texture.
The missing sounds make the game feel empty, music would also make the game a whole lot better.

There is no way to exit the game through the game itself which is a bit irritating but nothing more

There is an option in Godot that allows the game to be played without the .pck, on the export settings you can check a box labeled Embed Pck

Nice use of sound effects and music, like switching weapons to the type of enemy.
Sometimes you could hurt others with different colors, playing for too long if felt too repetitive like it doesn't get harder just less enjoyable.
Rolling is a bit too delayed and I felt like the bullets could be a little faster since enemies never stood still long enough.

Overall good graphics but it lacks something maybe making an ending screen after 10 or 15 rounds, I played until the 16th round.

Thanks for the feedback, I was crunshing on finishing the game in whole and had no time to fix the little bugs.
For the music that is my mistake forgot take check if it actually looped.
Appreciate the comment!

Sorry we should've thought about that.
I forgot most people open the game over this page right here and not the actual game page.
Glad you liked our Game!

I liked the puzzles, sound was also good. Only thing that was bothering me it wasnt clear enough what to do so I was quite a bit stuck(only 3 minutes)

After the first two tarot cards I got stuck the first key magically disappeared after clicking on the chest. Dont know how to interact with other mirros I can only shoot boxes inside but that doesnt do anything and chest eats up items and makes them smol

Glad you liked it!

Why were you not able to play the game?

Fruits dont seem to appear except if you have luck on the start.

Player looks a lot like the Celeste Character.

Things I dislike

  • No sounds
  • Boxes basically hit you before you can see them if they spawn underneath

Things I do like

  • Concept of avoiding things in one room
  • Wall art

I really liked the game but on my first attempt I didnt press the rotate button haha

I am an Unkown Developer IOS try's to stay away from unchecked apps.

I did download the game on the itch launcher there it doesnt seem to launc

Cool concept, I was just stuck on the last level which was not very exiting

Cool concept, I was just stuck on the last level which was not very exiting

Praise the Bread

Praise the Bread

Praise the Bread popsicle german guy der nicht deutsch spricht

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*insert butterfly meme*
Is this Celeste on crack?

I like the mechanics of the game and the points, could use some sfx/music

Thank you for the feedback,

My first time exporting to html and it failed :D

The screen offset comes from the fact that I am using a 16:9 aspect ratio with 1920 pixels by 1080 pixel, if you have a different screensize that would be the problem of that offset.

Health bars are a great idea that I didn't think of when I made the health system!

Thanks for the feedback,

The window size issue comes from the fact that I made it for a 16:9 aspect ratio if you are higher or lower it would look distorted.
Unfortunatly there was not enough time left for me to add SFX and a new map, a tutorial was a great idea which I didn't implement at end.

Thank you for your feedback,
I definetly wanted to add a few more maps and sound effects but didn't have the time for it at the end.

Thanks for the feedback,

The game has a proper ending screen it is just a bug that a signal doesn't get emitted when you kill a zombie with an explosion.

Also for the sound effects I have a programm called Chiptone which is a better version of sfxr, frankly I didn't have time to put in the sound effects at the last minutes that were left.


  • Character desing
  • Parallax background
  • Gun rotation


  • A short text ingame how to swich weapons is missing
  • Bullets have unlimited reach
  • Maybe a few more block or blocks underneath the sone black or dark

Agreed, the last two hours before jam closed I brought myself to the most basic enemy I could and make it so that lamps light up if the player goes near.