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Are you planning to make more boats ? That wouldbe amazing

Great job by the way

Yeah my bad, by animatin, i mean more having the tools (the animation for mining and wood cutting would be very similar to attack, fishing maybe different).

But yes, having tools and crafting stuff would be a great addition for lots of people i think :)

Thanks for the great work

also to make it clear, the 2.0 file contain all the first pack plus the update right. I dont need to download the 1st one ?

hey again, i finally bought your asset pack and your monsters as well.

I was wondering if it could be possible to add some basic crafting animation :
axe for trees, pickaxe for mining and fishing stick and line for fishing.

That would be amazing and i imagine not very time consuming for you. I also think many people would require such feature nowadys :)


cool, are the date secrets ?

Or is it cool to let me know when should be next one so i dont miss it ? :)

And for the chariot. Is it the one in the showcase image : the roman like char ?

I was thinking more like a caravan type of charriots.

With that and a boat and if you feel like it (since you have some musqueteers in there i feel the tek lvl would be correct) a ballon or some flying vehicule.

That would offer your customer world map travels with coherent graphics with the rest. Would be cool (definitly not ultra important thought for sure )

Well, long time is fine I guess (the game i have in mind is likely a lifetime work so i guess you'll be done before me ^^)

I'm glad you are working on it though and yes pets are a cool idea.
Maybe a boat and chariot ?

Do you plan on doing a sale at some point or join a bundle ?

And thanks for the great work :)

hi there. First congrats on the pack, it is really nice art and I will purchase it at some point.
If it goes for sale for sure :)

One question though : do you plan on making more content for it or is it in its final state ?


Do you have a list of the characters imcluded in your two large packs ?

Fo they include all your small packs.

You have nice art but if i may say a terrible page presentation

You should remove the license trxt and put more descriptions of the pack content. At least in my opinion :)

What do i do ???? how do I play ??? What are the comands ? Should i try every keys ? :)

Yes I agrea the turn transition could be a bit faster.
Its fine once or twice but on a full combat it gets old... I learned my lesson there.

As for the mana its curious as I put some big blue mana icon that i felt were obvious.
You start with 0 mana though which maybe was the confusion.

From 1 to 3 mana you should have the icon showing up and a + sign if you have more than 3 mana

Or maybe that is what you mean. Above 3 mana you have no way to tell how much you have.
I just realize that writing those lines.
Very easy to fix, just didn't thought of it, my bad.

I'm glad you played the game, I'll try yours in a bit :)

Great duality concpet, very well exploited.

I loved the audio track and the game look very polished.

On the negative side, I had very anoying jumping issues (not being able to jump to the left up corner from a small plateform for some reasons) and it made the game very frustrating to play.

I am also very confused about the progression in both world. I mean i seem to do alright since my player seem to move on but I don't feel I am in control. I feel my character that was left somewhere and stuck is now in a completly new location and since both world look very different it doesnt seem to be mirroring movement.

So yeah it got me a bit confused.

Appart from that, good job, great ui, soundtrack and duality mechanics

very classic concept but weel used.

I was affraid that i would be simple mirroring but things get tricky very fast.

Maybe the collision with the roof could be less frustrating and some kind of checkpoint on the hardest lvl. Its very annoying to redo the entire lvl when you miss walk on spike at the end...

And the jumping noise quickly get to your nerves, waybe something more soft to the hear

But overall it was very fun to play and the levels looked well thought.
good job

Great little game, with a nice potential for mible i think.
I loved the music, very catchy

And its the game I had the more fun and frustration playing so far in the jam.

But for me there are a few major drawback :

- i would love to be able to get the cannon close together (reduce de circle diameter). It would allow to do some really cool tricks and also i died many time for stupid reason because i could not do that.

- the game is hard!! but that can also be part of its charm.

- it is not very clear what i unlocked, are my guns faster (it seems so). Maybe let playser choose some updates like more dammage on the blocs, more firespeed, a time slower, easy stuff like that

and i would had : put a few skills, like a boost, a shield, a rocket, stuff like that that you can use every 30 sec or whatever

Anyway, really good game and well polished, i liked it

Hey fedcap,
Thanks for playing the game, hope everything was fine with the windows version (i have linux so i could not try it)

Its funny that you mention getting the camera coordinate for the UI because it was exactly my conclusion yesterday while working on a map exploration script.
Didn't thought of that but it make sense and also adapt coordinates to the zoom which was my main issue.

As for in margotte, everything was very much improvised on the go and some stuff where added very quickly at the end (like the silly sanctuary button that follow the player on the spirit world map... made in 5 min few hours before the end... definitely what i would have like to have but hey, at least it works!)

I will try your game. I had almost no internet this week sadly, i couldn't try many.

Hi, first thanks for playing the game :)
First, don't use the html, that was experimental, i just removed it from the files. There is a Linux version though, you should use that. Then you will have sound and probably smoother graphics.

For the turn yeah, its switches too fast so its a bit confusing. I put some particles around the frame of the current. But i also forgot to initialize that at the beginning of the fight so now it always start at  the position of the last person on the last fight ... yeah... stupid little things :)

The mana is restored either when you enter the sanctuary or if you take a lvl

I was planning on putting the skills info in a tooltip or something, didn't had time for it but yeah definitely missing

Well, i was enjoying myself. it looked promising and then i got stuck where you can become a spirit with the black dude.
there is a switch on the ground a case on the top that i can probably attract but how can i get there ? can i fly, maybe i missed something

yep, i just lost 30Mo on my bandwith (yes, some of us pay by the Mo here) to download a game which is a cube that change color when i press a button... i will not thank you for that.

I still put you 1 start cause you like linux and thats cool :)

i got it, i had to right click and enable "autorize to execute" :)

Zip contains file that is too large (Gam Jam 1 - Duality.pck)

I knew it. a single 500mo file in a browser seemed optimistic.
I guess i can work on cleaning the unsued assests to lower the size...

maybe not today... need rest :)

would it take forever to load or that just depend on the user machine ?

Ok i got it.

Now about limitation ?
I guess you can't run any kind of game in there, can you ?

Also i didnt had time to clean up the assets of my game so it packs many useless stuff which makes the games uselesslessly (thats not a word is it) big

Its about 500mo. would it still run in a browser ? does it mean the person has to download that much to play or does it load assets as it needs them ?

Yep first jam here too and was super fun.

Also i try to give objective opinion don't take it too hard. We all worked under pressure :)

As for the lvls, yeah puzzle game usually bore me quickly as they tend to be too obvious, but I had some interesting struggle with yours so good job :)

That is also why i don;t do puzzle games... too hard to think about lvl design easy enough to be understandable and hard enough to be challenging.
I stick to procedural generation, much more fun :) (i mean im sure here are ai powerfull enough to do puzzle procedural generation.... no ?)

interesting concept but very hard to manipulate (which is alright) but mostly... how do i get more ammo ? is it only the 10 you have at the beginning then you are just doomed to avoid bouncing stuff everywhere and an ever growing pack of turrets ?

Hum this is a harder one than other games i tested so far.

I really like the idea. And i had fun finishing the lvls but :

- its too short for sure

- the movement are super anoying (this little gap before you can move again)... hyper frustrating

- the visuals could be a bit nicer

- I didn't pick the duality theme ?

I see many game playable from their page.

What do i need to do for that ?
Is it a different kind of export ?
Should i export my game for web or something.

Any kind of limitations ?


A good puzzle game, but the mechanic is a bit simple i feel.

That being said you made a great use of it and the lvls are well designed, some of them are really tricky, i loved it.

Maybe pimp up the music and sfx as i think it is very important for puzzle game.
Gaphics could be easly improved to but it works like that.

And to be really picky about the game design choice. I think the idea of a fox chasing a rabbit makes sens... but... why is the rabbit following me if in run away ?

See what i mean, nothing terrible but again, it broke the immersion for me. I would like the rabbit to only be able to go toward a whole but that would make the mechanics much harder i imagine.

Anyway, great job :)

okay me too. i have a pck file coming with the x86_64 i think its missing for you. let me see if you have it in the windows bundle (they share the same pck)

Just too much slime, comes too fast, takes too long to clean. Got me pissed too fast .

Are maybe makes it a bit more enjoyable and rewarding to clean up

I liked the core idea though

linux version ? :/

It was a ridiculous amount of work indeed :)

And yes i planned to have some kind of explanations for the combat system but in the end its pretty standard rpg mechanics :

- attack do dammage
- defense apply shield which buffer damages (shield stay between fights)
- burn and poison stack up and do dammage at the end of the turn
- stun prevent you from playing a turn
- shield break stack like poison and remove x shield each turn

The dual mechanics :
- the pet heals the player, the player heal the pet
- The higher your lvl in one world, the higher the lvl of the monsters in the other world ( the monster generator use your lvl in the other world to generate its stats)

So if you takes too many lvls in one world, monsters in the other will crush you. My advice, especially at the begining, each time you lvl up, switch to the other world to lvlup ther as well.

Also you regen when you pass trough the sanctuary

The boss fight uses you spirit world stats, try to be at least lvl 15 to have a shot (and all your spells unlock and a nice mana pool)

Good luck!

Very interesting concept with lots of potential uses.

but i feel this version desperately needs some checkpoints. having to restart from the begining each time you die makes it really tidious and killed the fun for me.

Also maybe some nicer looking art and less iritaing jump sound :)
But time limitation is tricky i know.

Anyway, I had fun playing it but please... add checkpoints !!!

Please don't click the linux icon if you have a windows executable :/
(some of us actually just have linux :) )

Haha yeah i guess i tried to put too much things in there, didnt had time to polish.

- yep no confirmation anywere, you stick with your decision. But the game also dont allow you to die so its fair enough :)

- I had never done any kind of animations until 5 days ago, I am sure there are plenty of tricks to make them smoother and prevent glitches and flashes. Maybe also in the millions rendering options everywere

- Only the player has mana. The pet was suppose to use its own life as cost for attacks but it was a bit too unbalanced so i disabled it

- the green bar is your experience (yes of course there is a levlingsystem :) )

- Same as animations, untils couple days ago, i never touched any audio related stuff... im sure there is a switch somewhere to flip the audio from mono to stereo... really sorry for every headset users

Did you manage to take a couple lvl and kill some monster ( since virtualy  everything is generated procedurally, I'm not 100% sure how hard is the game.. . i didnt had time to make an actual playtrhough... mostly made sure it wasn't crashing

And there is a ridiculously hard boss for the bravest among you, i would say you need to be lvl 15+ in the spirit world before you challenge him, save the game before 


what are you using ? unity, godot ... etc ?

Yes because of the balance mechanics it goes slower to do lines so yeah i would say 10ish for the first few lvl is good or just do a single lvl and progressively  increase the speed as the lines cumulate.
The line counter can also trigger events or special effects and stuff
Maybe put some kind of countdown so you need to make line faster instead of trying to optimize

Looks pretty nice, Now just export to linux as well next time :)

haha, i love the idea and I am sure it could lead to really funny and frustrating scenario.

Regarding that version of the game, I feel it lacks some kind of objective... right now i just go around and collect stuff which does not seem to do anything so as much as I had a little fun doing some dodgy moves around, i quickly ended up wondering why I should keep going around :)

My advice : add some skills, the are plenty movement modificators you could apply here, some dash, jumps, etc... some attacks maybe also

Anyway, good job and keep up :)

i cannot run the game on linux mint 20, any idea ?

i love the concept and the visual design.
I got a bit bored by the lack of difficulty (or maybe its because i didn't pass lvl one because it took a bit too long i feel)

My advice : put some impactfull music (i mean... tetris without its music... mheeee) and make it a bit more intense, or lower the needs to raise levels so it get harder faster

But great job :)

I feel, for me at least, you are missing checkpoints.
I really like the concept though. Great job