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Submitted by GhostBitStudios (@GhostBitStudios) — 21 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Nice game, I loved the ArtStyle and music is good

You should add some more levels 

The game feels too zoomed in. To fix this you can slow down the player, zoom out the camera or make place the camera a little ahead of the player when he is moving to one side or the other

Also, you can infinity jump and wall jump

finally, you allow player to go through platforms when gravity is upside down

overall, Good work

Feel free to check out my game :D


thanks for the amazing feedback! I will definitely consider this in the future, and when I get time, today, I'll review your game


The character moves too fast X(

However, the art is cool!


The game is too zoomed in and I feel like I am forced to make blind moves.  Its like having a race but blindfolding the participants and making them restart if they bump into something.

I liked the art.


Sorry about that, I'll zoom out the camera a bit


Oh, no need to say sorry!  Not everyone will like what you make, even if its perfectly what you wanted.  I just try to give honest feedback from just my perspective, and if you can use it, then great, if not, thats cool too!



I appreciate it! Thanks


pretty good. 

character walks against wall and still has walking animation.

and i didnt hear jump sounds.

Developer (1 edit)

yeah I forgot to add jump sounds... and for the walking animation, yeah I didn't check that out, I'll go and see what I can do to change it, thank you for playing my game.


Well done on your first game jam!

I really enjoyed the speed of the character, allowing me to try quickly again and again.

As @Toasted Gears mentioned, the invincibility of spikes could be implemented to help not dying. I suppose it allows for a few mistakes to happen.

Had a fun time playing!


thank you for playing my game! Glad you enjoyed it! Next jam I'll make sure I double check and see if it missing anything.



  • No limit on gravity change
  • Short levels


  • No invincible frames after getting spiked
  • Unity's grey Background

thank you so much for reviewing my game! I really appreciate it! Yeah the Cons could of easily been avoided if I had better time management, but its my first Jam, so  I'll just make sure the next jam I do better.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I like the character, looks good! The idea and the implementation are great. One small bug I noticed is when you change the gravity, sometimes it moves too fast and might penetrate the platformer. Other than that, it's a lovely game!


thank you so much! Thanks for the feedback, when I get a chance I'll go fix that bug.