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Thanks! The art contributions made the biggest difference I think =P

Pretty cool!

nice game, fun to play and come up with different strategies

very interesting, nice game, I passed level 1, but lvl 2 I didnt figured out...

very interesting, nice game, I passed level 1, but lvl 2 I didnt figured out...

nice game =) I defeated the boss, was that the end?

nice game, little godolf the ico  could not stop me!!

hahaha, truly unintentional, now it is a feature =)

thaks for playing!!

Good game!

Congrats, nice game =)

Nice sound and effects

good game!

Good game, sound, graphics, welldone =)

Good game, sound, graphics, welldone =)

nice to move around =)


nice game, a little hard for me xD

nice game, a little hard xD

Nice aesthetics and and atmosphere, good game

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Nice oppening, nice environment, very pretty =)

One thing would be nice is a way to reset the character with a key, for the moments where he get stuck on the scenary. But very nice game =)

Fun game, in general. Once I felt confortable with the controls it felt nice to jump between the rolling platforms

thanks for playing =)

amazing =) ran well on html, good music and graphics =)

very cool idea =)  well done!!

very cool game, well made =)

for a short while I forgot it was a sudoku, the elements should not repeat on row and column =P

thanks =)

looks really good, although it did not ran well on firefox, linux, other 3d games in the game jam ran well. Congrats!

nice game, good art and music =)

nice mechanics, I got a little bit confused but managed to advance a few levels, congrats =)

nice game, well done =)

very cool idea, not easier than the original hehe, well done!

very nice narrative, I guess they disposed humanity too soon (or too late)... nice art!

simple and cool idea, well implemented, congrats =)

nice game =)

nice funny game, cool dialogs and ending, I liked the 2d sprites on 3d environment

thanks for playing =)

Good game, fun to control, nice effects at death and light =)

nice game, well polished =)

nice game, good art, sound and feeling. Well done =)