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WIZARD LAWS Are Made to Be BrokenView game page

A magical puzzle platformer about making the rules
Submitted by Super∴Try — 5 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creativity + Theme#14.7204.720
Fun Factor#24.5204.520
Music + SFX#44.3204.320

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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RUMOR HAS IT! that this is the game to play for this jam! so I finally played it and... 5/5 stars!

from the intro where you taught us about a certain block can do to us, to then turn that on its head and introduce the concept that the rules constantly change! genius!  from the visuals to the way you nailed the theme to the music tot he challenging puzzle mechanics... fantastic job!


absolutely loved this one! you really need to look ahead and plan your steps throgh the whole level which is actually pretty hard. though i wish the wizard would be able to run or just move a little faster (it didn't bother me much, only when i needed to go more than 5 blocks without jumping) and it would be great if the instructions/laws refered to blocks not only by symbols (x, 0, +) but also by colors. overall, great game, i really loved it, well done!


Really fantastic entry. The rule changing mechanic fits perfectly into the theme, and you nailed the execution of it so well! Puzzles started simple but got incredibly challenging, so much so I couldn't even figure out that last one, but I definitely want to return and give it another shot at some point!


woooo the last level was tough. Excellent all around with game feel, art, music, and gameplay. I really like how the blocks react to how close you are to them. It was fun trying to figure out how to infinite fly and it was fun getting stuck on the jump block cellings. nice placement of restart text haha..


goddamn y’all are some game jam experts the whole presentation was amazing WOW

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The bait-and-switch into the title screen needle-drop is PERFECT. It blew me away! This is my favorite moment in any jam game so far. Incredible.

I would gladly listen to this soundtrack outside of the game - can I stream this somewhere??

This game is OOZING polish. The block-destruction effects are dazzling. The level transitions are clean and professional. The tutorial is non-invasive, informative, and helps build the world.

This thing slaps. So, so good. I cannot praise this highly enough. Awesome game. In my eyes, this is a perfect score in all categories.

If I had one complaint, it would be to use the actual block images in the book of wizard laws. My brain has an easier time processing colors than symbols.


Thanks so much!!
Joe usually uploads his soundtracks to the SuperTry Bandcamp, I'll see if I can nudge him to add this one too.
That's a really good note at the end, I also felt that mental hitch. I'll try and work that in when I polish this game up for my patrons next month!


This a fantastic game. The intro scene alone was awesome. The rule changing mechanics is so clever and leads to some clever puzzles. Great job, very well designed game


This is a stellar entry for the jam! The last few levels left me head-scratching in all the right ways. For a week long jam, it's incredibly impressive the work that was accomplished by SuperTry from the animation to the level design,  down to the skillful execution of so many unique mechanics (frog wizard is best wizard) The music gave off some big Curse of Monkey Island vibes and I was here for it. 

Amazing work- don't miss out on this one!!


This game looks and feels amazing. The changing rules mechanic is very cool!


I had a lot of fun playing this! I especially like how the rules change each level and sometimes mid-level, so you’re never 100% sure what they are. :-)

Also, the “you can jump further when you’re on fire” mechanic is very clever!


Love the puzzler skills ! Strategy and technique are very well conceived in this game !


Very clever and fun game.


Beautifully done!! This is a polished jam entry with a lot of charm and clever puzzle mechanics. Found myself bopping my head along to the soundtrack as well - a meaty guitar sound to go with my law breaking wizard game? Heck yeah


This game is amazing - clever level design, cute art, great music, and a creative use of the theme. I love love love it. But I've been stuck on the last level for like 30 minutes now! Can you give a hint/walkthrough for the last level? I'm begging...


Hey thanks so much! Haha yeah that last puzzle is a tough one but I wanted to leave folks with something real freaky. You can use F9 to skip levels if you want to quickly get back and try it yourself or just skip and see the credits but here's a walkthrough in 15 easy(?) steps:




1. Touch the O BLOCKS to go to JAIL

2. As you fall, avoid the X BLOCKS and fall in the water to go under the wall to the left room.

3. In the left room, touch the X BLOCKS to set yourself on fire to climb to the LEFT GAVEL.

4. Use the LEFT GAVEL to change Section 2's penalty from DEATH to AIR.

5. Touch the + BLOCK to ascend to the top of the left room, grab a health potion and make your way through the top right opening back to the center room.

6. Drop down onto the X BLOCKS beneath the JAIL and use the fire to jump over the three O BLOCKS to the right.

7. Grab the health potion and ascend to the QUILL by touching the PLUS BLOCKS and avoiding the O BLOCKS. This is easiest if you use the lowest PLUS BLOCK to hit the bottom of the next highest PLUS BLOCK then move all the way right, then all the way left to build up speed and clear the O BLOCKS.

8. Use the QUILL to change Section 2's condition from TOUCH + BLOCKS to BE A FROG.

9. Back in the left room, use the LEFT GAVEL to change Section 1's penalty from JAIL to AIR.

10. Get back to the center room by jumping into the water to get back under the wall.

11. Use the O BLOCKS to jump up to the CENTER GAVEL and change Section 3's penalty from FIRE to POLYMORPHISM.

12. Use the O BLOCKS in the right room to ascend up to the QUILL again.

13. Use the QUILL to change Section 3's condition from TOUCH O BLOCKS to BE A FROG.

14. Back in the center room, jump towards the X BLOCKS under the JAIL. You should be able to just catch the corner.

15. Move around the outside of the JAIL up towards the gap above the door you entered through.

There should be more health potions than you need so if you mess up a fire jump, don't worry about it.

Thanks for playing!


Wowwwww, that's clever. I had completed steps 1-13 several times but couldn't see how to progress, and I didn't realize that you could just barely touch the bottom X block by jumping from the edge of the platform. It's nice to know that I got so close! That's definitely a tricky catch. Great job on the game!


This has a nostalgic flash game feel