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AMAZING GAME! VERY INSPIRING! I was heading in the same direction as well, sadly didn't finish my project, but yours has inspired me to finish mines up, great job btw

had to download it the moment i read this was an RPG! this was fun! i sucked at the dialog and kept failing a lot. but the art, so goooood, it's insane you made this in the time you had! great job

as much as i loved the art! and the gameplay, i gotta say the dialog was misleading...

don't get me wrong it was written well, but it made me feel pumped! it lead me to believe i was about to go and wreck the office in anger and destroy thing! which techanically that what i was doing, but when i found out i had to do it spy style it took my excitment out..

overall fun game

whats funny is i didn't intentionally knew he looked like a certain someone until my teammate pointed that out lol

thanks for playing! really appreciate it

thanks! it was the first idea we both had! and went for it! it was an idea that we both knew would keep players on their toes

thank you so much for playing! yes we had tons of cool upgrades and even wanted to introduce abilities during the later levels, but sadly scrapped due to us running out of time. we definitely want to add that afterwards. thanks for playing

probably my most favorite art game so far! but i've only played 15% of the games so far lol and the gunplay was super solid! sad this isn't finished

no music! or sound FX! that honestly took the experience out. but minus that your missing a huge chunk of the game. what was available was very interesting! my own movement was my penalty! genius! it led me to carefully plan out where i would move. super intense! and the screen wrapped helped out. great job

RUMOR HAS IT! that this is the game to play for this jam! so I finally played it and... 5/5 stars!

from the intro where you taught us about a certain block can do to us, to then turn that on its head and introduce the concept that the rules constantly change! genius!  from the visuals to the way you nailed the theme to the music tot he challenging puzzle mechanics... fantastic job!

eat it gustov!!

ok 1 things... on my first play, i just spam the top spin button and won, no challenge. on my next play, i went in not using that button, and was more challenging! this was fun and at times i was at the edge of my seat!

overall fun game!

i gotta say this was a calming card game experience! i was scared of all the complex instructions, but when it came to actually playing the game, simple, but challenging! plus i love card games! fantastic job! 

thank you so much for playing! Really means a lot! I put a lot of thought into designing the art my partner knows we cycled through alot of other designs before we landed on this. My partner did a fantastic job creating the gameplay loop.

I LOVE HOW CREATIVE YOU GOT IN THIS! but i have stuff to say...

when i played a right card. i assumed he would move right until either falling or the next card event played. i found it interesting that you wrapped movement for a platformer into a card game. this is definetly fitting the theme! gave you high ranking in that for sure! but i found it frustrating, when i kept hitting shuffle to get the right combination of cards so i can simple jump over a platformer. that took me out of the game honestly. you have something very Unique and creative on your hands! thank you for that great game

THIS WAS GREAT! visually amazing. the player controlled well. loved the battery mechanic. fantastic job

wow an RTS in a game jam!? I've been doing this for 3 years and I have never seen anyone attempt! its a major game that requires tons of time. i did spend a bit of time on it, so I can respect all what you manage to get in. props to you for aiming super high! 

First Thoughts: you don't need to always be calling it pause menu. and wish theres was a fast foward. button, so speed things up, but i get its an RTS. I plan on replaying this game and giving this game a proper feedback. as soon as I've played the others. but great job so far as what I've played.

love the yoshi Island mechanic when you lose the mail, i actually might be in the minority on that. visually great, not one complaint. great job

thanks for the feedback, sadly we had little to no playtesting unfortunateluy, so we went blind with this. we appreciate telling us this

thanks for the feedback! glad you liked the animations and the different selectable characters, and thanks for telling us about the camera issue.

My favorite game of this round! knocked it out the park!

great job! score of 16! I'll be back to get that higher!

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here is the Timestamps to today's stream, for those who didn't catch the stream: 

00:04:00 Gamedav - Centipede in space

00:09:00 - Spacespy - Cyberpede

00:20:00 - ICYgames - Gardening 

00:32:00 - Gamefavorite - Mechamelia

00:39:00 EMA- swimming in the lake

00:49:00 - Jebouin - Chitin Invasion

Thanks so much ICY! Yeah last minute planning, sadly scrapped a lot, but it was in order to make my turn base mechanic work, worth it. So much I could expand on this. Thanks for playing 🫡

what can i say, I was motivated to catch up to everyone 😅 thanks for playing! 

I love Turn Based Games! And honestly before GDKO 2023 I didn't have a clue on how I could make a proper turn base game...this was my goal for GDKO 2023 to learn this, I can now successfully say I made one! And for bonus a card game! If I do get eliminated in this round I won't be upset one bit. I learned 2 major skills that will help me get 1 step closer to making my first STEAM game! Which is my 2023 goal: to getting started on that project. I do wanna thank Xanderwood for GDKO I've learned so much, I've meet so many great Devs. I do hope we stay in touch afterwards.

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great entry!  VERY CREEPY VIBES! 

streamed your game!

01:17:00 - solis - Centipede

GDKO Round 4 community · Created a new topic DAY 2 STREAMS!

here are today Timestamps for the stream ( sorry it was a small stream today)

00:09:00 - CentiPuzzler - Malek

00:52:00 - Kittypede - Simon

01:17:00 - solis - Centipede

personally i didn't think i would pull it off, but it worked lol. thanks for playing!

I streamed your game last night I posted it on itch in the discussion section and on Discord, I absolutely loved your game! My favorite game in this round so far! I said on the stream I wish I could change my pick to who I think will win GDKO cause I now think it's you! I can see you at least in the final round, anyways fantastic entry oh and my daughter is named Lilith! Of course was my first character I choose

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these are all amazing ideas! I definitely do what to challenge myself in the future and continue this and properly release it. And I am writing down all those great ideas. Thanks for playing and yes it was made in 3 days I lost a lot of sleep 😁 but worth it 

PS: The monkey  upgrade was a super last minute addition, one that I am happy I squeezed in

I appreciate it! I'm proud of myself for what j managed to make in such short time

yeah you had me hooked lol 😆  congrats on a great entry

GDKO Round 4 community · Created a new topic Day 1 streams!



00:25:00 - Loten - CREEPY CRAWLY CRUSH

00:35:00 = Brainfart - CENTIPEDE 3000

00:44:00 - NUTT - MUSH RUSH

00:57:00 - Devpirate - DESCENTIPEDE


01:20:50 - RSDNRS - Planet №89.328


how!?? so creative! loved it! fantastic job

Thanks for playing! Sadly ran out of time, was sick most of the jam so i had to make sacrifice, and enemy movement was one of them.

thanks I agree too! Mushroom idea was a solid feature and the shop was something I never made before, so I'm proud of it

thank you so much! Very proud of what I made in a short amount of time

I kept asking myself if I had made this when the competition started... ooo all the possibilities lol. I wanna thank you for encouraging me to make something in under 3 days. It came out quiet decent indeed

oh man the ideas I had....if only I came up with this 2 weeks ago and not get sick.... oooo the possibility...thanks for playing! I appreciate you being the first to play it 

this was an awesome game! thanks for getting me into these type of games! i got very far!

I know the shield card did end up pointless, and endmark gave me a great alternate idea that I want to do in its place, yeah I should of balance it more, my fault, thanks for playing